What is VOCL App? Launch date, features and announcements by Mike lindell

What is VOCL App

Vocl is a new app proposed by the CEO of Mypillow Mike Lindell. As per reports he has been working on the app since last 4 to 5 years and now it is completely ready to launch.

Lindell originally planned to phone the stage Vocl, but the name soon became Frank after lawyers told that it  possesses a site called Vocal, stated that Lindell may face a lawsuit when he refused to alter the title, The Daily Beast reported. Now the new title of the app VOCL is Frank

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VOCL app by Mike Lindell Release date ( Launch Date )

Frank ( Frankspeech ) which the renamed version of VOCL is set to launch and come to the market and will be ready to be used on 20 April, 2021.

The release will be on the website and users can easily use the platform.

In a meeting with Insider, Lindell said he’d telephone the website Vocl, and he explained it as a cross between Twitter and YouTube.”It is not like anything you have ever seen,” he said Wednesday. “It is about having the ability to be outspoken again and again to not be walking on eggshells.”

VOCL Features and Benefits of using VOCL

The reported app VOCL ( renamed as Frank ) Will have features of both youtube and twitter.  It would be the best app ever, something that the world has never seen , was said by the team at FRANK to a magazine. The app will be Free from the hands of the government and will focus on free speech and democratic rights of the users. Mike lindell and his team has been working on this app since last 4 years. The launch date is said to be in upcoming weeks, it is rumoured to be launched in the last week of april 2020.

How to sign up on VOCL

VOCL is renames as Frank or Frankspeech, as it can create an legal dispute between some other company name VOCAL. So now the new name of Mike Lindell’s New app will be FRANK.

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