Who is Aurea Miranda? Check Her Biography, Story, Pics, Viral TikTok Video

Aurea Miranda

The Ban on Tiktok in India has resulted in a loss of entertainment throughout the country. Tiktok was a Platform where many young talents from different parts of the country got a new identity based on their content and skill. Some creative people on TikTok who use to upload really good content will suffer more.

Aurea Miranda

Tiktok was a comforting thought for people living in urban areas and for the worker to relax during lunchtime and make videos with minimal effort because YouTube takes a lot of time and materials to record videos and quality editing to upload it.  Though Tiktok is Banned in India, this platform is, however, running well in many other countries. Some of our sources are keeping an eye on the US concerning Chinese apps and other Chinese commodities.

Our sources have informed us that US Tiktok may soon see a new face for their platform. A Newyork based Tiktoker Aurea Miranda is gaining a terrible amount of popularity amid the US-China conflict. Many of you would not know who Aurea Miranda is, this article is basically on Aurea Miranda, she is one of the trending topics in America so I thought I should help my readers in knowing more about her.

Who is Aurea Miranda?

Aurea Miranda is an upcoming star of Tiktok, and she has a decent fan following, which is more than 20k followers on her Tiktok account. @aureaaaaaaa4.  Her videos nowadays easily get viral, and she has a total count of 818k likes on her profile. Aurea Miranda is a passionate dancer, and she uses her Tiktok account for sharing opinions on women’s empowerment; basically, she talks more about women’s rights.

Why is Aurea Miranda trending?

Aurea Miranda is now converting into a trending star of TikTok after her latest video in which she was making videos at freedom lake in LaGrange; during the filming, a woman approached her and asked her to cover herself. The woman said that “Group of Boys standing over there is staring at your ass, and I think you should change it or wear your shorts.” She also stated that If you don’t have your shorts, I can provide you mine as I have an extra pair of shorts. 


Aurea claimed that during the entire conversation, the woman was not wearing her mask, and further, she stated that I, along with the crew, checked the places near the lake and found nothing. However, I thought that wearing this outfit may not be permitted here, but after speaking to the officials hither, I came to know that there are no such rules here, and a swimsuit was fine to wear. Later she shared this video on Tiktok and went viral. Over 7k+ comments were seen on her post, and 320k people liked her video.

Aurea Miranda Instagram Id?

Aurea Miranda is also Popular on Instagram, and her Instagram Id is @5minwithaurea, In which her Bio states that she is from Mexico, and she is a feminist along with these she loves to travel. It seems like she would become a trending face in America as she is trending on everyone’s Tiktok for your page.

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