Who are the election candidates for New Jersey 2021?

Election Candidates for New Jersey 2021

The 2021 New Jersey gubernatorial election will take place on November 2, 2021, to elect the governor of New Jersey.

Phil Murphy, incumbent Democratic Governor, who was first elected in 2017 with 56% of the vote, is running for reelection to a second term. He formally announced his intention to run for a second term on October 1, 2020. Primaries were held on June 8, 2021. Murphy, who won the Democratic nomination unopposed after his two primary challengers were disqualified the first time, will face Republican nominee Jack Ciattarelli, Green nominee Madelyn Hoffman, Libertarian nominee Gregg Mele, and SWP nominee Joanne Kuniansky in the general election. 

The winner of the 2021 gubernatorial election is scheduled to be sworn in on January 18, 2022.

Details regarding the Democratic primary

While Phil Murphy is hoping for a second run as governor, Roger Bacon who is a perennial candidate has been disqualified from the election. 

Lisa McCormick, candidate for the US senate in, 2018 has also been disqualified.

Also, Jamel Holley, a state assemblyman from the 20th district (ran for State Senate) has been declined candidature.

Stephen M. Sweeney, President of the New Jersey Senate (running for re-election) has also been declined a chance at a second term.

Results of the Democratic Primary

Phil Murphy, incumbent democrat has secured a total of 382,984 votes which is 100% of the votes cast.

Details regarding the Republican Primary

Jack Ciattarelli, a former member of the New Jersey General Assembly from the 16th district (2011–2018) and candidate for governor in 2017, is the Republican nominee.

Brian Levine, former Somerset County commissioner (2014–2020), former mayor of Franklin Township, Somerset County (2004–2014), and candidate for governor in 2009 was eliminated in the primary election. So was Phil Rizzo, pastor.

Also, Hirsh Singh, businessman, engineer, and perennial candidate was eliminated from candidature.

Joseph Rudy Rullo, businessman, actor, and perennial candidate (endorsed by Hirsh Singh) has withdrawn his candidature.

Doug Steinhardt, chairman of the Warren County Republican Committee (2004–present), former mayor of Lopatcong (1999–2014), and former Chairman of the New Jersey also withdrew his application. Republican State Committee (2017–2020)

Joseph Vicari, Ocean County commissioner, also discontinued his run at the elections because he withdrew his candidature.

Jon Bramnick, minority leader of the New Jersey General Assembly (running for State Senate), was denied candidature.

So was Chris Christie, former Governor of New Jersey (2010–2018).

Also, Joe Kyrillos, former state senator and assemblyman from the 13th district. The Republican nominee for New Jersey’s 6th congressional district in 1992 and Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in 2012 was declined as a candidate.

Rik Mehta, pharmaceutical executive, attorney, and Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in 2020 (running for NJ-07 in 2022) (endorsed Jack Ciattarelli) was also denied candidature.

Holly Schepisi, state assemblywoman (2012–2021) and senator (2021–present) from the 39th district (running for State Senate) also barred from running for governor.


General elections

Five candidates appeared on the general election ballot, the lowest number of candidates for a New Jersey gubernatorial election since 1953, which also featured five.

Phil Murphy (Democratic), incumbent governor (2018–present) is the most prominent candidate and his running mate is Sheila Oliver, incumbent lieutenant governor (2018–present)

One of Mr. Murphy’s toughest competitors is Jack Ciattarelli (Republican), a former state assemblyman from the 16th district (2011–2018). And a candidate for governor in 2017 whose running mate is Diane Allen, a former state senator from the 7th district (1998–2018)

Another candidate for the general elections is Gregg Mele (Libertarian). He is an activist, lawyer, and candidate for New Jersey’s 7th congressional district in 2018 whose running mate is Eveline Brownstein, activist, and professor.

One of the prominent female candidates is Madelyn R. Hoffman (Green), environmental activist, professor, and candidate for governor in 1997 and U.S. Senate in 2018 and 2020 whose running mate is Heather Warburton, activist, and talk show host.

Another female candidate is Joanne Kuniansky (Socialist Workers), a retail worker whose running mate is Vivian Sahner, the militant author. 

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