Top 8 Best Internet Providers in Chicago, iL

Top 8 Best Internet Providers in Chicago, iL

Are you looking for the best Internet providers in Chicago? If yes, you have stumbled upon the perfect page to compare internet options and find fast internet solutions.

There are many Internet providers in the United States with their own plans and features.

If you are to select the best internet provider for a particular city, you will notice several local and national internet provider options available.

Similarly, several top internet providers offer their services in Chicago. However, choosing one that best suits your purpose is tricky.

I recently moved to Chicago and was on the hunt for the best internet provider in the city.

Knowing how crucial a reliable internet connection is for everything from work to entertainment, I dove into research mode, determined to find the perfect fit for my needs.

I compared various providers, looking at their speeds, prices, coverage areas, and customer service reputations.

I sifted through the offerings of major players like Xfinity and AT&T, intrigued by their high-speed options and extensive coverage.

I also considered local providers, curious about their personalized services and community focus. Features like no data caps, bundle deals, and contract flexibility were high on my list of priorities.

After comparing the pros and cons, reading customer reviews, and checking service availability in my area, I finally found the provider that ticked all the boxes for me.

If you stay in Chicago or are planning to move to the city, you might need help finding the Best Internet Providers in Chicago.

In this article, I have shared everything that I know about the Internet providers available in Chicago, such as their Plans, Coverage, Speed, etc.

So, without further delay, let’s begin.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Internet Providers In Chicago

Things To Consider
Things To Consider

Like other major cities, Chicago is well-facilitated with many Internet service providers ISP. While each of you has your priorities, it is best to consider important things when choosing the best Internet providers in Chicago.


You should consider your monthly budget when you have to select a provider. Check whether the provider charges fees for equipment rentals, taxes, installation charges, etc.


Learn about what internet speed you need based on your online activities, such as streaming, gaming, and video conferencing, and then choose the best internet provider in Chicago accordingly.


Not all internet providers offer service in all areas of Chicago. Check your preferred provider’s website to see if they offer service at your address.


The providers should have reliable and consistent Internet services in your area. You can check online customer reviews for your preferred Internet provider services in Chicago.

Customer service

Ensure that you consider the provider’s customer support service. Read online reviews and see how they respond to customer complaints.

Additional Things

Here are some additional factors to consider when choosing an internet provider.

  • Some providers require you to sign a contract, while others offer month-to-month plans. Check for such a contract with your provider.
  • Compare prices for different plans and providers to choose the best deals.
  • Some providers have data caps, which can limit your internet usage. You should consider your data requirement and then choose a suitable one.
  • Ensure that you read the plan details to avoid any hidden fees.

You can select the best internet provider in Chicago using the above tips. To help, we have mentioned a few top internet providers that serve the city.

Top 8 Best Internet Providers in Chicago, iL

Top 8 Best Internet Providers in Chicago, iL
Top 8 Best Internet Providers in Chicago, iL

Many national providers in the United States offer internet services nationwide, covering all major cities, including Chicago.

However, the most promising Internet providers vary for different individuals based on their needs and budgets.

Here are some of the best internet providers in Chicago.

AT&T Fiber

AT&T Fiber stands out for its ultra-fast fiber-optic network, providing lightning-fast speeds perfect for heavy streaming, gaming, and large household usage.

Its reliable connection makes it a top choice for those who need consistent performance.

Pros Cons
  • Upload and download speeds are the same, so they suit gamers and video
  • AT&T Fiber offers the most reliable services.
  • There are no contracts required so that you can cancel at any time.
  • AT&T Fiber is available in most parts of Chicago.
  • AT&T Fiber can be an expensive option for some people.
  • Some plans have data caps, which can be an issue for heavy internet users.


Xfinity offers widespread coverage across Chicago, delivering a range of high-speed internet options.

With flexible plans, bundle deals, and advanced technology, Xfinity caters to a broad audience, from casual users to tech-savvy households.

Pros Cons
  • Xfinity is famous for offering cheap plans.
  • Xfinity offers TV and home phone bundles to help you save money.
  • Xfinity offers services in most parts of Chicago.
  • Xfinity is infamous for raising prices after the introductory period.
  • The gateway rental is $15/month.
  • Some plans have contracts with early termination fees.
  • Includes professional installation costs of $40.

Astound Broadband

Astound Broadband, known for its high-quality service and customer satisfaction, brings competitive speeds and packages.

Their commitment to reliable connectivity and customer service makes them a strong contender.

Pros Cons
  • Astound Broadband offers affordable plans. It offers services in most of Chicago.
  • There are no contracts required so that you can cancel at any time.
  • Astound Broadband has good customer service.
  • Some plans have data caps. Prices may increase after promotion.

Verizon 5G Home Internet

Verizon 5G Home Internet is carving out a niche with its cutting-edge 5G technology, offering wireless home internet with impressive speeds.

