Burgess Owens – Bio, net Worth, family and number

Burgess Owens - Bio, net Worth, family and number

Clarence Burgess Owens has been the U.S. congressman for Utah’s 4th congressional district since 2021. He is a politician, nonprofit executive, and former professional football player. He played safety for the Oakland Raiders and the New York Jets for ten seasons, including a title in the 1980’s Super Bowl XV with the Raiders. 

Since leaving the NFL, Owens has established a number of companies and serves as the CEO of a charity that aids troubled and jailed youngsters. In the 2020 election, Republican Owens beat Democrat Ben McAdams, who was the incumbent. One of two black Republicans in the House of Representatives, along with Byron Donalds, is Owens.

Burgess Owens Early Life and Education

Burgess Owens

 In addition to being one of only two black Republicans in the House, Owens is well-known for having been born in Columbus, Ohio, before migrating to Tallahassee, Texas, with his family. He has a lengthy background in each state. Owen’s father was born in Texas but later went to Ohio to finish graduate studies that Jim Crow laws prevented him from finishing in Texas. When the family relocated to Tallahassee, Florida, where Owens’ father worked as a professor at a university. Owens grew up in a Baptist household. 

 In 1969, Owens earned a diploma from Rickards High School in Tallahassee, Florida. He was among four African-American football players at a previously white high school who were integrated. Owens was the third black student to be awarded a scholarship out of the four black athletes that were recruited to compete for the University of Miami. First-Team All-American defensive back, North-South All-Star Game Most Valuable Defensive Player, and Coaches All-American Game MVP were all awards given to him. 

 In 1999, he received the Orange Bowl “Ring of Honor” after being inducted into the University of Miami Sports Hall of Fame in 1980.

 Owens graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry.

University of Miami

 In the first round of the 1973 NFL Draft, the New York Jets picked Owens as the 13th overall choice. In his first season, he beat the Denver Broncos by returning a kickoff 82 yards for a score. During the 1970s, the Jets only had one kickoff return touchdown. He played on the Raiders’ 1980 Super Bowl XV victory squad and was a regular starter with the Jets over most of the 1970s.

 Owens after Football

Owens relocated to New York City soon after quitting professional football, where he co-founded a company with his brother. The company sold equipment that assisted other firms in managing their spending. The Redwood tree, which is the largest tree in the world, is what Owens and his brother expected their business to develop like. However, the firm failed, and Owens soon filed for bankruptcy. 

Burgess Owens football career

 Following the demise of his business and his lack of drive and funds, Owens moved to a modest apartment in Brooklyn and started working as a security guard and chimney sweep. Later, he relocated to Philadelphia and started working in sales for WordPerfect. Later in life, he worked as an account executive for Motorola and Sprint. From 2009 to 2013, he also ran a company named Pure and Simple Solutions.

 He now serves as the CEO, founder, and board member of Second Chance 4 Youth, a 2019 nonprofit organization devoted to assisting problematic and jailed youth. Owens has frequently appeared as a guest commentator on Fox News.

Owens Political Positions

When he left the NFL, according to Owens, his political views were liberal. He declared his current beliefs as “extremely conservative” during his 2020 Republican primary campaign. Owens spoke against a measure that called for reparations for slavery in June 2019 before a subcommittee of the US House Committee on the Judiciary. 

Burgess Owens

 Colin Kaepernick and American national anthem demonstrations have both drawn his ire. Owens referred to Donald Trump as “an advocate for black Americans” in November 2019. He voted against Pennsylvania’s electoral votes going to President-elect Biden on January 6, 2021.

Owens stated that tax reduction and the easing of corporate rules were the country’s main economic priorities during a candidate forum in October 2020. He also expressed his disapproval of raising the minimum wage.

 Burgess Owens’s net worth

About $35 million is the estimated net worth of Owens. This sum has accumulated as a result of his prominent positions in politics and sports.

 Burgess Owens’s phone number

There are two phone numbers for two of Owens’ offices. The first office is located at 1039 Longworth House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515, and the phone number for it is (202) 225-3011.

 Burgess Owens wife

Owens’ wife was Josie Owens. They married in 1978 and had six children. They later divorced in 2015.

 Burgess Owens daughter

On April 29, 1989, Candace Amber Owens Farmer was born. She is a prominent American conservative author, political analyst, talk show presenter, and activist. In addition to her criticism of Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Party, Owens later gained recognition for her pro-Trump activism as a black woman after beginning by criticizing US President Donald Trump and the Republican Party. She has argued several times that the impacts of white nationalism and white supremacy are overblown, particularly in light of other problems that Black Americans face. 

Candace Owens
Candace Owens

Owens got engaged to George Farmer, an Englishman and former chairman of Turning Point UK, in early 2019, three weeks after they first met. She and Farmer exchanged vows at the Trump Winery in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 31, 2019. A boy was born to Owens in January 2021. By July 2022, she will be expecting her second child.

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 Burgess Owens family

Not much is known about the rest of their family, only that they have six children.

Burgess Owens’s election results

Owens declared his intention to run for Utah’s 4th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives in November 2019. In the Republican primary, there were four candidates, including him.

Burgess Owens

 On June 30, Owens defeated Utah State Representative Kim Coleman by 20 points and won the primary with 43% of the vote. He also overcame rivals Jay McFarland, a radio personality for KSL, and Trent Christensen, a businessman. At the 2020 Republican National Convention, Owens spoke.

In the main election, Owens ran against Ben McAdams, a Democratic incumbent. President Donald Trump and Utah U.S. Senator Mike Lee congratulated Owens on winning the race on November 14, eleven days after the election and with 99 percent of precincts reporting, based on Breitbart News’ prediction that Owens would win. McAdams later conceded, and Owens won.

 Burgess Owens religion

 Owens has spoken about his beliefs in public and is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. During his final campaign with the Oakland Raiders, he became a member of the Church.

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