What is Christian Nationalist Movement – Explained

What is Christian Nationalist Movement - Explained

Christian Nationalism is a faith that the United Nations of America must be defined by Christianity only, and the government must take every active and possible step to keep it as it is. Nationalists who are Christian assert that America must be and should remain a “Christian Nation” in the future and present.

In this article, we have covered more about Christian Nationalist Movement, how it is affecting American Politics, and what its consequences can be. So, keep reading to learn more about Christian Nationalism. Let’s get started!

What is Christian Nationalist Movement?

Christian Nationalism is none other than a Christianity-connected religious nationalism. It mainly focuses on internal politics, including passing laws that give back the views of Christianity and its pivotal role in social and political life. Christian Nationalists mainly draw support from Christian rights.

Christian Nationalism

A Christian country with a state church always looks to protect the dignity and status of a tier state and religion. They hold an antidisestablishmentarian status. Christian Nationalists hold up the essence of Christian symbols and regularity in the public sphere. Along with this state also support displaying religion.

A well-known scholar Samuel Huntington also put forth his views, saying that America has always been expounded by its “Anglo-Protestant” in the past, and they can lose their identity and freedom if they don’t take any action to safeguard their cultural legacy.


Christian Nationalists neither dismiss the First Amendment nor support autocracy. Their primary motive is to enjoy a privileged position everywhere. It describes American Nationalists who strongly believe that American identity is inseparable from Christianity.

The ideology has been supported by right-wing supporters of former President Donald Trump and a Republican. Not only this, it was publicly displayed on 6th Jan 2021 when Trump’s supporters attacked the U.S. Capitol.

Christian Nationalism movement

More than half of the population of America is of the Christian religion. It has always been divided into a wide variety of religions, such as Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, or Hindu, and 23% of the American population has no specified religion.

The framers of the Constitution were also worried about the ideology and wanted to safeguard the population from levying a special group’s ideology and views.


The Constitution’s First Amendment depicts that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” with the motive to protect the people of other religions. Thomas Jefferson, a member of the Democratic-Republican Party and the third President of the U.S.A., wrote a letter explaining how this separation would actually look in practice.

Thomas Jefferson wrote the letter in 1802 to Danbury Baptists saying that he contemplated with absolute reverence that act of the whole American people, which announced that their legislature should make no law respecting the foundation of religion or forbidding the free exercise thereof, thus building a wall of separation between Church and State. It is not too different from Nationalism as the people of the same group, culture, religion, and language desire to form a different state or nation to promote their own interests.

Christianity Nationalism has existed in the U.S.A. since the beginning. Miller said, “For example, in past generations, to the extent that the United States had a quasi-established official religion of Protestantism, it did not respect true religious freedom. Worse, the United States and many individual states used Christianity as a prop to support slavery and segregation.”  

Michael Flynn is recruiting an ‘Army of God’ in a growing Christian Nationalist movement

Michael Flynn, the former National Secretary Advisor of the United States of America, initiated the ReAwaken America Tour, and since its beginning, it has carried the message of a country under access to tens of thousands of people across the U.S. 

One speaker told them that they had been under warfare. Another speaker said that she would take a bullet for her nation. On the other hand, a third speaker said that they hated you because they hated Jesus. Attendees were told that the time had come to “put on the whole armor of God.” Army General Michael Flynn encouraged people to the process of purgation. 

Michael Flynn

Thousand of people moved out of the tent for the process of baptisation and welcomed themselves into the movement in the name of Jesus Christ. Michael Flynn warned the crowd, saying they were in the middle of a “spiritual war” and a “political war” and encouraged people to participate in the process.

The University of Maryland organized a poll in May that showed that 61% of the Republicans support the notion of converting the U.S. A into a Christian nation.

Christian Nationality Movement

Amanda Tyler, executive director of the Baptist Joint Committee, said that Christian Nationalism really undermined and attacked foundational values in American democracy. And that was a promise of religious freedoms for all. Amanda is a protector of religious freedom.

She further said that the ReAwaken cause is “a partisan political cause, and the cause here is to spread misinformation, to perpetuate the big lie and to have a different result next time in the next election.” Moreover, she said that Religion and Christianity hadn’t developed in America because the government favored and assisted it, but due to another reason, which was the freedom of religion from the government access.

Christian Nationality Movement

The primary reason behind the hindrance to the free exercise of religion is the participation of the government in religious affairs. Being Christian to love their country and its neighbor is their first primary goal rather than making them unpleasant in their own country.

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Christian Nationalism’s Influence On American Politics

Christian Nationalism has been emancipated in American Politics since Donald Trump came into power. It has made the “Stop the Steal” storming of the U.S. Capitol and the repeal of Roe v. Wade very strong. It also played a pivotal role in the election of Donald Trump in the presidential election of 2016. It was strongly believed that he was the only hope who could keep America Christian, and was also seen in the capitol attack that took place on 6th Jan. 2021.

Katherine Stewart, an investigative journalist, called the ideology Trump’s most powerful weapon. She and other reporters warned that it could prove more dangerous in the upcoming time.

Christian Nationality Movement

Andrew Whitehead, a sociologist at the University of  Oklahoma  has defined Christian Nationalism as “a cultural framework that is all about trying to advocate for a fusion between Christianity — as they define it — and American civic life.”

He has also done many surveys computing the beliefs of Christian Nationalists. A survey was conducted in August 2021 that depicted that nearly half of white Americans who believe in Christian Nationalism said that they strongly believe that whatever is happening is not good. Things are getting worse with time, and those who are real patriots must reinstate the violence.

Christian Nationality Movement

Doug Mastriano, a Republican candidate in Pennsylvania, freely opened up about his faith in his campaign speeches. His victory was described as an “evangelical worship service” when he won his primary election in May. He referred to the Bible scripture and also warned about the “darkness” hovering over the Democrats. These all clearly show that fastly the ideology called Christian nationalism is growing among the Republicans.

About Michael Flynn’s Holy War

Michael Flynn, retired United States Army Lieutenant General and 24th U.S. National Security Advisor took over the stage a month ago and sang the anthem song “We’ll fight the powers that be just/Don’t pick our destiny’ cause/You don’t know us, you don’t belong!” and encouraged the audience too to sung the same. Michael Flynn is a martyr, hero, leader, patriot, and warrior for the audience.


A one-time anti-terrorist fighter focuses on his most important mission of building a movement that completely focuses on Christian nationalist ideas and making Christianity the focal point of American life and institution.

Michael named this struggle a spiritual and political struggle. In September, he delivered a message to a church in Batavia, New York, and more than thousands of people paid $500 to hear his message. He talked about the existing danger that the United States of America is currently facing and urged his supporters to take appropriate action to save the nation.

A historian and expert on authoritarianism and fascism named Ruth Ben-Ghiat said that Flynn was one of the most dangerous individuals in America that day. He is the author of the book “Strongmen: Mussolini to the Present.”

Gen. Steven M. Anderson, a retired brigadier who worked with Michael Flynn in Iraq, said that Flynn’s ideas were totally contrary to the core values of the American military and the nation itself. He also said that Flynn was a role model for thousands and thousands and thousands of soldiers and former soldiers and that his ideas can endue America’s youth to take actions that may hurt the country.

He further said, “We’ve got a retired three-star, former N.S.A., who says we can overthrow the election, use our military,” Anderson said. The thinking goes, he said, “Well, then yes, sign me up for the Proud Boys.”


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