Brandon Judd Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Family, Salary

Brandon Judd Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Family, Salary

This article covers everything about Brandon Judd Wikipedia, bio, age, family, salary, and more.

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Brandon Judd Wikipedia

Brandon Judd Wikipedia
Brandon Judd Wikipedia

Brandon Judd is the president of the National Border Patrol Council and has served the NBPC since 2013. He has done several outstanding works in his 22 years of service.

He dedicates his focus to guarding America’s borders and ensuring that all rank-and-file Border Patrol agents have their needs fulfilled. He has appeared before the U.S. Congress as an expert witness on border security.

Mr. Judd has joined President Trump in roundtable discussions and news briefings before and after the election. He generally talks about how to secure the border.

In addition to USA Today, The Hill, Real Clear Politics, The Washington Times, and Fox News National, Mr. Judd has written several op-eds on border security.

Brandon Judd Family

Information about Brandon Judd’s family has not been founded yet, as Mr. Judd keeps his life mostly private. However, we will update them once we get information about him.

What is NBPC?

Brandon Judd NBPC
Brandon Judd NBPC

The National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) is the only organization authorized to speak on behalf of the 18,000 Border Patrol agents and support staff employed by the U.S. Border Patrol. The Department of Homeland Security oversees the United States Border Patrol.

Eleven people who work for the U.S. Border Patrol have made up the NBPC executive committee. Delegates elect all committee members to their respective roles.

Executive committee members devote a large portion of their time to the NBPC’s administrative needs. The PORAC Legal Defense Fund proudly provides legal defense for the NBPC and other members.

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