Trump Endorses Mike Hoadley for Michigan State Representative

Hoadley was born in Flint city of Michigan, in 1970. He served as a US army veteran for four years, from 1990-1994. After this, Hoadley was the customer relations manager at Darton Archery from 1996 to 2005. Side by side, he started his own company called Hunters Niche in 2003.

Political Career of Mike Hoadley

Hoadley was first elected to the city council of Au Gres in 2017. He ran for reelection the same in 2020 and won. Since 2020, Hoadley has been the Mayor of Au Gres city.

Hoadley has served as a member of the city planning commission and TIFA boards since 2016. He also serves in Arenac County soldiers and sailors board.

The official website of Mike Hoadley says:

“I am a patriot that believes in limited roles of government and upholding the rule of law. That our rights are endowed by our creator and as such the Bill of Rights are non-negotiable restrictions of the government not allowances from the government.”

 “I oppose big tech and media censorship of free speech and will fight against their misinformation and manipulative propaganda campaigns.”

 “We must demand common-sense voter integrity laws that require voter I.D., prohibit mass mailing of unsolicited ballots, require local election officials to verify voter status before sending ballots outside of the voting district. Ballots are counted only by methods or machines without internet access or data import capability. Review, update and correct voter rolls. Review and limit the quantities of extra or excess ballots printed and distributed. More oversight and easier processes to audit questionable results with legal consequences for those that interfere.”

Mike Hoadley’s family and education

In 1988, Hoadley graduated from Au Gres-Sims High School. It is claimed that he later studied at Delta College of Michigan.

Hoadley married Mary in 1996, and they both are parents to two children, Nicholas and Natalie.

On the education of the children of Michigan, Hoadley says, “I strongly believe that K-12 education is grounded in a curriculum of reading, writing, arithmetic, and history. That sexually explicit material and critical race theory have no place in our classrooms, and parents have the right to know and be involved with their children’s education. Schools and teachers are held accountable for the education of students through testing standards and allow funding to follow the student if or when those standards are not met to create competition, a demand for positive results, and alternatives for parents concerned with the quality of their child’s education.”

Endorsement of Mike Hoadley by Trump

The former US president, Donald Trump, endorsed Hoadley’s Republican Party member on 16 December 2021.

Trump said in a press release, “Whenever I go to Michigan, I get the biggest crowds and meet some of the best people. Mike Hoadley is a mayor, father, husband, and an Army Veteran. Leaders like Mike are stepping forward because they saw the greatest crime in American History—the theft of the 2020 Presidential Election—and are going to stop the stealing and stop Election Fraud. I wholeheartedly Endorse Mike Hoadley for Michigan State Representative.”

On the other hand, Hoadley showed utmost gratitude for his endorsement of the State Representative by Trump.

He shared Trump’s statement on his social media account and wrote; I am deeply honored to receive the endorsement of President Trump. His commitment to America First is inspiring, and his recognition emboldens my fight and work for the people of the great state of Michigan.

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