eSIM USA Unlimited Data – Plans & Providers

eSIM USA Unlimited Data - Plans & Providers

Are you looking for an eSIM USA unlimited data plan and provider? If yes, this page is a perfect guide for you.

eSIM providers offer several plans with varying data limits. eSIM USA Unlimited Data plan offers unlimited data to help users stay connected and access the internet in the United States without worrying about data limits.

I travel a lot for my job all over the US, so I need good internet and unlimited data plan all the time. So, I looked up many eSIM providers online, checking their plans to see which was best.

I compared what they offered by visiting their website, like how much data I would get and how much it would cost. After checking a lot of them, I chose Holaflyy. It had just what I needed.

Setting it up on my phone was simple, and I didn’t need a regular SIM card. This was very useful as I went to different places for my work.

The internet was always strong, even in places far away, so I could do my job and talk to my team easily. Choosing Holafy improved my work trips by keeping me online everywhere I went.”

If you are a frequent traveler to the United States, and the data in your eSIM plan does not meet your demands, please read our post to learn about eSIM unlimited data plans and providers to enjoy 24*7 connectivity when you next visit the United States.

So, without further delay, let’s begin.

What Is An eSIM?

What Is An eSIM?

An eSIM is a digital version of a physical SIM card that allows you to activate a cellar plan without using a physical SIM.

eSIM is a virtual SIM card that is directly installed into the device.

Unlike physical SIMs that need to be inserted and removed, eSIMs cannot be physically inserted or removed from a device.

However, if you are wondering if eSIM is faster Than Physical SIM. Then, sadly, no. They both function the same.

How To Get eSIM USA Unlimited Data

How To Get eSIM USA Unlimited Data

You can purchase an eSIM USA Unlimited data plan from any eSIM provider. You can make your purchase both online and offline.

Here are the steps to do so.

Online purchase

  • Select the provider that offers an eSIM unlimited data plan.
  • Visit its website.

Place your order and purchase the plan.

Offline purchase

  • If you are looking for an eSIM unlimited data plan for everyday use within the United States, you can purchase the plan through the eSIM provider’s physical store.
  • Locate the nearest store of an eSIM provider (for example, T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T)
  • Once you get it, please visit the store.
  • Purchase the suitable eSIM unlimited data plan.

Top eSIM Providers Offering Unlimited Data in the USA

Top eSIM Providers Offering Unlimited Data in the USA

Here are the top best eSIM USA providers offering unlimited data.


Holafly eSIM provider offers various data plans ranging from 5GB to unlimited data, with validity periods from 5 days to 30 days. They offer reliable customer support and a user-friendly app for activation and management.


TravelSim offers a variety of data plans for travelers, including unlimited data options for 30 days at $69. They have good network coverage in major United States cities and tourist destinations.


Nomad provides unlimited data plans for 30 days at $49 or 7 days at $19 with rollover and hotspot functionality, making them a good option for longer trips.


T-Mobile is a major US carrier that offers an eSIM unlimited data plan called Magenta Max for $85 per month, including taxes and fees. It provides nationwide 4G/5G coverage with hotspot tethering for up to 40 devices.


Verizon provides an eSIM unlimited data plan called Play More Unlimited for $80 monthly, including taxes and fees. Once you activate Verizon eSIM, you will enjoy extensive 4G & 5G coverage, and Verizon allows hotspots for up to 15 devices.

You can also easily convert your existing Verizon physical SIM card to eSIM by contacting customer support.


Another major carrier, AT&T, offers an eSIM unlimited data plan called Unlimited Elite, which costs $85 monthly, including taxes and fees. It provides good 4G/ 5G coverage and allows hotspot tethering for up to 10 devices.

These are a few eSIM unlimited data plan providers for the USA. You can visit their official websites to get more details about their unlimited plans and choose the most suitable plan based on your priorities and budget.

Unlimited Data Plans For eSIMs In The USA

Since Holafly and T-Mobile eSIM providers are mostly used for unlimited data plans by travelers and domestic users, we can look at their unlimited plans in detail.


Holafly offers 8 different eSIM unlimited data plans for the USA, ranging from 5 to 90 days of usage.

Here is a detail of the plans

  • Data: Unlimited (4G/LTE speeds)
  • Tethering/Hotspot: Not available on any plan
  • Phone number: Not included
  • Activation: Automatic upon connecting to a cellular network
Days Price
5 $19
7 $25
10 $34
15 $42
20 $49
30 $69
60 $89
90 $99


T-Mobile is on the list of the best eSIM providers in the USA, offering the following eSIM unlimited data plans.

