Watch Trump tele-rally for Glenn Youngkin live

Watch Trump tele-rally for Glenn Youngkin live

The 2021 United States gubernatorial elections will be held in New Jersey and Virginia on November 2, 2021. Also a recall election in California, on September 14. These elections form part of the 2021 United States elections.

The 2021 gubernatorial were held yesterday and the Results are out. You can check the live results below 


– Check New Jersey Live Election Results

– Check Virginia Live Election Results

The candidate from the republican party is Glenn Youngkin. Donald Trump who leads the Republican party announced that he will be hosting a tele-rally / online rally to support glenn youngkinn. Donald Trump will support Glenn through a live broadcast and will not visit the state in person. You can watch the live stream of the tele-rally here.

Steps to watch Donald Trump’s Tele Rally for Virginia

You can watch the Live Stream of the tele rally hosted by Donald trump to support glenn youngkin below –

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Glenn Youngkin on Donald Trump’s Support

In conservative parts of the state, Youngkin has accepted Trump’s numerous endorsements, but in swing or liberal parts, Youngkin is running his own campaign and avoids comparisons with the former president.

A major victory for Trump-endorsed businessman Glenn Youngkin will come from Virginia thanks to President Donald J. Trump and his MAGA movement, said Taylor Budowich – Official spokesperson of Donald Trump. Donald Trump in a statement said Thank you Airlington, See you soon. Hinting that he would come back soon for a tele rally for Glenn.

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