Catherine Engelbrecht husband

Catherine Engelbrecht husband

Catherine Engelbrecht is a lifelong supporter of common sense, a wife, mother, business owner, and a resident of Texas. Her journey as an activist began in the year 2008 when the government started pursuing acts that directly opposed American values of individual liberty and economic independence. She understood that she needed to take action to protect not just her elderly parents but also her children, her business, and her church too. Here, we present information about Catherine Engelbrecht’s husband, Bryan Engelbrecht, whom she married on 24th September 1994. They later got divorced.


Catherine got support from her family and decided to take a leap of faith; she left her family business to work for everyone who had ever believed in the greatness of America and the judo- Christian principles on which it was based. Catherine founded True the Vote in 2009 with the motive to regain trust and respect in the process of voting. True the Vote put a strong emphasis on organizing, teaching, and training voters as well as advancing the whole election reform legislation. She is successfully leading this in 30 countries right now.


CPAC awarded Catherine and True the Vote with the Ronald Reagen Freedom Award in recognition of their fabulous work in 2011. Catherine was included in the list of Politico’s “50 to Watch” due to her dedication to the welfare of the people. She was one of the 50 new and rising talents who received this award.

Catherine Engelbrecht Husband and Family

Catherine Engelbrecht plays the role of a mother, and company owner. Catherine Engelbrecht’s husband (now ex-husband), Bryan Engelbrecht, and family served as primary supporters of encouragement during her journey as a journalist and served as an inspiration to anyone who had ever believed in the greatness of America and the credibility of the Judo-Christian foundation on which it was built.

Catherine Engelbrecht husband family

Catherine came to the conclusion that she had to protect her family by all means when the government began pursuing actions that straightly differed from American values of individual freedom. Not much is known regarding her marriage, parents, and kids. We will update the article as we get any information.

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Catherine Engelbrecht Career

King Street Patriots and True the Vote were founded and led by Catherine Engelbrecht. In addition, Catherine and her husband founded the high-precision oilfield machine shop in 1994 and currently serving as its president. She didn’t involve herself much in politics before 2008. Catherine is also famous as a “Life activist.” Besides being a mother, she is a wife, founder, and board member of her church, an officer of the PTO at her children’s school, city representative, and owner of a business. Catherine was unable to pay attention to any of these responsibilities at that time.

 Engelbrecht career

Like others, she also believed that politicians could be trusted to serve the best interest of the people of America. She stood in stark opposition to the American ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as a result of what she observed about the government and politicians as well during the presidential election of 2008. Catherine scrutinized every corner before deciding to take action in support of the values and ideologies of the American people.

True the Vote

A conservative vote-monitoring group is what True the Vote is. It is situated in Houston, Texas. Its primary goal is to prevent election fraud. The organization advocates for voter identification laws and trains volunteers to observe elections and spot fake voter registrations, which they strongly feel infringe on the right to vote. Catherine Engelbrecht is currently the head of the department. Since it showed its support for the invalidate conspiracy theories that Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election was the result of fraud, True the Vote has gained tremendous growth in popularity.

True the vote

The organization itself served as the primary source for the fabrication of Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules. After the election, it continuously asserted that it had strong proof of widespread election fraud and had asked for millions of dollars but didn’t release evidence to date. The organization itself served as the primary source for the fabrication of Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules. Speakers, including Engelbrecht, have been endorsed by independent groups such as Americans for prosperity along with other groups. Ryan J. Reilly condemned True the Vote for involving in “caging” voter suppression, voter intimidation, and false claims about the incidence of election fraud made in October 2010.

Catherine Engelbrecht- Contact Information, Email & Social Media

You can contact Catherine Engelbrecht via the contact mentioned below.

Contact number: 832 444 7701
Email: www. Truethevote.org or [email protected]

There isn’t a lot of information regarding her social media. We’ll update the article as soon as we find out more about it.

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