Wrigley Field Parking Guide – Tips, Maps, and Deals

Wrigley Field Parking Guide

In this Wrigley Field Parking Guide, we have covered all the important information such as Wrigley Field parking options, tailgating rules, official and unofficial parking lots, street parking, and much more. So, let’s deep dive to know more.

Wrigley Field Parking Guide – Tips, Maps, and Deals

Wrigley Field, a Major League Baseball ‘(MLB) stadium and the home of the Chicago Cubs, is situated on the North Side of Chicago, Illinois. Wrigley Field is the second oldest baseball stadium in the United States and the home of the Chicago Cubs, one of the city’s two MLB franchises. It was founded in 1927 as Weeghman Park for Charles Weeghman’s Federal League team, but it parted its ways post 1915 baseball season.

The first game played in the Wrigley Field was on 20th April 1916, defeating the Cincinnati Reds 7–6 in 11 innings. It has a seating capacity of 41,649. Many events and games such as Baseball, Football, Soccer, and Hockey have been organized on the Wrigley Field. From 1920 to 1926, it was known as Cubs Parks, but in 1927, it was re-named Wrigley Field.

Official Wrigley Field Parking Options and Prices

There are many parking spaces available at Wrigley Field. The parking lots open 3 hours prior to any event.

Here is the list of the official Wrigley Field parking lots where you can easily park your vehicle –

Lot name: Prius Lot

  • Price – Not announced yet
  • Walking distance – 0.1 min
  • Walking time – 3 mins

Lot name: Highlander Lot

  • Price – Not announced yet
  • Walking distance – 0.1 min
  • Walking time – 3 mins

Lot name: RAV4 lot

  • Price: Not announced yet
  • Walking distance: 0.2 min
  • Walking time: 4 mins

Lot name: Corolla Lot

  • Price: Not announced yet
  • Walking distance: o.3 min
  • Walking time: 5 mins

These were the official parking spaces, but during events, these parking spaces get booked very quickly. If you haven’t pre-booked your slot, the chances are that you may not find parking space during the event.

In that situation, you can look for unofficial parking lots nearby Wrigley Field.

Unofficial Parking Options Near Wrigley Field

Below, we have shared some unofficial parking options near Wrigley Field. The best thing about these parking spaces is that they are available within walking distance from the stadium.

Lot name: Red Top Center Field Valet

  • Price: To be announced soon
  • Walking distance: 0.2 min
  • Walking time: 1 min

Lot name: Skybox on Sheffield

  • Price: $70 (Transaction via online only)
  • Walking distance: 0.1 min
  • Walking time: 2 min

Lot name: 3514 N Halsted Lot

  • Price: $35
  • Walking distance: o.3 mins
  • Walking time: 7 mins

Lot name: Horace Greeley Elementary

  • Price: $25
  • Walking distance: 0.5 mi
  • Walking Time: 10 mins

Garage Parking Options Near Wrigley Field and Pricing

Along with official and unofficial parking lots, there are plenty of garages near Wrigley Field that offer very affordable parking.

below, we have shared some garages that are available near Wrigley Field –

Parking Lot – N Lake Shore Valet Parking

  • Address – 3450 N Lake Shore
  • Rate – $35
  • Walking Distance – 21 minutes

Parking Lot – Sheffield St Garage Service Parking

  • Address – 3130 N. Sheffield St
  • Rate – $33
  • Walking Distance – 12 minutes

Parking Lot – Halsted Garage Parking

  • Address – 3224 N Halsted
  • Rate – $30
  • Walking Distance – 16 minutes

Parking Lot – Lake Shore Parking

  • Address – 3730 N Lake Shore
  • Rate – $20
  • Walking Distance – 18 minutes

Although there is enough parking space for your vehicles at Wrigley Field, the list mentioned above is the substitute for parking at the center. You can reserve your parking seat via the SpotHero app; it will help you find the best parking options near the Wrigley Field at an affordable expense. Alternatively, you can book your parking space by visiting its official website. 

