Brad Raffensperger – Bio, Age, Net Worth, Family

Brad Raffensperger - Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Family

Brad Raffensperger has been in the news since former President Donald Trump faced his fourth indictment for his attempts to influence the 2020 Presidential election results in Georgia.

Raffensperger is known for being a person whom Donald Trump placed a threatening call on January 2, 2021, to “find votes” in his favor to make the former President win the 2020 election in one of the strong battleground states, Georgia.

After Trump’s indictment, Raffensperger issued the statement, “The most basic principles of a strong democracy are accountability and respect for the Constitution and the rule of law. You either have it, or you don’t.”

Who is Brad Raffensperger? Let’s find out through our detailed post discussing Raffensperger’s biography, including his net worth, family, education, and more.

Brad Raffensperger Biography And Early Life

Brad Raffensperger
Date of birth May 18, 1955
Age 68 (as of 2023)
Nationality American
Height 5′ 8′ (172cm)
Weight 68 kg
Skin color White
Hair Color Black
Eye color Blue
Religion Christian

Brad Raffensperger is an American politician, businessman, and engineer serving as the 29th Secretary of State of Georgia. He
assumed office on January 14, 2019, and his term ends on January 11, 2027.

Raffensperger was born Bradford Jay Raffnesperger on May 18, 1955, in Johns Creek, Georgia, U.S. However, his parents’ details are unknown. He seems to be a person who does not disclose many details about his life and has not revealed much information about his early childhood.

Brad Raffensperger Career

Raffensperger entered politics when he was elected to the City Council in Johns Creek, Georgia. Three years later, he ran for the Georgia House of Representatives election, which he won. As a member of the Republican Party, Raffensperger served in the Georgia House of Representatives from 2015 to 2019.


In 2018, he ran for the Georgia Secretary of State election. He won the primary election on November 6, 2018, and then the general election on December 4, 2018. He was first elected in 2018 and became the 29th Secretary of State of Georgia.

Raffensperger was reelected as Georgia Secretary of State in the 2022 election by winning the Republican primary against Jody Hice and the general election against Democratic candidate Bee Nguyen.

Brad Raffensperger became famous after the 2020 Presidential election in which Trump lost to U.S. President Joe Biden in Georgia. In his efforts to change the election results in the State, Trump made a phone call to Raffensperger on January 2, 2021, to ask the Secretary of Georgia to help him in his false claim of election fraud and “find voters” to change the election results in Georgia in his favor. But Raffensperger refused to help Trump raise false claims of election fraud in the State.

As a Secretary of State, Raffensperger focused on modernizing the election system. He is the first Secretary of State to propose legislation requiring photo ID for all voting and the first to increase the number of polling places in the State’s counties.

Apart from his political career, Raffensperger had made his name as a renowned businessman. He is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO ) of Tendon Systems, LLC, a steel manufacturing firm for construction projects in Columbus, and Forsyth County, Georgia. Under

Raffensperger’s leadership, Tendon Systems, has become one of the Southeast’s most renowned contracting and engineering firms, with 159 employees and projects in around 40 states. He has also founded Trillium Structures, a structural design consulting firm.

Brad Raffensperger Wife

Brad-Raffensperger Wife
Brad-Raffensperger Wife

Brad Raffensperger’s wife is Tricia Raffensperger, whom he has married for forty-five years. However, their exact date of marriage is unknown. The couple serves as North Point Community Church members and have three sons together.

Despite being the wife of a famous personality, his wife stays away from the limelight.

Brad Raffensperger Net Worth

As of 2023, Raffensperger estimated net worth is $26.5 million. He has accumulated wealth from his private sector work and political career as a Georgia Secretary of State.

The average salary for the Secretary of State of Georgia is $86,177 yearly. Therefore, Raffenesperger must earn a salary in this range.

Brad Raffensperger Education

Concerning his education, Brad holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Western Ontario. He has earned a Master of Business Administration from Georgia State University.

Brad Raffensperger Family

Brad’s family consists of his four siblings, his wife, Tricia Raffenperger, and his three children.

According to the report, one of his sons Brenton Raffensperger died in 2018 due to a Fentanyl overdose. However, there is no information about his other two children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Brad Raffensperger?

Raffensperger is Georgia’s 29th Secretary of State.

What is Brad Raffensperger’s age?

Raffensperger is 68 years old.

Does Brad Raffensperger have children?

Yes. Raffensperger has three children. One of his sons, Brenton Raffensperger, died in 2018 because of Fentanyl overdose.

Who is Brad Raffensperger’s wife?

Tricia Raffenperger is the wife of Raffensperger.

What is Brad Raffensperger’s net worth?

Raffensperger has a net worth of $26.5 million.

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