America Fest: A turning Point USA Event 2021- Day 4 Key Highlights

According to its website, “Turning Point USA has earned the reputation of being the premier brand in events for young conservative activists across the country. Turning Point USA hosts 6 National Summits and 8 Regional Conferences each year. It consistently attracts students from every state in the country. From the Student Action Summit to the Young Women’s Leadership Summit, Young Black Leadership Summit, and many regionally-based conferences in between. TPUSA is proud to host an array of events meant to energize and grow the conservative movement.”

Turning point USA of December 2021

On Saturday evening, the conservative student activist organization, Turning Point USA, kicked off their multi-day winter gathering in Phoenix, Arizona. 


Pastor Hibbs prayer for the country

Pastor Hibbs prayed to God to shower His blessings on the gathering at TPUSA day four as they were “people who love this country.” He went on to enunciate all the things that “we hold dear” such as “liberty, love, kindness, forgiveness, grace, mercy, salvation” and beseeched the Lord to keep blessing them with that.

Taking a dig at the Biden administration, he said, “Our nation’s constitution has been shaken by those who do not believe in our constitution, they do not believe in the guidance of the bible, nor in individual responsibilities or freedoms and they have, make no mistake, imposed their deity of tyranny upon us.” Differing with Tucker Carlson’s take on “the matter being spiritual and that we need to go build an Ark somewhere,” pastor Hibbs said, “I am inviting you to California with your battle gear on.” He also emphasized the need to “fight.” 

Bashing Biden’s covid policy, Pastor Hibbs said to cheers from the crowd, “We’re told by politics, not the government, to stay home, wear a mask, wrap ourselves in bubble wrap, so we don’t die. The more I read my bible, I understand that God gave up his only begotten son for humankind, and whosoever chants his name, will be blessed with everlasting life.” He went on, Never listen to candidates; look at their voting records.

 “Jesus is all you need, and when the foundations are shaken, He’ll stand strong. God bless you guys,” so saying, Hibbs walked off the podium. 

 Brandon Tatum on “the big lie told to us.”

Brandon Tatum stated that he believed that the Constitution was made “through these men by God.” “Don’t let these folks lie to you,” he went on. “We’re all one, and we’re all the children of God.” 

On the white privilege, Tatum said to cheers from the crowd, “I don’t believe in white privilege- I believe in Christ privilege.” 

On his final note, Tatum said, “this life isn’t just about you. I want God to use me to help you. And God wants you to use what you heard here to help other people.” 

We cannot tolerate weak leadership.”

The debate’ Culture war in the American War machine’ began on the note of “Wokeism is devastating to the military because if soldiers believe we are white supremacists and woke Fascists, why in the world would they want to die for us?” 

John also stated that America’s humiliating exit from Afghanistan sends the message that “America is weak and vulnerable.” We have to get them out,” he continued. “We cannot tolerate weak leadership.”

We have to return to reality,” yelled Chad Wright with immense zeal. “You want to be warriors?” he said to cheers from the crowd. “Warriors execute, execute, execute.” If you let the motivation you got from your week here, the ideas you got, die, you are being selfish and letting down your country,” he continued. 

Following the thread, John said, “We don’t execute because of fear.” “A soldier does not execute because he hates what is in front of him,” he continued. “It’s because he loves what’s behind him.”  

While the left just wrecks absolute chaos like petulant children, screaming, picketing, whining until they get their way,” he went on, “We can’t afford to say ‘I don’t want to deal with crazy.’ “John also urged the crowd to call out leftist “horse crap” for what it is. 

Congressman Madison Cawthorn on “saving this country.”

Cawthorn’s take on saving America entails “embracing the America First doctrine.” Trump, according to Cawthorn, is more than the leader of the Republican Party, he in fact, “has started a revolution in this country.” 

Referring to the Preamble, Cawthorn says, “the first three words of the Constitution state that ‘We the people’ are the authority.” He went on to say that it is “your duty to disregard orders if the government does not serve you.” 

“Any government policy that interferes with the way a father and a mother bring up their child should be heavily scrutinized and fought against,” said Cawthorn, drawing cheers from the crowd. 

Cawthorn also called himself a “proud college dropout.” “You should drop out if you’re not becoming an engineer or a doctor as it’s a scam,” he said. 

On the transgender issue, Cawthorn claimed that if he was asked to “call a man a woman,” he was essentially being asked to “buy into this lie.” “And I’m going to say no to that,” he finished. 

Along the lines of John’s words regarding the need for conservatives to go on the offense, Cawthorn stated, “we need to take a few punches on the chin and stand up for America we believe in.” 

On his final note, Cawthorn said to a crowd going wild with cheers and applause, “the radical left should be terrified of who we are. We will defeat the globalists in this nation.” 

Charlie Kirk on women “wanting to be led by strong men.”

Kirk took the stage immediately after Cawthorn and delved into “everything that was wrong” about the present generation in America. This generation, led by radicals, had become “the most suicidal, the most drug-addicted, alcohol addicted, unmarried and childless generation in the history of America.” He also called upon the crowd to “reject hookup culture and get married early.” 

Women want to be led by strong men,” he continued. “So get your act together and marry early,” he counseled the men in the audience. 

Giving the audience life counsel, Kirk said, “if it feels good at the moment, it’s probably not good for you.” 

Along the lines of Cawthorn’s college being a scam ideology, Kirk stated his personal opinion that people should definitely “not go to college.” I think parents sending kids to college are playing Russian roulette with their kids’ values,” he said. 

“This generation will be the one to turn this nation towards liberty,” were Kirk’s final words to the audience. 

Kayleigh McEnany on “faith over fear.”

Kayleigh McEnany, press secretary for Trump, came down to business as soon as she took the podium.  “‘Is it good that the South lost the Civil war’ as compared to ‘where is the White House cat,'” she stated, drawing laughs and cheers from the crowd. 

That morning, the morning of my first briefing on May 1st, 2020, I listened to a Joyce Myer sermon of “Faith over Fear,”‘ McEnany said, regaling the audience with her day one experience as press secretary. “I was in tears in my office when I was supposed to be on the podium. My assistant got my parents on the phone, and we prayed together, then I went to the West Wing private bathroom, and I went on my knees and prayed.” She went on to reminisce that she went “from tears to utter and complete serenity on the podium that day.” 

On the US exit from Afghanistan, McEnany said, “The current president Joe Biden, accused President Trump of dereliction of duty.” “President Biden derelicted his duty when he left those citizens in Afghanistan.” She continued raining hellfire on Biden, saying, “We used to believe in leaving no man behind. We left a lot of men behind in Afghanistan.” 

McEnany ended on the note, “Something greater than political truth is the truth, which is that Jesus Christ is lord and savior.

Capturing her last moments on the TPUSA stage in an Instagram live with her daughter, dad, and cousin on her side, McEnany waved the crowd goodbye.

The final word…

Charlie Kirk came onto the stage once more and urged the audience to get involved with the TPUSA high school and college chapters and ended the 4- day extravaganza with “That’s a wrap guys. God bless you and, God bless America.” 

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