Windstream Wholesale and Nokia demonstrate 800G on a single wavelength

Windstream Wholesale and Nokia demonstrate 800G on a single wavelength

Discover Windstream Wholesale and Nokia’s 800GE trial success, showcasing next-gen optical technology and network advancements in a groundbreaking telecommunications venture

A trial of 800 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) service transmission over a single 800 Gbps wavelength over a 1,386-kilometer link via Windstream’s live network has been completed by Windstream Wholesale and Nokia.

Using the 6th generation super coherent Photonic Service Engine (PSE-6s) technology in Nokia’s optical transport platforms and FP5 IP service routing platforms with 800GE interfaces, this demonstration verifies that Windstream Wholesale’s network is prepared to provide 800GE business and wholesale services to handle increasing customer traffic volumes.

Utilizing one of Windstream Wholesale’s most recent East Coast ICON routes into Florida, the trial was carried out over Windstream’s Intelligent Converged Optical Network (ICON) backbone, which links Atlanta, Georgia, to Miami, Florida. 

Advancing 800GE Service Capacity through Technological Integration

Via a third-party WDM line system, the Nokia 7750 Service Router with an 800GE interface was linked to the company’s production-ready 1830 PSI-M optical transport platform via PSE-6s line cards working at 800 Gbps per wavelength.

Windstream Wholesale and Nokia demonstrate 800G on a single wavelength
Windstream Wholesale and Nokia demonstrate 800G on a single wavelength

The trial showcased the first turn-up of error-free performance at 800G over a long-haul link with 800GE service capacity and ran across 16 spans and seven ROADM nodes in the Windstream ICON network.

Windstream can increase network capacity across its backbone and offer wholesale Wave service connection at 400GE and 800GE speeds with the help of 800 Gbps long-haul optical transport and Nokia 800GE routing. 

Strategic Partnership with VIAVI for Enhanced Network Monitoring

Additionally, Windstream Wholesale demonstrated new efficiency during the trial. 

Joe Scattareggia, Windstream Wholesale’s new president, stated, “Windstream Wholesale is fully committed to being at the forefront of connectivity and cutting-edge technology.”

“We maintained this commitment as the first to introduce 400G to the market and are poised to advance these technologies, aiming to deliver 800G wave services from metro to ultra-long-haul distances to customers in 2024.” 

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The business has kept growing and improving the ICON network. The three southern markets that Windstream has just connected with its new long-haul dark fiber route are Little Rock, Memphis, and Tulsa.

However, Windstream Wholesale’s strategy to improve its long-haul network goes beyond mere network development. The business can now take a proactive approach to network health because of the new elements it has implemented. With VIAVI, Windstream Wholesale has implemented an integrated OTDR system over most of its national network.

Windstream Wholesale enhances network intelligence functionality for Dark Fibre and Wavelength monitoring by incorporating VIAVI’s Remote Fibre Test System (RFTS) into its Intelligent Converged Optical Network (ICON).

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