eSIM - Best Prepaid eSIM USA – Top 10

Best Prepaid eSIM USA – Top 10

Best Prepaid eSIM USA - Top 10

Are you looking for Best Prepaid eSIM USA? If yes, then you have stumbled upon the article.

eSIM has become popular nowadays among people for various reasons.

Some frequent travelers may find it more comfortable and secure than carrying a physical SIM for traveling, or others may prefer it for easy switching.

If you are someone traveling to the USA or want an eSIM for any other reason in the country, you must know about eSIM providers.

In this article, you will read about the best prepaid eSIM USA with other relevant information.

So, without further delay, let’s begin.

What Is An eSIM Card?

What Is An eSIM?

An eSIM card is a digital SIM card used in a device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch. An eSIM card lets you activate a cellular plan without using a physical SIM.

Moreover, eSIMs are virtual and cannot be physically inserted or removed from your device, unlike traditional SIM cards, which must be inserted into your device.

Few people also think that eSIMs are faster than physical SIM cards. But it’s not true; both eSIM and physical SIM cards offer the same kind of speed and are equal in performance.

People just use eSIM cards as it has some other major benefits over physical SIM cards.

If you want an eSIM card, you can check out the best prepaid USA eSIM providers in the next sections.

Best Prepaid eSIM Providers in the USA – Top 10

Best Prepaid eSIM Providers in the USA - Top 10

Here are some of the top best eSIM card providers in the USA.


SimOptions is a reliable US e-sim card provider.

  • Pros

SimOptions offers international e-sim cards valid in multiple countries, flexible data plans, and good customer support.

  • Cons

SimOptions offers limited plan features. For example, it does not support local calls or SMS, and its plans can be expensive for some people.


It is considered the best eSIM provider in the USA.

  • Pros

Airalo offers good coverage and data speeds with multiple plans at reasonable prices. It is easy to use and offer one of the Cheapest eSIM plans USA.

  • Cons

Airalo has no unlimited data plans.


Nomad is an eSIM provider of US eSIM with an SMS option.

  • Pros

Nomad offers affordable plans, including texting and flexible data packages with good speeds.

  • Cons

Nomad has limited coverage as compared to some other providers.


aloSIM is another budget-friendly best eSIM card provider for the USA.

  • Pros

aloSIM has affordable plans with many data package options. The plans come with long validity and have some roaming options.

  • Cons

aloSIM has lower data speeds than some other providers.


Instabridge is a US eSIM provider that offers pay-as-you-go plans.

  • Pros

Instabridge offers affordable pay-as-you-go plans with good customer service.

  • Cons

Instabridge offers limited data packages that are not suitable for heavy data users.


Yesim is a US eSIM provider that offers the most affordable 20 GB plan.

  • Pros

Yesim offers an affordable 20GB plan and covers multiple countries. It is easy to use.

  • Cons

Yesim has limited data package options and offers no unlimited data plans.


GlobaleSIM is considered the best eSIM provider for the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

  • Pros

GlobaleSIM covers three countries: the USA, Canada, and Mexico. It offers unlimited data plans with good customer service.

  • Cons

GlobaleSIM is more expensive than some other providers. It offers limited data package options outside North America.


Airhub is another US eSIM provider with the following pros and cons.

  • Pros

Airhub offers a good balance of price and data and covers multiple countries. It is easy for new users to use.

  • Cons

Airhub has no unlimited data plans and offers limited data package options.


Keepgo is a US eSIM provider considered useful for longer stays while traveling to the United States.

  • Pros

Keepgo offers many plans with long validity periods.

  • Cons

Keepgo can be more expensive than some other providers.


T-Mobile is considered one of the best eSIM providers in the US.

  • Pros

T-Mobile has good data speeds, multiple plan options, and a user-friendly app. Also offer eSIM free trial USA for 90 days.

  • Cons

T-Mobile eSIM requires a T-Mobile-compatible device and hence not available to all users.

These are the top US prepaid eSIM card providers. You can learn more about their benefits and plans by visiting their official websites and choosing the most suitable one with the help of the guide below.

Best Prepaid eSIM USA Plans

Popular Prepaid eSIM Data Plans In The USA

Here are some popular prepaid eSIM data plans in the USA.

For budget users

If you are someone looking for budget plans, these are the plans that will suit your needs.

Airalo 1GB eSIM

This plan offers 1GB of data for 7 days for $4.5.

Airhub United States 5GB Data 30 days

Airhub United States plan provides 5GB of data for 30 days for $6.99.

Keepgo Lite

Keepgo Lite plan offers 1GB of data for 30 days starting at $3.99.

For high-data users

If you are someone who prefers having lots of internet data, these plans are for you.

Airalo 20GB eSIM

This plan offers 20GB of data for 30 days at $17.85.

Yesim United States 20GB

This plan provides 20GB of data for 30 days for $21.69.

For travelers

These Best Prepaid eSIM USA plans are especially offered to meet the needs of those who are traveling to the USA.

GlobaleSIM USA + Canada + Mexico

This plan covers all three countries with 5GB of data for 30 days for $39.90

Nomad SIM USA & Canada

This plan offers 10GB of data for 30 days in the USA and Canada for $49.

For major carrier network

If you are someone who is not bound to any budget and needs network reliability everywhere you go. Here are the Best Prepaid eSIM USA plans from major carriers.

T-Mobile Connect

T-Mobile Connect offers 2GB of data for $25 monthly with unlimited talk and text. T Mobile also offers eSIM USA plans with Unlimited data.

AT&T Prepaid

AT&T Prepaid plan offers 8 GB of data for $40 monthly, including unlimited talk and text.

Verizon Prepaid

Verizon Prepaid plan provides 5 GB of data for $50 monthly, unlimited talk and text.