It’s an excellent option for those looking for fast setup and flexibility without the need for traditional cable or fiber lines.

Pros Cons
  • Verizon 5G Home Internet can offer speeds of up to 1 Gbps.
  • There are no contracts or hidden fees.
  • 2-3-year price guarantee based on the plan.
  • Verizon 5G Home Internet is only available in certain parts of Chicago, challenging residents to find the best Internet provider suitable for their area.
  • Internet speeds can vary based on network congestion.
  • Verizon 5G Home Internet requires a strong 5G signal, which may not be available in rural areas.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet also leverages 5G technology to provide high-speed internet with the ease of wireless setup.

It’s a great alternative for those in areas with strong T-Mobile 5G coverage, offering simplicity and competitive pricing.

Pros Cons
  • T-Mobile Home Internet is available in most parts of Chicago.
  • There is no data cap or additional equipment fees.
  • Includes bundle discount with T-Mobile Wireless mobile plans.
  • Have no option to upgrade your speed.
  • T-Mobile 5G Home Internet charges a $35 device connection fee.

Rise Broadband

Rise Broadband focuses on rural and underserved areas, providing high-speed fixed wireless internet.

It’s an ideal solution for those outside the reach of traditional cable or fiber services, offering a balance of speed and affordability.

Pros Cons
  • Rise Broadband offers affordable prices for rural areas.
  • There are no contracts required.
  • Rise Broadband offers unlimited data on most plans.
  • Rise Broadband is only available in certain parts of Chicago.
  • Fixed wireless internet can be slower and less reliable than wired internet.
  • The initial equipment installation fee can be higher.
  • Customer service needs to be better.


HughesNet uses satellite technology to deliver internet service, making it a viable option for remote areas. They also have a HughesNet Affordable Connectivity program so that Chicago low-income residents can enjoy cheap wireless services.

While not as fast as fiber or cable, its availability in virtually all parts of Chicago makes it a go-to for those with limited options.

Pros Cons
  • HughesNet is available in all parts of Chicago, including rural areas.
  • HughesNet offers plans without data caps, an essential feature for users seeking unlimited DSL or cable internet.
  • It offers reliable customer support.
  • HughesNet plans can be more expensive after promotional periods end.
  • HughesNet requires a 2-year contract, which can be inconvenient if you switch providers.


Viasat, another satellite internet provider, offers widespread coverage and various plans to suit different usage levels.

It’s particularly appealing for those in remote locations where other internet services are scarce.

Pros Cons
  • Viasat has coverage in most parts of Chicago.
  • They offer quick and easy installation, not requiring cable lines or complicated
  • Some plans offer unlimited data after exceeding your high-speed limit, although
    speeds significantly drop.
  • Viasat bundles the internet with phone service.
  • High-speed data caps are often low, and the speed gets slower after exceeding the limit.
  • Prices can be higher after promotional periods.
  • Viasat’s data caps and speeds might not be sufficient for streaming, gaming, or downloading.

These are the few best internet providers in Chicago. You can visit their official page, read about their specific fiber plan or DSL plan, and choose the most suitable Chicago internet provider based on your needs and preferences.

The subsequent section will see the best internet providers based on specific categories.

Best Internet Providers In Chicago – Plans And Pricing

Best Internet Providers In Chicago - Plans And Pricing
Plans And Pricing

If you are budget-conscious, you must be looking for an internet provider that offers the plans at reasonable pricing.

The table below details the plan pricing of some providers in Chicago.

Providers Price Starts at
Xfinity $25/month
Astound $25/month
Verizon 5G Home Internet $35/month
T-Mobile 5G Home Internet $40/month
Hughesnet $49.99/month
AT&T $55/month
Zentro Internet (Local provider) $20/month

Best Internet Providers In Chicago – Speed And Reliability

Best Internet Providers In Chicago - Speed And Reliability
Speed And Reliability

If you were to consider the best Internet provider in Chicago based on speed and reliability, AT&T Fibre and Xfinity stand out amongst other providers for the fastest speeds in Chicago.

The table shows the details of the download Internet speed of a few providers.

Providers Download Speed Range
AT&T 300 – 4,700 Mbps
Xfinity 200 – 3,000 Mbps
T-Mobile 5G Home Internet 72 – 245 Mbps
Hughesnet 50 -100 Mbps
Verizon 5G Home Internet 85 – 300 Mbps
Astound 300 – 1,000 Mbps
Zentro Internet 25 – 2,000 Mbps

Best Internet Providers In Chicago – Coverage And Availability

Here are the percentage-wise coverage and availability of coverage and availability of best internet providers in Chicago.

