Ace of Diamond Chapter 224 Release Date, Recap And Spoilers; Where to Read Online?

Ace Of Diamond

Ace of Diamond Chapter 224 Release Date, Recap And Spoilers; Where to Read Online?: After all this time, after all this build-up we are finally here. Finally, the first semifinal of the tournament is going to take place. The first team will get one step closer to the nationals. We better get the ace caliber match-winning performance from Sawamura that has been hyped up for a decade now. The buildup towards this match has been up to the point and Terajima has rarely taken a bad step in this manga till now and it has been one hell of a ride and now it is finally the time for the outcome.

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Ace of Diamond Chapter 223 Recap

The date is 26 July and its 5:30 in the morning. Miyuki is standing just outside the dorm and Sawamura and Furuya walk towards him. Miyuki told them it is going to be hot today and both pitchers told him that they are ready for it. The semi-final is here finally and the Jingu Baseball Stadium is packed from top to bottom. Sawamura’s dad, grandfather, and Wakana are here to see the match. The alumni are here to watch the match and Chris Senpai is also with them. Miyuki won the rock-paper-scissor toss and decided that they will pitch first. Both captains shake hands with their determination not fading even a little bit. Media, coaches, and every person in the crowd is ready for the match.

Ace of Diamond

Back at the dugout, everyone is teasing Miyuki for winning the toss. Coach Ochiai says that it is a big advantage for us. Kawakami is sitting behind looking depressed which means that he is not allowed to play. And we see a flashback where Coach Kataoka told everyone that Kawakami will not pitch in this game and everyone should play keeping that in mind. That makes Seidou short of two players, Ono and Kawakami for this match. Coach Kataoka told Kawakami that as a former pitcher he knows how Kawakami feels but at the same time he can’t allow him to pitch until his extended examination. Tanba told everyone of his batch about Kawakami’s situation and everyone is worried.

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The players are coming out of the dugout and Miyuki told Sawamura that they will hit him with the brand new number 9 pitch because they know nothing about it. Both of them start laughing and Amaisha is shocked by it. The temperature is 30 degrees so it is already hot before the match. All the players are ready and these fated rivals are once again in each other’s path. Which team will take control of the game?

Ace Of Diamond Chapter 224 Release Date

The New Chapter will be released next Thursday that is 3 September 2020. A new chapter will release every Thursday in Japan and in India, it is available on Friday. The manga has been on an inconsistent schedule for a while now so we might again get a delay.

Ace Of Diamond Chapter 224 Predictions And Spoilers

The first ball of the semi-final will be thrown in the next match. Sawamura will throw his brand new pitch against the monster lineup of Ichidai, will Sawamura take them by surprise or will the batter overwhelm Sawamura? We have to wait for the next chapter for that, but you really don’t want to miss the next one for sure.

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Ace Of Diamond Chapter 224 Where To Read

No official sites are available yet to read Ace Of Diamond yet but we can read it on Manga One magazine and mobile app. We request you to use only legal sources to read the chapter as it will promote the works of the creators.

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