Latest News - USA - Blame Game Over Palghar lynching in Maharashtra

Blame Game Over Palghar lynching in Maharashtra

Blame Game Over Palghar

Blame Game Over Palghar: The video of the mouthing of the sadhus, which took place on April 16 in Gadchinchale village of Palghar, Maharashtra, went viral. At the same time, an attempt was also made to give this incident a communal color.

On Thursday night, three people were beaten to death by the mob, in which two sadhus were identified as 70-year-old Maharaj Kalpavrikshgiri, 35-year-old Sushil Giri Maharaj, and one of their drivers, Nilesh Telangana.

The Palghar police have arrested 110 people in this case, out of which nine people are minors. Two policemen have been suspended in the case. Many small parts of the video of this incident have gone viral. 

In which sadhus are crying in front of the crowd with folded hands, but the crowd, which has rods in their hands, attacks the sadhus. Police are also seen in these videos, who are not seen trying to save the sadhus.

Blame Game Over Palghar lynching in Maharashtra

Know about Gadchinchale village.

Blame Game Over Palghar
Blame Game Over Palghar

According to the 2011 census data, 248 families are living in Gadchinchale village, and the total population is 1208 people. Polanyi, an organization of the poll surveying Mumbai, has studied the population and social aspects of the town of Garhichinchale. According to this, there are 1198 tribal families in this village, and only one family belongs to a backward caste.

56% of the population is Kokna tribal community, 34% Worli community, 6% Katakari community and 4% Malhar caste. From the 2019 Lok Sabha election data of Poldari, it is evident that there is no habitation of the Muslim population in this village.

How a communal angle was given to the incident

Blame Game Over Palghar
Blame Game Over Palghar

On Sunday, a 45-second video of the incident was widely shared, and it was claimed that on the 43rd second of the video, the hysterical crowd was saying, “Maar Shoaib Maar”.

Many people like Sudarshan News editor Suresh Chavanke and filmmaker Ashok Pandit claimed that ‘Shoaib’ was being spoken in the video. According to the report of the fact-checking website Alt News, on the 43rd second, someone is shouting ‘Oye Bus, Oye Bus’ to the crowd who killed the sadhus, while some people on social media were saying ‘Mar Shoaib Maar’.

What happened that night?

Blame Game Over Palghar
Blame Game Over Palghar

On Monday, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray released his statement through video on this whole matter and clearly said that this is not a case of communal violence. In the village, a rumor spread that some people are taking away their kidneys by stealing children.

According to the CM, two sadhus were going to Surat to attend a funeral by car. Still, due to the lockdown, they were stopped at Silvassa in the Union Territory of Dadra Nagar Haveli.

Blame Game Over Palghar

It is situated on the border of Gujarat-Maharashtra. When they were coming back, the people of Gadchhinchale village stopped their car on suspicion of being a child thief on the way.

After this, the video of this terrible form of a mob is facing the country. All three people have died in this violence. But now the efforts to make this matter communal through various types of videos and claims are proving to be baseless.

The Maharashtra government has now handed over the investigation of the Palghar case to the CID of the state.

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