Wrigley Field Parking Tips

If you are visiting Wrigley Field to attend an event and don’t want to face any inconvenience during parking. Here are some tips that you can follow –

  • Even though there is enough parking space available, it serves on a first-come, first-service basis, and sometimes, you may not get a space to park your vehicle. In that situation, you can opt for unofficial parking options.
  • Since Wrigley Field is located at the busiest location in Chicago, the parking cost can go up to $70 per day. If that sounds too much for you, you can opt for the resident parking as most locals have started offering their parking space to visitors at a very low price.
  • There is also free street parking available at a walking distance of 10-20 minutes. However, getting a free parking space can be challenging.
  • Make sure you reach the arena 3 hours before any event starts, especially if you are planning to grab the official or free street parking space.

Wrigley Field Free street parking spaces

Wrigley Field is located in the Residential Permit Zone 383, and being in the residential area, it requires permission to park during the remarked times. There are four free street parking areas available to the public. Let’s delve further to know the free street parking spaces.

  • Southport to Cubby Bear: This area is between Addison, Southport, Roscoe, and within the 383 Zone, but you can park your vehicles from 6 p.m to 6 a.m.
  • Graceland Cemetery East: Move north to Kenmore from Irving, and you will see unrestrained parking spaces where you can easily park.
  • LV2 Zones: This is another free street parking space. It is at the west of Graceland Cemetry and southwest of Ashland. It permits parking until 5 p.m. 

Tailgating at Wrigley Field Parking

Tailgating at Wrigley Field Parking

No, Tailgating is not allowed at Wrigley Field unless someone allows you to tailgate. Many festivities are celebrated at Gallagher Way before the game and let fans inside the field for batting rehearsal. Many standing bars and restaurants around the stadium offer dining options before and after the event.

Wrigley Field Disabled Parking


Yes, there are parking spaces for the disabled, but parking spaces are only limited to the official Cubs lot. It serves on a first-come, first-service basis. If you visit first, you will get the area first. You can book your lot in advance to save yourself from being troubled.

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Public Transit to the Wrigley Field


There is absolutely no need to be concerned if you don’t have a vehicle. Public Transit is an alternative to this. The Wrigley Field is easily accessible via public transport. You can easily reach the center via Metra Trains, Pace shuttle buses, and Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) buses and trains. It is available 24/7. You can prefer it anytime.

Review of Wrigley Field by Visitors

  • “Such a great venue for a ballpark! It’s fun, more intimate than other ballparks, and just has a neighborhood vibe that’s very enjoyable. The ivy is great, and the Cubs Hall of Fame, while small, brought back some good memories. Yes, there were some old things like support beams blocking the view from some seats, and there are fewer activities than newer parks, but the charm and nostalgia of the field more than makes up for it!”


  • “The old-fashioned charm of the field was amazing. I have been to several newer parks, and they can’t compete with the authentic Wrigley feel. Every seat is close to the action, and it has nooks and crannies to explore that bump up right next to the field. Attending batting practice is great as well in the outfield as there is a chance to get a ball. The food vendors are reasonable. I Loved attending a game here!”

Wrigley Field

  • “It was so amazing to finally experience Wrigley field! I was in town & visited during dodger cubs games. There was a double game due to bad weather the previous day so there was a lot of fans in the area for both back to back games. So many bars and restaurants outside of Wrigley field. So many shops for souvenirs! All the staff was extremely friendly that worked at the park. Chicago dog at self serv kiosk was amazing! Will definitely be back in future!


  • “Lives up to the hype! I had high expectations as I have lived in Chicago for years and have constantly heard how amazing Wrigley field is for a Cubs game. Super friendly staff, clean facilities, easy access to seats, good acoustics, reasonable food prices (except for the beer), fun fans, and overall a wonderful experience. My friend even caught a ball since we were in the bleachers! Go to Wrigley field if you can while you are in Chicago. You won’t regret it!”

Wringley Parking


  • “What an incredible experience. I got to watch a game here with the Cincinnati Reds coming to town. Even if the Cubbies didn’t win, it was a beautiful night at Wrigley. The stadium is really well laid out, and food and drink are easy to come by, even if it’s a bit expensive. Like Fenway, Wrigley is a stadium that any baseball fan should see a game at.”


How much is the parking at Wrigley Field?

On event days, the official parking cost at Wrigley Field would range from $45-$60. However, you can find nearby garages and unofficial parking lots at a much lower price.

How early can you get into Wrigley Field before a game?

As far as parking is concerned, the parking space opens 3 hours before the event. However, the stadium gates open for visitors 90 minutes before the event.

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