Watch The Culture Killers: The Woke Wars documentary premiere by CPAC with Donald Trump

The Culture Killers: The Woke Wars

What makes The Culture Killers: The Woke Wars exemplary?

Culture Killers is a documentary that features a lot of recognizable names, such as Matt Schlapp, Ben Carson, Ben Cline, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump Jr, etc. The director of the documentary is Jason Meath. Jason Meath is the Founder and CEO of Meath Media Group, as well as a 20-year veteran of politics and high-level media campaigns.


During the Republican Presidential Primary in 2012, he was on the front lines, crafting advertisements that NBC’s Chuck Todd dubbed “Game-Changing.” Jason oversaw all advertising for Sheldon Adelson’s Super PAC Winning Our Future. Jason presently works as a consultant and media strategist for a variety of political, business, and public affairs clients across the world. His business clientele includes worldwide Fortune 500 firms as well as America’s major associations representing a wide range of industries.

Synopsis of the Documentary

The film shows countless examples of canceled culture and controlling liberals disrupting otherwise regular events. Ben Ferguson begins the documentary by recalling how it all began. He recalls a Christian baker, Jack Phillips, declining a cake request from a lesbian couple for their wedding. A massive outcry ensues as soon as this is made public. Ben emphasizes how Jack was really kind to the homosexual couple and even provided them with another choice for a cake maker.

Jody Hice follows Ben by noting that this was something that repealed everything that American culture had to offer. Jody went on to say that there should never be a circumstance in which individuals are hesitant to express themselves. Yelp evaluations for the Colorado bakery involved in the gay wedding cake controversy have dropped.

The Culture Killers

In an interview, Jack, to the point of tears, confesses that his wife is terrified to come into the shop some days because they have received death threats, and harassing phone calls, and the government has forced them to give up 40% of the business. Ben goes on to illustrate how powerful the online cancel culture mob is.

He claims that they may now regulate how businesses operate and utterly devastate people’s lives. Then a new face enters the picture: Ric Grenell, the first openly homosexual person to serve in a cabinet position under a president. He reveals that they are also attempting to revoke his attendance at Carnegie Mellon University, where he is a fellow. Mercedes Schlapp then follows Rick and explains the paradox, the left’s attempt to cancel a higher-achieving openly homosexual individual. Mercedes Schlapp then cites Allison Stanger, a well-known academic, as another example of this. Allison had a concussion and whiplash while escorting a speaker across campus since the students didn’t agree with her ideas.

About Matt Schlapp

Matthew Aaron “Matt Schlapp was born on December 18, 1967. In the United States, he is the president of the American Conservative Union, a political activist, and a lobbyist. Schlapp worked as President George W. Bush’s deputy assistant and political director during his first term. Schlapp began his political career in 1994 as a press secretary, campaign manager, and chief of staff for Representative Todd Tiahrt for five years (R-KS). During the George W. Bush administration, he was the political director. He was counseling the President, Vice President, cabinet members, and key White House officials.

Schlapp married Mercedes Schlapp, whom he met while she was the director of specialist media in the White House. They co-founded Cove Strategies, a communications and political consulting firm located in Alexandria, Virginia.


From September 2017 until July 2019, she served as the Trump administration’s Director of Strategic Communications. Since July 2019, she has been working on Trump’s re-election campaign in 2020.

Schlapp made contentious remarks about the George Floyd demonstrations, which began on May 26, 2020. He accused Black Lives Matter of being “…hostile to families, capitalism, cops, unborn life and gender.” Schlapp was paid $200,000 per year for lobbying efforts by Verizon and Abbott Labs, and $120,000 per year by Comcast. Because of his views, Verizon terminated his contract in June 2020, and Abbott Labs was chastised for hiring Cove Strategies and Schlapp as lobbyists despite Abbott’s declared dedication to social justice, and therefore severed connections with Schlapp. Comcast quickly followed suit.

About Jason Meath

Jason graduated from Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia in 1992 and attended Columbia University’s Film Institute before accepting a position to assist build the nation’s first political television network, GOP-TV. As the Republican National Committee’s Director of Marketing Communications, Jason assisted Chairman Haley Barbour through a watershed moment in American politics: the 1994 election tsunami that shifted the balance of power in Congress.

Jason served as President of Advertising and Advocacy for the public relations company Xenophon Strategies and as a Partner with The Stevens & Schriefer Group, one of the country’s top political media consulting organizations, throughout the last decade. In 2004, Jason was a part of President George W. Bush’s presidential campaign’s Maverick Media team, which created all messaging strategies and advertising.

Jason, who strives to strike a balance between creative and political endeavors, directed and co-wrote the award-winning film “The Surge: The Untold Story” (Military Channel, PBS). This pioneering documentary was the first of its type to examine the troop increase in Iraq as described by top US military leaders such as General David Petraeus. Jason co-created, wrote, and directed the award-winning documentary series “The Feds(Discovery Channel).

Jason Meath

Jason’s long-standing interests in journalism, public affairs, and entertainment aided him in writing his debut book, “Hollywood on the Potomac” (Arcadia 2009). Jason and his kid just co-wrote “The Pepperoni Palm Tree,” a children’s book (Fuze Publishing 2012). Kirkus Reviews praised it for having a “touch of Seuss,” while The Washington Post praised it for being “beautifully illustrated” and having “an important message for kids.”

Jason is a regular guest lecturer and writer on a variety of media, entertainment, and political themes. Jason likes spending time with his wife, Renee, and son, Aidan, in Washington, DC’s Upper Northwest when he is not writing, directing, or embroiled in political conflicts.

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