What is Reels? How to use Reels on Instagram? TikTok vs. Reels: which one is better?

What is Reels?

How to use Reels on Instagram? What is Reels? TikTok vs. Reels: which one is better: Since the day TikTok got banned in India a very big opportunity for the entrepreneurs opened in India. People are seeking for the new platform like TikTok as the Indians were widely using it. The platform is all about making a short 1-minute video in which they can entertain the viewers. Now after the ban, the users are migrating on the various other platforms. Well, the Facebook-owned company Instagram has taken the benefit of the situation by launching the Reels.

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What is Reels?

Reels is the latest feature of Instagram, a company which is owned by Facebook. If you are an Instagram user then you can use the new feature Reels within the app simply. With this new feature, the viewers can easily record the second video and then upload it on their Instagram account.

Where is Reels on Instagram?

If you want to use the Reels then you must have the Instagram in your smartphone. Reels option is available along with the Boomerang and Instagram live. You can simply swipe the app and go to the live section to check the feature. If you haven’t received the feature yet then update your Instagram account. Well, to use it you need to go in the Instagram camera from where the users update their Instagram stories.

How to make Reels Video/How to use Reels video?

You just need to visit the “Reels” option and start making the video. Even the users can easily switch in between the front camera and rearview camera. After this, the users can see some great options/features on the left-hand side of the screen. These option includes adding music, filters, change recording speed, etc. You can even record a reel with your own audio, just like that in TikTok. Well, Reels is really a great competition now in the market.

The other features of the apps are that the users can add AR effects to their video as well as the user can record multiple 15 seconds Reels. You all should know that the Reels can be recorded with different effects and you can even use reviewed, deleted, and re-recorded features. In the end, the users can easily use the app’s in-built feature Reels and can make videos, and share it on stories simply like the Instagram stories.

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