‘We don’t anoint kings’: Nikki Haley vows to go on

'We don't anoint kings' Nikki Haley vows to go on

On Tuesday, Republican contender Nikki Haley vowed to continue her improbable presidential bid, stating, “We don’t anoint kings in this country.” She also claimed that she had no plans to withdraw after Saturday’s Republican nominating contest in South Carolina, her home state.

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‘We don’t anoint kings’: Nikki Haley vows to go on

During a Greenville, South Carolina speech, Haley stated, “I feel no need to kiss the ring. And I have no fear of Trump’s retribution.”

Though it is Nikki Haley’s home state, the former President enjoys strong backing, as the opinion polls show. It is anticipated that Nikki Haley will likely lose to Donald Trump in this weekend’s primary.

Trump leads Haley by a wide margin in national polls, and his supporters are putting more pressure on Haley to withdraw from the race following her back-to-back devastating defeats in the first four nomination contests.

Her insistence on pursuing her presidential campaign has infuriated the Trump team, who have made a mockery of and threatened to stop donors from providing financial support to her.

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Haley attacked Trump in her speech on Tuesday, claiming that he was too aged, divided, and self-absorbed to be a good leader.

She also strongly condemned his past remarks degrading military veterans and was also seen being emotional when talking about her husband, Michael Haley, a service member who is serving overseas.

'We don't anoint kings' Nikki Haley vows to go on
‘We don’t anoint kings’ Nikki Haley vows to go on

Though a lot of criticism by her was directed towards Trump, she did, however, clarify that she did not support “Never Trumper.” She claimed that she has “countless” concerns with Democratic President Joe Biden, but just “handful” issues with the former President.

In her remarks, Haley stated, “We don’t anoint kings in this country. We have elections,”

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She added, “That’s why I refuse to quit. South Carolina will vote on Saturday. But on Sunday, I’ll still be running for President. I’m not going anywhere.”

Haley was also seen giving replies in the speech directed at those criticizing her for continuing to run against Trump. Haley responded to that criticism by claiming that the problems faced by Trump are “self-inflicted.”

Haley also asserted that she would have dropped out of the race long ago if her goal in running for President had been to increase her profile to make a second attempt in four years.

The states and territories that will be voting in early March, some of which have a significant percentage of educated suburbanites, are the focus of Haley’s supporters.

Haley’s campaign has established leadership teams in at least seven states with primaries on March 5, also referred to as “Super Tuesday,” and in Georgia, where elections are held on March 12.

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According to a polls and analytical website called FiveThirtyEight, Haley, the governor of South Carolina from 2011 to 2017, is behind Trump nationwide by about 60 points.

Trump’s campaign also presented a memo earlier on Tuesday, claiming that, given the data available, the former President was steady on the move to secure the nomination by March 12.

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