Who is Rita Ora? & What’s her New Controversy? Check Out Her Pics & Latest Images 2020

Who is Rita Ora? & What's her new controversy?

Earlier, Rita was caught in a controversy for her latest song named “girls.” She was vilified by many people saying, “she disrespected the LGBTQ community through her song.” after facing criticism and hate, she wrote an apology letter on her twitter handle saying “she would never cause any harm intensionally to any LGBTQ people or anyone else in the world.” and came out as bisexual later.

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Who is Rita Ora? & What’s her new controversy?

Rita ora was born on 26 November 1990 to an Albanian family. Her father, Besnik Sahatçiug, is a pub owner, and her mother, Vera, is a psychiatrist. Rita ora is now a famous writer, English singer, actress, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.rita ora is a well-known singer and has given many hit albums to the Hollywood industry. She works incredibly well and is said to have a great bond with her co-actors and actresses.

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Rita Ora controversy?

Rita ora is again in controversy but not for her songs or post this time she’s been caught for her ethnicity. Rita ora started trending on social media for her ethnicity. People started trolling her and came to the point that Rita ora is blackfishing. Rita ora is being called a black fisher on the internet. But no matter how good she is at her work, she often gets captured in a controversy.


A tweet also came into the picture in which a fan stated that “If you listen to Rita Ora’s interviews from back in the day, you’ll know that a diverse group of artists has influenced her music/fashion style. She’s never blackfish, and she genuinely appreciates those looks. It doesn’t make it right to use them.”

Several other tweets were seen in support of Rita Ora; take a look one some of this tweet below.

Tweets Supporting Rita Ora

One Twitter user associated her with Dua Lipa and stated, “I just found out that Rita Ora isn’t black… like at ALL. She’s literally the same ethnicity as Dua Lipa.” Some even harked back to the comparison between Ora and Rihanna and said, “I wouldn’t say blackfish in cause she’s always had those “ethnic” features.

It’s just people compared her to Rihanna so much,” and another one defied saying, “Some of you all thought Rita Ora was black because she was being compared to Rihanna, who is actually Black. Remember that time some swore she was next up to be the new Rih Rih.” And another user joked, saying, “Whoever thought Rita Ora was black??? Wasn’t she referred to as the white Rihanna at one point?”


I’m really sorry to break it to you guys, but your eyes are actually broken if you thought Rita Ora was black. I’m genuinely sorry,” and “Am I the only one that KNEW Rita Ora WASN’T black?” Some also said, “I’m looking to see why Rita Ora is trending, and its because ppl are just finding out she isn’t black. I thought it was common knowledge that she was Albanian. Or maybe its because I actually f**k with her music some and I know a little bit about her life”.

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