Adam Silver Net Worth – What is Adam Silver’s Worth?

Adam Silver Net Worth - What is Adam Silver's Worth?

Adam Silver is professionally a lawyer, who is also the current commissioner of the National Basketball Association. The American sports executive has been active in the field of law since the late 1980s. He has worked as a law clerk, as well as an associate with a law firm. We will be discussing Adam Silver’s net worth, his personal life, and his professional achievements. Let’s take a look at what Adam Silver has been up to, and what his net worth is in 2022.

Who Is Adam Silver?

adam silver

Adam Silver is an American lawyer, who is currently appointed as the fifth commissioner of the NBA. The sports executive has been working as the league’s commissioner since 2014. Adam Silver has held multiple positions in the NBA since he joined the league in 1992. Adam Silver was preceded by his mentor Davis Stern, under whom he has served as the Deputy Commissioner of NBA as well as the COO.

Before divulging into Adam Silver’s net worth, let’s see what the lawyer and executive have been up to in his personal and professional life. We will also try to divulge more information regarding his sources of income to have a better grip on Adam Silver’s net worth.

Adam Silver is currently the incumbent commissioner of the National Basketball Association. His tenure started in 2014, and he has successfully helped in the association’s growth. Silver also garnered media attention after he forced Donald Sterling to sell his team after he made racist remarks.

Silver banned Donald Sterling from the NBA

Silver later banned Sterling from ever partaking in any of the league-related activities. He has also helped the league in marketing itself and expanding more. NBA has reportedly grown exponentially under his guidance as the fifth commissioner of the association.

 Adam Silver’s Professional Life

Adam was born in 1962 to Jewish American parents. The 60-year-old was born to Edward Silver who worked as a prosecutor. Silver’s childhood was spent in New York, and he graduated high school by 1980.

Adam Silver attended Duke University and majored in Political Sciences. After working as a legislative aid, Silver decides to pursue law. He graduated from the University of Chicago Law School in 1988 and worked as a law clerk. Later he worked as an associate with a law firm.

 Adam Silver’s Professional Life

Silver joined NBA in 1992, he ended up becoming the VP of NBA Entertainment. Later Adam Silver held multiple positions within the association. He was chosen as the prospective commissioner by his mentor David Stern in 2012 when he announced his retirement. 

It is also notable that he has also produced documentaries and movies related to NBA players, and the league. 

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Family And Personal Information

Adam Silver was included in the list of 50 most influential people in Sports in the year 2016. He has also been named the Executive of the Year in 2015 by a magazine. Other than that Adam has been included in the list of 100 most influential people by Time magazine. He has also been listed among the 50 greatest leaders by Fortune magazine as well.

Adam Silver has made multiple decisions throughout his career as the NBA commissioner. First of them was the ban of Donald Sterling from the NBA. Notably, Sterling was not only forced to sell the Los Angeles Clippers but he was also fined a hefty 2.5 million USD. 

Donald Sterling
Donald Sterling

There have also been some issues with NBA and Chinese investors after one of the NBA’s general managers supported ongoing Hong Kong protests in 2015. Even though the tweet was later deleted, all the parties involved stated that they will not provide any apologies for the same. Adam Silver later stated that even though such a polarising statement must not have been made, the NBA can not stop its employees from expressing their opinions. Even though the issue was resolved, one of the major Chinese investors stopped any collaborations with NBA.

He also announced in March 2020 to postpone the league for the year 2019-20. Eventually, the season was completely suspended given the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the suspension was later revoked as 22 teams were introduced into the season rather than the usual 30 ones. Multiple precautionary measures were taken to ensure the health of all players and staff involved. NBA invested a whopping 170 million USD solely for the health of the people involved.

Adam Silver Wife

Adam Silver wife

Silver married his spouse Maggie Grise in 2015. The couple had two daughters after their marriage. As of right now, Adam Silver is also a board member for the Lustgarten Pancreatic Cancer Foundation. He has also been awarded as an alumnus of the University of Chicago Law School.

Adam Silver’s Net Worth

Adam Silver’s net worth in 2022 can be estimated to be a whopping 40 million USD. He earns a significantly large amount from his position as the NBA commissioner. 

 How Much Is Adam Silver Paid?

Silver started working for NBA in 1992 and has been active since then. He has also held multiple prominent positions over the years. Currently, it is known that Adam’s contract with NBA has been renewed once again. His contract has been extended up to the year 2024. There have been no official announcements regarding when the 5th commissioner of the NBA will retire.

Adam Silver net worth

The current commissioner of the National Basketball Association has an annual salary of 10 million USD. If we focus solely on his earnings after working for the NBA, and his expected tenure till 2024. It can be stated that he will have earned approximately 100 million USD through NBA.  As of right now, the man earns 10 million USD per annum since 2014. He has also held prominent positions in the league even before he became the commissioner for the NBA.

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