How Do I Choose The Right Prepaid eSIM Plan?

How Do I Choose The Right Prepaid eSIM Plan

With numerous available best prepaid eSIM USA providers and plans, choosing the right US prepaid eSIM plan can be difficult, and you might scratch your head when you have to select one for yourself.

However, you can consider these tips to help you out.

Know your needs

The first thing you can do before buying any eSIM plan is to assess your needs for data, minutes, and text requirements. It would help if you know your average monthly data consumption, whether you want an eSIM only for data or also for talk or text.

Find suitable provider

Once you know your need, you can check eSIM plans and offerings from various eSIM card providers, including carriers and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in your region.

Compare the prices

You can compare the eSIM plans based on data allocation, validity, network speed (3G, 4G, 5G), coverage, top-up options, customer support, etc. You must also compare the prices of eSIM plans and benefits offered by different providers in your region.

Choose the plan

You should choose the eSIM card and plans that best suit your budget and needs.

By following these steps, you can select the best prepaid eSIM USA plan based on your needs and budget.

There are some additional things to consider when buying an eSIM plan.

  • You must ensure your phone supports eSIM.
  • You can read customer reviews about specific eSIM providers and plans.
  • You must check for any hidden charges or service fees by the provider.
  • You can use online tools to compare the eSIM plans.
  • It is recommended to choose a shorter-term plan instead of a longer one so that you can check its performance.

Where To Buy Prepaid eSIM USA?

Where To Buy Prepaid eSIM USA

You can buy your best Prepaid eSIM USA the following way.

Online purchase

You can buy a prepaid US eSIM card online through an eSIM card provider. For this, you need to visit the eSIM card providers’ website and place your order. SimOptions, Airalo, and Nomad are some of the best prepaid US SIM providers.

You can also purchase the eSIM card through the websites of major carriers such as T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon.

Offline purchase

You can buy prepaid eSIM cards offline through official T-Mobile or AT&T retail stores. To make an offline purchase, you will have to visit the nearest T-Mobile or AT&T store and buy the suitable prepaid eSIM in person.

Please note that offline purchase of prepaid eSIM takes time and is expensive. Hence, it is recommended that you order your US eSIM card online.

How Do I Set Up Prepaid eSIM USA?

When you purchase best Prepaid eSIM USA plans for the USA, you receive a summary of your order with a QR code included in it. You will also receive the QR code and instructions related to installing and activating your USA eSIM via mail.

You can scan this QR code and follow the guide to install and activate your eSIM card. For example, When you buy a Verizon eSIM, once the purchase is done, you will get a Verizon eSIM QR code to complete the activation.

Once your eSIM card is activated, you can enjoy your phone services like calling, texting, or surfing the internet.

Things To Know Before Ordering a Best Prepaid eSIM USA

Here are some important things to consider before ordering a Best Prepaid eSIM USA.

Check for an unlocked phone

eSIM cards only work on unlocked phones. So, when you want to buy an eSIM card, you must ensure that your phone is unlocked. If you can not determine whether your phone is unlocked, you can contact your mobile service provider to know your device’s locked or unlocked status.

Check your device compatibility

Your device must be compatible with eSIM to be able to use it. Hence, you must ensure your device supports eSIM technology before purchasing.

Update your software

You must ensure your device software is updated and your device has enough free storage space for the eSIM profile.

Carefully choose your provider

You must read reviews about specific eSIM card providers and plans before making a purchase. You should consider data allocation, validity, network speed, coverage, top-up methods, customer support, etc., of US eSIM providers.

Compare plans and prices

You should compare different eSIM plans from different providers for prices and benefits to get the most suitable plans based on your budget.

Best Prepaid eSIM USA – World Wire Recommendation

Best Prepaid eSIM USA - World Wire Recommendation

Every Best Prepaid eSIM USA has its own offerings and benefits. So, when it comes to the best-prepaid eSIM, it entirely depends on individual needs, budgets, and priorities.

If you are a budget-conscious user, Airalo would be best suited for you because it offers the most affordable plans starting at $4.5 for 1GB of data, valid for 7 days. Airalo is a Singapore-based eSIM provider that offers eSIM for many countries.

You can also consider Airhub or Keepgo Lite for budget-friendly plans.

If you are a frequent traveler, you can consider GlobalSIM or Nomad.

You can consider major carrier plans if you are ready to invest more. For example, T-Mobile Connect provides 2GB of data for $25 monthly, AT&T Prepaid provides 8GB of data for $40 monthly, and Verizon Prepaid offers 5GB of data for $50 monthly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep my phone number from home with a USA e-sim card?

Yes, you can keep your phone number from home when using a USA eSIM card. You can use your eSIM card simultaneously with your physical or another eSIM card from your home country. You do not need a dual-sim phone to use an e-sim card.

What happens when my prepaid eSIM plan expires?

When your prepaid eSIM plan expires, you can no longer use your services. You cannot even use the remaining unused data after the end of your validity period. If your eSIM is rechargeable, you can add a new data package to continue using the same eSIM services.

What is the cheapest e-sim card in the USA?

eSIM card from Airalo is considered the cheapest e-sim card for the USA. It has a plan starting at $4.5.

Can I make phone calls with a USA e-sim card?

Whether or not you can make phone calls with a USA e-SIM card depends on the type of USA eSIM card you purchase. A data-only eSIM offers only data services but not a calling or texting feature. On the other hand, there are also USA eSIM cards that include calling and texting.

Does a USA eSIM card come with a phone number?

Whether a USA eSIM card comes with a phone number depends on the type of eSIM card you purchase. eSIM, which allows calling and texting, comes with a phone number. Some data-only eSIM cards that do not support calling or texting features also come with a phone number. These e-sim cards can only receive calls or SMS but cannot make phone calls or send SMS.



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