Catherine Engelbrecht family

Catherine Engelbrecht family

A Texas native, wife, mother, business owner, and all-time supporter of common sense is the identity of Catherine Engelbrecht. When the government began practicing acts that directly opposed American values of individual freedom and economic independence in the year 2008, her incredible and unstoppable journey as an activist officially began at that time. Here, we present information about Catherine Engelbrecht family.


After the continuous action of the government against American values of individual freedom and economic independence, she came to the conclusion that she needed to take action to protect not just her children but also her old parents, her business, and her church too. She took a leap of faith and left the family business to work for everyone who had ever believed in the eminence of America and the Judo-Christian ethic upon which it was based.


She could be successful in this with the support of her family. Post this incident, in 2009; she founded True the Vote. It’s a citizen-led initiative to restore trust and unity in the political process. Truth the Votes focuses on organizing, educating, and training voters as well as promoting comprehensive election rule reform legislation. It also looks into the accuracy of voter registries. It is currently running successfully in 30 states.


CPAC honored Catherine and True the Vote for the unbelievable work that they made possible with their hard work in 2011 by presenting them with the Ronald Reagan Freedom Award. Catherine’s ongoing assiduity and determination for the common subject listed her in Politico’s “50 to Watch” list. Only 50 up-and-coming individuals who lit up the national political arena were given this honor.

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Catherine Engelbrecht- Family

Catherine Engelbrecht established and serves as the executive director of King Street Patriots and True the Vote. Besides, Catherine founded the high-precision oilfield machine business with her husband in 1994, and she currently holds the position of its president. Prior to 2008, she was too busy to participate actively in politics. A notable “Life activist,” Catherine is also a mother, a wife, the founder and board member of her church, a PTO official at her children’s school, a city volunteer, and the owner of a business.

Catherine Engelbrecht family
Catherine Engelbrecht family


Like others, she also believed that politicians are the best when it comes to serving the best for the public, but after the continuous action of the government, she decided to stand against after observations of the government and politicians during the 2008 presidential race that forced her to stand in blatant opposition to the American ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Before making the decision to take action in support of the beliefs and ideals of the American people, Catherine carefully examined every angle.

Catherine Engelbrecht- Career

Catherine’s family was the backbone of her when she decided to start her journey as a journalist and filled with the motivation of everyone who had ever believed in America’s greatness and legitimacy of the Judo-Christian foundation on which it was established.

Catherine Engelbrecht

When the government started pursuing policies that were completely against American values of individual freedom, Catherine came to the conclusion that she had to use all her ways to preserve her family. Catherine has not opened up much about her family, but we will update the article as new information comes in.

Contact Information, Email & Social Media

If you want to contact Catherine Engelbrecht or want to share any of your problems, then you can easily do so via the contact and email address mentioned below.

Contact number: 832 444 7701
Email: www. or [email protected]

There isn’t a lot of information regarding Catherine Engelbrecht’s social media. The article will be updated as soon as we find out more.

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