1st Special Train With Migrant Workers from Telangana Leaves for Jharkhand

1st 'Special' Train With Migrant Workers

1st Special Train With Migrant Workers: Until a day earlier, the Union Home Ministry had talked about transporting stranded immigrant laborers to other states only through buses.

But the very next day, that is, in the early hours of 4: 50 am, a special train has been run from Lingampalli in Telangana to Hatia in Jharkhand with 1200 migrants.

The news agency PTI gave this information quoting the RPF DG. It was also told that there are 24 coaches in this train.  In such a situation, the question arises that what has changed in such a day.

In fact, soon after the Home Ministry order on the 29th, Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren said clearly in the press conference, “The state government is not able to bring the trapped laborers, students, tourists and pilgrims alone in every state. 

We have limited resources. We do not even have a transport corporation. If we also arrange buses from somewhere, then we have to bring our workers only in 6 months. Ine will take time. “

The state government estimates that about 5 lakh of their workers, students, and pilgrims are stuck in other states. Hemant Soren also talked to Railway Minister Piyush Goyal about this problem, and he shared this information on Twitter.

1st ‘Special’ Train With Migrant Workers from Telangana Leaves for Jharkhand

What about the workers trapped in the remaining states?

1st 'Special' Train With Migrant Workers
1st ‘Special’ Train With Migrant Workers

Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and the Kerala governments have also made a similar request. So will the central government accept the request of all those states and accept the Jharkhand government?

At present, discussions are going on in the Ministry of Railways, but on running the train from Telangana, the Railway Ministry has clarified that this request was from the Telangana government.

The clarification further states, “A special train was run this morning from Lingampalli in Telangana to Hatia in Jharkhand on the request of the Railway Ministry on the request of the Telangana government. 

During this time, all precautions were taken. Passengers were screened, and station and Social distancing were also followed on both trains. 

Only one such train has been run. And further trains will be run only on the orders of the Ministry of Railways, but it requires the approval of both the state governments. “

The idea of ​​social distancing

1st 'Special' Train With Migrant Workers
1st ‘Special’ Train With Migrant Workers

The question is also arising of how is the government doing social distancing in a train with 1200 people? The distance from Lingampalli in Telangana to Hatia in Jharkhand is about 1300 km.

Actually, this entire train is a sleeper train of 24 coaches. By the way, every coach has a seating arrangement of 72 people.  But on this special train, only 50 people are being brought in a coach.

The initial pictures of the train have been sent by the news agency ANI, according to which the middle berth is empty in the coaches of the train. This train has not even been allowed to stop at every station.

This is a non-stop train that will take only operational halts. Food and water will be provided to the passenger on the train. The train will reach Hatia via Bilaspur, Raigad, and Jharsuguda.

The journey of the day is kept in the special train so that the bedroll cannot be used. This will reduce the risk of infection. You may remember that in the early days of the spread of Corona infection in the country, the railways had already banned bedrolls and ACs.

Centralized AC can increase the risk of infection, so sleeper coaches have been used. RPF personnel has also been deployed to protect the people. He is also wearing gloves and masks in his hand.

This train will reach Hatia station between 10 to 11 pm tonight.

1st 'Special' Train With Migrant Workers
1st ‘Special’ Train With Migrant Workers

On reaching Hatia in Jharkhand, all passengers will be screened again, according to the need, arrangements will be made to send the passenger to the home quarantine or hospital quarantine.

It has also been made compulsory in the order of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The state government will also have to arrange regular checkups for these workers.

1st 'Special' Train With Migrant Workers
1st ‘Special’ Train With Migrant Workers

According to the sources of the Railway Ministry, the decision has not been taken on whether more such special trains will be run in the future. But there is talk of taking short-distance workers before the bus, and for long-distance workers and students only, the state governments can send their request to the Railway Ministry. 

After taking stock of the situation and after getting approval from the concerned states, the Railway Ministry can consider it.

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