  • T-Mobile Prepaid Unlimited: This eSIM plan offers unlimited high-speed data and unlimited talk and text in the US. It includes limited data roaming up to 200MB, and features like conference calls may cost extra. The plan cost $50 per month.
  • T-Mobile Prepaid Unlimited Plus: This T-Mobile eSIM plan offers unlimited data, text, and talk, as well as additional features, such as hotspot data and international calling to specific countries. The plan costs $60 per month.

How To Choose The Right eSIM Plan For You

How To Choose The Right eSIM Plan For You

Choosing the right eSIM plan for you from several providers’ available options can be tough.

However, here are some tips to consider when selecting the right eSIM plan for you.

Assess your data usage and need

To choose the right eSIM, you should have a rough estimate of your data requirement to help you select a suitable eSIM plan based on your needs. It would be best to evaluate whether you want an eSIM only for data or for calling and texting.

Consider your trip duration

If you want an eSIM for your foreign trip, you should consider your trip duration to purchase the right eSIM. Many eSIM providers offer short-term to long-term plans as per your needs, and you can get eSIM plans even for a one-day stay.

Check for other features

You should consider other features of the eSIM plan, such as data location, price, speed, coverage, customer support, etc.

Compare Prices and Providers

You can compare the prices of various eSIM plans of different providers and read customers’ reviews to know their service quality. Make sure to find the Cheapest eSIM plan in USA with the unlimited data providers.

You can check for these aspects and choose the suitable eSIM plan based on your needs and budget,

Benefits Of Unlimited Data eSIM Plans in the USA


Unlimited data eSIM plans offer several benefits to the users. Here are some of the crucial benefits of unlimited data on eSIM.

  • With unlimited data, you don’t have to worry about exceeding data limits or extra data charges. You can stream, browse, or download without data restrictions.
  • Some unlimited data eSIM plans allow tethering or hotspot functionality, allowing you to share data with other devices.
  • Unlimited data eSIM plans can be more reasonable than paying roaming charges, especially for travelers or those who use a lot of data.
  • Most unlimited eSIM plans offer coverage across the United States and ensure you stay connected anywhere you visit.

Step-by-Step Guide To Activating Your eSIM

Step-by-Step Guide To Activating Your eSIM

Once you purchase your eSIM, you must activate it to use its services.

Here are the steps to activate your eSIM.

  • First, you must keep your eSIM activation details handy. This includes a QR code, activation code, or carrier app download link provided by your service provider.
  • Now, connect your device to a wi-fi network.
  • Open the “Settings” app on your device.
  • Look for the “Mobile data” or “Cellular section.”
  • Click “Add mobile data” or “Add cellular plan.”
  • Choose the eSIM option.
  • Select your activation method.
  • If you are provided a QR code, you must scan the QR code. For example, the Verizon eSIM QR code is sent to your email once you pay for the plan.
  • If you have received the activation code, you must manually enter the activation code.
  • If your provider has provided a link to the app, you must download the carrier’s app to activate your eSIM.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions that appear after you choose the activation method. Your eSIM should be activated within a few minutes.
  • Once you complete the eSIM activation, your phone will connect to the cellular network to use your carrier services.
  • You can contact your service provider for assistance if you face issues during the eSIM activation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get unlimited data with an eSIM in the USA?

Yes. You can get unlimited data with an eSIM in the USA. Several providers, such as Holafly, offer eSIM plans with unlimited data for heavy data users.

What is the price of eSIM in the USA?

The price of eSIM in the USA varies for different providers. It depends on many factors, such as data allowance, plan duration, or other features like hotspots or higher data speeds.

Are there any hidden fees with unlimited eSIM plans?

There can be hidden fees with unlimited eSIM plans based on different providers. For example, some providers might charge a one-time activation fee for your eSIM, ranging from $5 to $10. You must check for this in your overall plan cost.

Can I use my eSIM for calls and texts or just for data?

Whether you can use eSIM for calling or texting depends on the eSIM you purchase. You cannot call or text if you have data-only eSIM. However, you can use calling or texting if you purchase eSIM, which allows these features and data.

Does eSIM drain the battery of the device?

No, the eSIM does not drain the battery of your mobile device. To save battery, you can try deactivating data as it consumes battery in the background.


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