Watch Turning Point USA Student Action Summit 2022 Day 1 Live Stream

Watch Turning Point USA Student Action Summit 2022 Live Stream

The Turning point of the USA (TPUSA) is very excited to host the annual student action summit in Tampa, Florida. At this event, thousands of activists will be invited here to attend the event. The students who are attending this summit will hear from guest speakers, will receive first-class activism and leadership training, and also can take part in conferences with political leaders and top-tier activist organizations.

Watch TPUSA Student Action Summit 2022 Day 2 Live Stream

student action summit 2022

Following a TPUSA conference, these activists return to their campuses more energized than ever before, with proper tools and instructions for defending conservatism on their campus. “Join us as we carry on to make history at the most significant and unique events our movement has ever seen!”

Watch Turning Point USA Student Action Summit 2022 Live Stream

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You can watch this event live from your home if you are not going to attend this event. You can join the World Wire telegram channel, and we will be presenting the live stream on the Event day. Till then you can stay updated with us.

Venue and the Schedule

This event will be held from 22nd July – 24th July. The timing of the event is 7:00 am Friday – 11:59 pm Sunday.
The event will be held in Tampa, Florida.

Steps to book tickets

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The Ticket Prices may vary as per your age and the VIP seating. Following are the steps to book your tickets for Turning Point USA.

  1. First, go to website
  2.  Now click on Register now.
  3. Then click on New Registration.
  4. Fill in the details which are required.
  5. Now choose the seat which you want to book.

6. Pay for it using the available payment methods, and then your registration is done.

Types of tickets available

SAS Tickets

1. Minor (17 & under): $50

2. Adult (26 & under): $50

3. Young Adult (27 – 35): $125

4. Parent of the minor: $200

5. Adult Senior (65+): $225

6. Adult (36+): $350

7.Minor VIP and Student VIP: $425

8. Young Adult VIP: $500

9. Adult VIP: $550

Benefits along with the enrolment pass
The Benefits along with the enrolment pass are that the hotels will be allotted for Minor, Minor VIP, and Student VIP. The facility of the VIP lounge will be provided to the Minor VIP, Student VIP, Young Adult VIP, and Adult VIP. Eligible for Discount Code Minor, Student, Young, and Adult.

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Turning Point USA Student Action Summit 2022 FAQ


*What do you need to bring to the conference?
The students need to bring a Debit card or credit card for room charges or any other incidentals. The hotel will need the form of Identification, so you have to bring any of the photo IDs you have.

*Will the mask and the social distancing be implemented?
TPUSA will implement local, state, and venue ordinances and regulations. These guidelines are subject to change depending on the location of the event.

*What happens if I need to cancel my spot after booking?
Attendees can cancel their spot at this link, But keep this thing in mind that the tickets are non-transferable

*Will I will be able to meet speakers?
Many of the speakers who attend TPUSA Conferences are interested to interact with our student attendees. Whereas, We cannot control their schedules beyond their allotted speaking time. We appreciate them joining us and sharing their message. The Speakers who are going to be present at the Turning Point USA include.

Donald Trump

President Donald J. Trump will be there, and even Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will be there to interact with and encourage the students.

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