Watch the Cyber Symposium Film – Your Wake Up Call

Watch the Cyber Symposium Film - Your Wake Up Call

Watch Your Wakeup Call, which is an Eye-opening film from Retired Colonel and security expert Phil Waldron. Phil is leading a “red team” of security experts investigating the election issues.

Colonel (Retired) Phil Waldron — Waldron served in the United States Army for 30 years and is a decorated combat veteran. He has extensive operational experience in Surveillance and Reconnaissance; Strategic Communications; Joint Information Operations; Special Technical Operations; Cyber Computer Network Operations; OPSEC; All-Source Intelligence Operations; Unconventional Warfare and Operations Integration.

This documentary is produced by Mike Lindell along with his team, but it is a more optimized version. This documentary does not feature Mike Lindell but is a compilation of great pieces of evidence and information on the US presidential election. The Cyber Symposium is 72 hour-long talk show that took place between 10th-12th of August 2021 where Mike Lindell disclosed the 27 terabytes of data he has on the rigging of US presidential elections. This data is supposed to prove his claims of the hackers from Beijing being involved and also Dominion rigging their EVMs. 

Watch Your Wake Up Call Documentary by Phil Waldron

Your Wake Up call was first shown in the Cyber Symposium hosted by Mike lindell on 10th of August 2021 in south dakota. Hundreds of people attended the event including citizens, state senates and news agencies.

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