Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th August 2020 Written Episode Updates: Naira and Manish meets an accident

The episode begins with Naira seeking an apology from Manish who tells her that she doesn’t need to do that and asks her if she is fine. After telling him that she is fine, Naira drives again. While driving Manish tells Naira that she should start practicing dance as he wants to see her dance on a big stage. She promises to do that.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th August 2020 Written Episode Updates: Kartik and Naira learns about their daughter

She shows him barricades and tells that she will drop him home and then buy some stuff from the market nearby. He tells her to take that route as he has a meeting. Naira tells him that Kartik would be angry about knowing it but Manish tells her to go slow and that she is treating him like a kid. In her thoughts, Naira seeks sorry from Kartik and tells that she will drive slow.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th August 2020 Written Episode Update

A man interrupts her and asks to stop for 5 minutes as work is under progress. Meanwhile, a girl comes to her and asks her to buy clips from her. She takes clips from her while the man asks Naira to go. Naira leaves but her purse falls there and the girl gets happy to see the money inside it.

Meanwhile, Kartik gets worried about his dad and Naira. He hides a gift to surprise her. Manish asks Naira to drive faster as he has fixed the meeting with difficulty. The girl follows the car to return the purse and seek an award. As dirty water spills on the car’s windscreen. Naira uses the wiper, however, sees the girl in front of the car and to save her, turns the wheel.

Kartik along with everyone reaches the hospital where Naira and Manish are getting treatment. She sees Kartik crying and says sorry. The doctor tells everyone that Manish is fine and will get conscious. He tells them to take him home but observe his behaviour once he will regain his consciousness. Doctors tell them that he will explain the reason once the report will be out.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today’s Written Episode Update

Kartik gets upset seeing Naira and avoids her. Later. Manish regains consciousness and asks Kartik who are you, shocking everyone. Kartik calls the doctor while Manish tells him that he was joking. Dadi scolds him and he says sorry. Manish tells everyone that he is fine and enquires about Naira.

Naira apologizes for taking him to that route. Manish is about, to tell the truth, but Kartik tells him to take rest. Suwarna tells that they have to go home for Teej while Manish teasingly tells her to keep fast as she looks beautiful in anger. Everyone laughs, however, Kartik is still angry with Naira.

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