Who is David C. Williams? Check his Net Worth, Wiki, Family

David C. Williams, who is the former vice-chairman of the U.S. Postal Service’s board of governors on Thursday, is expected to testify before House lawmakers and also is expected to detail what he claims were efforts by the Trump administration to demoralize the agency. Let us get more details on this topic.

Who is David C. Williams?

Mr. David C. Williams previously served as the agency’s inspector general. Still, he decided to step down from his post as an overseer of the Postal Service without any notice or explanation in April, and right after that, the board selected Louis DeJoy to serve as postmaster general. However, ever since Mr. DeJoy has since come, there have been conflicts of interest as well as instituting a swing of cost-cutting measures to the Postal Service that have slowed down mail service. And all this has drawn warnings from voting rights advocates that the reliability of the November election could be destabilized.

Mr. Williams has spent almost four decades in Washington providing supervision of federal agencies. He was first appointed as the inspector general for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission by President George H.W. Bush in 1989. Since then, he has served as the inspector general for five federal agencies, including the Treasury Department. He has also served as the inspector general for the Postal Service for thirteen years, until the year 2016.

Why did David C. Williams resign?

Mr. David C. Williams previously served as the agency’s inspector general, but in April, he decided to quit and put up a resignation. He didn’t give any previous notice or any explanation, and he resigned in April. And when Mr. Williams left in late April, the board announced its “unanimous selection” of Mr. DeJoy to wheel the Postal Service. No one knows why he has taken such a decision, but he will testify and talk about the claims he made on the Trump administration to demoralize the agency.

To The Board of Governors, Mr. Williams, in 2018, wrote to Congress during his confirmation process, “should assure that the Postal Service is fair and honest with all parties since it is held to the high standards of an American government entity.” He went to add further, saying, “This sometimes disadvantages the Postal Service as a business, but it is important to assure that we place our responsibility to the citizens above our interests.” With this, he concluded his statement. This is all that we have on the topic; for more updates, stay tuned to world wire.

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