What is the King Vs Whitmer Court Case?

What is the King Vs Whitmer Court Case?

There has been an avalanche of cases from The Campaign of Donald Trump ever since the election results of the 2020 elections started becoming clear. Trump, along with his lawyers and followers has reportedly filed as many as 86 lawsuits on various states and election officials challenging everything from vote certification to the very process of counting votes. The complaints involved allegations of systemic fraud against states like Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. We have covered some of the cases already on our channel but here is another one.

King Vs Whitmer Court Case

A lawsuit was filed by a group of voters in the United States District Court Eastern District of Michigan on the 25th of November 2020. The plaintiffs lodged the complaint against Gretchen Whitmer who holds the office of the Governor of Michigan and a few other officials. They claimed a number of violations in the Election Code and asked the court the decertify the election result of the state or certify them in favor of Trump as a remedy. They also asked for a motion of permanent injuncture as a remedy. This was one of the biggest cases filed by the conservative side and was fought by Sidney Powell. On the 11th of December, the plaintiffs even filed a Writ of Certiorari in the Supreme court of the United States of America.

The Verdict

All requests to decertify and relief injunction were denied by Judge by Linda. V Parker on December 7. She was also quoted saying that the case “greatly harms the public interest” and that the “ship has sailed.” She said that the plaintiffs only had theories regarding the potential vote switching fraud and no concrete evidence to prove it. She also slammed the people filing the case while saying that the main motive of filing the lawsuit was not to win but to shake people’s faith in the democratic election process. 

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Important Terms 

Writ of Certiorari has come from the Latin word “Certiorari Volumus…” (“We wish to be made certain…”). This lets the plaintiff or the defendant have a choice to challenge the verdict given in the lower court or Government agency by going to the higher court. Injunctive relief is a step taken by one side of the lawsuit to stop their opponents from doing certain things or to act in a certain manner which is mandated by law. It is a step taken when there is no other option left and actions on the opponent’s side could cause irreparable damage.


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