Will Joe Biden be able to defeat Donald Trump and become the next President of the United States?


Will Joe Biden be able to defeat Donald Trump: Joe Biden is considered one of the most experienced politicians in the world. But, he is also notorious for making terrible mistakes in his speeches.

However, it is enough for you to know about Biden, who was elected as the President of the US presidential election by the Democratic Party

He will challenge the Republican candidate Donald Trump in the election to be held in November this year. Biden is the person who is the only obstacle to the dream of spending the next four years of Donald Trump in the White House, the center of power in America.

Biden, who was vice-president during the rule of Barack Obama, has been formally elected as the candidate for the Democratic Party’s presidential election in November.

Joe Biden is among his supporters as an expert on foreign policy. He has many decades of experience in politics in Washington, DC.  He is famous as a sweet-spoken leader who easily wins the hearts of the people. The most prominent feature of Biden is that he easily connects with the common man. Biden has seen many ups and downs in his personal life and has suffered many tragedies.

At the same time, Biden, who is such a figure in the eyes of the opponents, is deeply embedded in American power, which has shortcomings.  About Biden, his opponents say that he makes false claims in his speeches. Also, there is often concern about another habit of his having a bad addiction to sniffing the hair of women.

The big question is whether Biden has the specialty to show Donald Trump a way out of the White House in the November presidential election.

Fast speaker

Will Joe Biden be able to defeat Donald Trump
Will Joe Biden be able to defeat Donald Trump

Joe Biden has had a much older relationship with election campaigning. His career in federal politics of the United States began 47 years ago with the Senate’s election in 1973. 

And he made his first bet for participation in the presidential election 33 years ago. In such a situation, if we say that Biden has a natural skill to woo voters, then it will not be wrong. However, the most significant risk with Biden is that he can do a misrepresentation at any time, so that all his work is done, but the water is lost again.

Biden often gets swept up in the emotions when he encounters the public. And for this reason, before his first presidential campaign began, it ended abruptly (Biden is trying to become President for the third time).

When Biden first tried to become a candidate in the presidential election in 1987, he began claiming in rallies that ‘my ancestors worked in coal mines in northwestern Pennsylvania.’ 

And Biden started to say in his speech that his forefathers did not get the opportunity to move forward in life for which he was entitled. And Biden used to say that he is distraught with this.

However, the fact is that none of Biden’s ancestors had ever worked in a coal mine. 

The truth was that Biden had played this role, mimicking the British politician Neil Kinnock (Biden had made statements of several other leaders by making his statements). 

At the same time, Neil Kinnock’s forefathers were laborers working in the coal mine. And this was just one of Biden’s many lies. His statements are notorious in American politics as ‘Joe Bomb’ or say that they are well-known.

Speaking of his political experience in 2012, Biden misled the public by saying, ‘Friends, I can tell you that I have worked with eight presidents. I have a very close relationship with three of them. 

The real meaning of his jumla was that he had worked closely with three presidents. But the words in which he said this meant that he had sexual relations with his three presidents.

When Barack Obama made Joe Biden the vice-presidential candidate, Biden intimidated people by saying that there was a 30 percent chance that Obama and he could together make mistakes in improving the economy.

Joe Biden can be said to be rich in luck that his vice-president made him the first black President of America.  Because, earlier Biden had created a stir about Obama by saying, ‘Obama is the first African-American citizen who speaks well. Are sensible. Not corrupt and good looking too.

Despite this statement, Joseph Biden is very popular with the African-American community of America during the campaign for this year’s presidential election. 

But, during a recent chat show with a black host, Joe Biden had said something that created a huge uproar. In a conversation with Black American host Charlemagne Tha God, Biden claimed that “if you have a problem choosing between Trump and me, then you are not black.”

Biden’s only blunt statement caused a storm in the US media. After this, the team commanding Biden’s campaign had to put a lot of effort into conveying to the people that Biden is not lightly taking the African-American voter.

It was because of such unbridled statements by Joe Biden that a New York magazine journalist wrote, 

‘The entire publicity team of Biden is just insisting that they do not make any intransigent statements.’

Old-fashioned campaigners

Will Joe Biden be able to defeat Donald Trump
Will Joe Biden be able to defeat Donald Trump

As such, Biden is an excellent speaker. However, there is another aspect of his speech art. 

Today, when the world is flooded with leaders like robots, who make rude statements. Just read what is written. But, Biden is such a speaker who feels that he is speaking from the heart.

Biden says that because of his habit of stuttering in childhood, he does not know how to read with the help of a teleprompter. Whatever he speaks, he speaks from the heart.

It is heartening in Biden’s speech that he suddenly fills up with his address in the crowd of blue-collar working people of America. 

After this, they become part of that crowd with ease. Meet people Shakes hands and hugs them. Take selfies with people, just like an elderly film star, who has suddenly reached between his fans.

Former US Secretary of State and presidential election candidate John Kerry, in a conversation with New Yorker Magazine, said about Biden, “He pulls people in and embraces them.” 

Often, people are drawn towards them only by their words, and sometimes they catch people in their arms. He is a touching politician. And they have no texture. They do not pretend. People get mixed up with great ease.

Everything or Nothing

Will Joe Biden be able to defeat Donald Trump
Will Joe Biden be able to defeat Donald Trump

All the surveys before the election, in this race of the White House, have been telling Biden five to ten points ahead of President Donald Trump. 

But, the presidential elections to be held in November are still several months away. And there are undoubtedly many stringent tests left for Biden ahead.

Candidates of both parties have already clashed with the protests in America against the violence of the police against black people. 

Apart from this, the way the US government has tried to deal with the coronavirus crisis, it has also clashed with Trump and Biden.

Even face masks have caused political clashes between Trump and Biden. Biden appears to have tried excessively to appear wearing a mask in public at times, while President Trump has been abstaining from wearing masks.

Apart from these petty attempts to shine the image many times, many big things are at stake in managing political election campaigns.

If Biden wins the presidential election, he will reach the pinnacle of his long and fluctuating political career. But, if he does not win the election, this person will become the President of the United States for four more years, about which Biden says, ‘He cannot become the President of America. He is a person who cannot be trusted completely.

Four years ago, in 2016, when Biden was in a dilemma as to whether to enter the presidential election race, he said, “I can die happily with the comfort that I am not the president.” It could be made.

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