Providers Availability in Chicago
Hughesnet 100%
T-Mobile 5G Home Internet 99%
Xfinity 97%
AT&T 90%
Astound Broadband 53%
Verizon 5G Home Internet 50%
Zentro Internet (local provider ) 1%

Hughesnet is best known for coverage in Chicago and has 100% availability, followed by T-Mobile 5G Home Internet. Xfinity also has good coverage with 97% availability.

Best Internet Providers In Chicago – Customer Satisfaction

Best Internet Providers In Chicago - Customer Satisfaction
Best Internet Providers In Chicago – Customer Satisfaction

T-Mobile Home Internet has emerged as a standout among internet providers in Chicago, particularly regarding customer satisfaction.

The company has built a strong reputation for its reliable customer support services, which are a crucial aspect for many users.

Customers appreciate the responsive and helpful support team that T-Mobile offers, which can significantly impact the overall user experience, especially when issues or questions arise.

Despite its high marks for customer service, T-Mobile Home Internet does face limitations in terms of its coverage within the city.

This means that while those who have access to the service tend to report high levels of satisfaction, not everyone in Chicago can take advantage of T-Mobile’s offerings.

The coverage constraint is primarily due to the infrastructure and deployment of T-Mobile’s 5G network, which is the backbone of its home internet service.

For residents within T-Mobile’s coverage area, the provider presents a compelling option, thanks to its combination of reliable internet service and exceptional customer support.

However, for those outside these areas, searching for an internet provider that balances great service with wide availability continues.

This coverage limitation underscores the importance of checking service availability when considering T-Mobile Home Internet despite its strong customer satisfaction ratings.

Best Internet Providers In Chicago – Special Offers And Deals

Almost every internet provider offers special deals to increase their customer base and maintain their existing customers.

Astound Broadband frequently offers deals for new customers, such as free installation, waived equipment rental fees, and bundled discounts with their TV and phone services. They also have special internet deals for students and seniors.

The other is Xfinity, which often runs promotional deals for new customers, including free trials, discounted rates for the first few months, and bundled packages with their cable and mobile services. Even, a free Xfinity iPhone is included through these deals.

Best Internet Providers In Chicago For Home

You can consider AT&T Fibre and Xfinity as the best internet providers in Chicago for your home in terms of the fastest speeds.

Although, In the case of AT&T vs Xfinity, AT&T is surely the winner.

Astound Broadband is good to go if you want the best value plans from the provider.

Fastest Internet Provider in Chicago

Among many other service providers, AT&T and Xfinity Internet seem to be winning the fastest internet provider race in the Chicago area.

Chicago residents can get 300 – 4,700 Mbps from AT&T, and the Xfinity fiber internet plan can offer download and upload speeds up to 200 – 3,000 Mbps.

Who Offers The Cheapest Internet Service In Chicago?

Cheapest Internet Service In Chicago

Astound Broadband, Xfinity, and the local Zentro Internet are known for offering the cheapest internet plan, starting at least $30 in Chicago.

Provider Speed Price
Astound 110 Mbps $25/month
Xfinity 50 Mbps $25/month
Zentro Internet 25 Mbps $29/month

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does good internet cost in Chicago?

The average cost of internet service in Chicago is about $76 per month. However, the cost of good internet varies for different providers, whether they offer fiber or cable internet, and the plan in Chicago you choose.

For example, Astound and Xfinity offer plans starting at $20 monthly, and AT&T Fiber offers plans starting at $55 monthly. Additionally, most providers offer introductory rates that increase after a certain period.

Is Fibre internet available in Chicago?

Yes, fibre internet is available in Chicago. However, it does not reach all areas of the city.

The major Fibre Internet provider, AT&T Fiber, has limited coverage, covering only approximately 26.8% of Chicago while offering speeds up to 5,000 Mbps.

Earthlink also provides fibre internet in Chicago, with speeds up to 5,000 Mbps.

What is the best Internet provider in Chicago Gold Coast?

Although choosing the best internet provider depends on your priorities, AT&T Fiber is considered the best internet service provider for most parts of Chicago, including the Chicago Gold Coast.

Besides, Rise Broadband, Verizon 5G Home Internet, and Xfinity are good providers for most areas.

What are the different types of internet connection options available in Chicago?

The internet connection options in Chicago are Fiber, Cable, DSL, and Fixed Wireless. Fibre offers the fastest and most reliable internet connection but has limited coverage; Cable is widely available with good speeds but can experience fluctuations during peak usage times; DSL is widely available and affordable but slower than cable or fiber, and Fixed Wireless uses cellular technology to provide internet, a good option for areas with restricted wired internet access.

How can I know what internet providers are available at my address?

Most internet providers have a tool on their website where you can enter your address to see whether they serve your area, what services are available, and at what speeds.

Who has the best 5G network in Chicago?

T-Mobile has the best 5G network in Chicago, with consistent speed in most parts of the city.

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