Why did Trump Keep Knock Knock Time Magazine Cover?

Trump Keep Knock Knock Time Magazine Cover Controversy

An image of sensitive documents on the floor of former president Donald Trump’s Florida mansion office and a Knock Knock Time Magazine Cover depicting his impending defeat.

On August 8, an FBI agent took this “Top Secret” photograph from his home in Palm, Florida.

Mr. Trump visited Mar-a-Lago in June; according to Mr. Trump’s lawyers, he informed FBI officials that all documents stolen from the White House were kept in the estate’s vault. 

The Department provided the images as proof to disprove assertions that anyone who handled the documents would not have been aware of the secrecy of the information.

Read ahead to know more about the photograph that the FBI published.

Trump Knock Knock Time Magazine Cover Explained

In a photo presented Tuesday to a Justice Department judge, Trump is shown warily looking over his shoulder cover photo at over a dozen of his competitors that Trump frequently disparages or attacks, some of whom are now in prominent positions of authority. It also features the words “knock, knock.” Spread out on a patterned carpet; documents are marked with “TOP SECRET / SCI” in bold red.

The publication’s March 4, 2019, issue’s cover appeared in a gold frame. It displays 15 of Trump’s Democratic rivals at the time, including Joe Biden, who is currently the president. Along with Biden, other prominent figures in the picture include Sen. Bernie Sanders, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, former Vice President Kamala Harris, and Texas Senate hopeful Beto O’Rourke. They are all seen gazing into the Oval Office at an uneasy-looking Trump sitting in his chair.

Along with a scathing 36-page filing, the government attached an image that details its months-long pursuit of documents, which resulted in a subpoena. The filing notes that even some national security, FBI counterintelligence staff, and DOJ attorneys had to obtain additional clearances to review them. That came before an FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago on August 8.

Why did Trump Kept Knock Knock Time Magazine Cover?

Why did Trump Kept Knock Knock Time Magazine Cover
Why did Trump Kept Knock Knock Time Magazine Cover

Trump kept a framed copy of the magazine with the February 2019 cover reading “Knock Knock.” featuring a slew of Democratic candidates peering into the Oval Office, with then-former Vice President Joe Biden in the foreground. Trump is known to covet recognition by the magazine and carefully read coverage about himself. The magazine is visible within a row of matching picture frames.

Trump made 35 covers of The Times before his administration ended. Few of them were complimentary, like the cartoon of his melting face and the one with his distinctive hair on fire. Trump may have kept the magazines as a memento or souvenir, given that he was also named Time’s “Person of the Year” in 2016. who doesn’t enjoy looking at themselves in magazines?

Charlie Kirk on trump time magazine cover found on FBI Raid

Charlie Kirk on trump time magazine cover found on FBI Raid
Charlie Kirk on trump time magazine cover found on FBI Raid

Charlie Kirk, a right-leaning host of The Charlie Kirk show, has criticized the image more profoundly and labeled it a prediction. Kirk claims that the Department of Justice is intentionally sending a message to Donald Trump and his allies by this action. 

He claimed that the FBI placed a Time Magazine cover with the title “Knock Knock” purposefully to draw attention to the raid that had just taken place. He referred to the FBI as politically biased and said they would undoubtedly indict Donald Trump.

Brief Background to FBI Raid at Trump’s Residence:

After his administration ended in January last year, officials discovered Mr. Trump had transferred 15 cartons from the White House to his property in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. The National Archives and Archives Administration (NARA), an independent US government agency tasked with maintaining historical and governmental records, initiated this investigation.

FBI Raid at Trump's Residence
FBI Raid at Trump’s Residence

The NARA discovered the contents of the boxes in January of this year after demanding that he return them. They included official documents, some that were “marked as classified national security information,” as well as gifts, letters, and souvenirs.

Congress passed a law stating that presidential records are not the president’s property and should be given to the NARA when they are turned over to be made public 12 years later. This law was passed in response to the Watergate Scandal in 1972. 

While he was still in office, Mr. Trump might have broken the law about handling official materials, and if he was caught covering his tracks, he might have been charged with obstructing justice.

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The Justice Department had reportedly made many requests, including a subpoena to the NARA for the boxes and interviews with various members of the Trump administration, when it was revealed in April that a federal grand jury inquiry had started. Attorney General Merrick Garland confirmed that he “personally approved” the choice to search Mr. Trump’s property.

The precise nature of the search by law enforcement personnel is unknown, but according to The sources, they were seeking nuclear weapons-related documents.

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