Who is the Villain in new Batman movie? Who is Riddler in The Batman?

The Batman movie trailer released a lot of information, offering the fans a look at Robert Pattison as Bruce Wayne and introducing the whole new peek at the city of Gotham. For people who didn’t know, this movie was initially meant to be a starring vehicle for Ben Affleck’s Batman in the main DC Extended Universe timeline. Still, the solo film has gotten a new track under the supervision of filmmaker Matt Reeves. And today, we will talk about what we see in the trailer of “The Batman.”

“The Batman” Main villain and Trailer

One primary factor that came to everyone’s notice in the trailer is that Riddler is the main villain in the movie. With the antagonist targeting the Dark Knight and leaving riddles addressed to the masked vigilante Batman. All the crimes that the Riddler is committing are also under investigation by Wright’s Gordon, who is seen asking Batman if he has any clue of the same. It appears that Riddler has killed the mayor of Gotham Don Mitchell Jr., and it is likely that during his funeral, Riddler will come crashing.

Other than this, we have no clue how the Penguin fits in, which is yet to be revealed. But Kravitz’s Catwoman first costume has been exposed, which appears to be more of a stealth suit she uses when breaking the crime scene to crack the victim’s safety. According to Reeves, this introduction of the Catwoman is just an origin, and her costume is likely to evolve into something new. But the most exposing character in the trailer is Batman Himself as a masked caped crusader vigilante. Not sure of how the people of Gotham and the police force will receive him, and in the trailer, we can also see Robert Pattinson uttering the line, “I’m vengeance,” it’s clear this Batman is very dark.

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The Batman trailer is just something that Reeves has envisioned, and there’s much more to the story and yet to be revealed. We see in the trailer a small glimpse of a small world, but there is far more to be explored and learned about, which inevitably increases their excitement of the fans, keeping them wanting for more. “The Batman” movie will be releasing on the 1st of October 2021, and by now, only a trailer has been out, so if you haven’t watched the trailer, do give a try. And for more such exciting updates, stay connected to world wire.

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