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Charities That Help with Car Repairs

Charities That Help with Car Repairs

Are you searching for charities that help with car repairs? If yes, you have stumbled upon the perfect page.

Car repairs can be expensive for many low-income families living on a fixed monthly budget. However, many charities and non-governmental organizations help these people reduce their financial burden by providing them with car repair assistance.

A few weeks ago, my car broke down unexpectedly, and I was faced with a significant repair bill that I couldn’t afford. It felt like a huge obstacle in my life. But then, I found out about these amazing charities that specialize in helping people in situations like mine.

I want to share my personal experience with you. It was a time filled with worry and uncertainty. My car was not just a means of transportation; it was my way to work, to take care of my family, and to maintain my daily routines.

When it stopped working, it felt like my world had come to a standstill. Reaching out to these charities was a lifeline.

The process was surprisingly straightforward, and the people I spoke with were incredibly understanding and kind. They listened to my situation and genuinely cared about helping.

The day my car was fixed, thanks to their assistance, was a moment of relief and gratitude I’ll never forget.

With this article, let me tell you how you reach out and apply for Charities That Help with Car Repairs.

So, without further delay, let’s begin.

What Is Charity Car Repair Assistance?

What Is Charity Car Repair Assistance?

Charity car repair assistance is provided by charities and non-profit organizations to help low-income families afford car repairs.

The car repair assistance ensures needy people have reliable transportation for essential activities like work, school, healthcare, etc.

What Types Of Car Repairs Do These Charities Cover?

The type of car repairs covered varies based on different charities. Here are common repairs that you can get from the car repair cavities.

  • Routine maintenance – Oil changes, tire rotations, brake checks, filter replacements, battery checks, and replacements.
  • Safety repairs – Brake repairs, steering repairs, airbag system checks, lighting repairs, and horn repairs.
  • Essential repairs – Engine repairs, transmission repairs (depending on severity), exhaust system repairs, cooling system repairs.

While charities can provide the basic repairs, only some can cover expensive repairs, including paint jobs, dent removal, interior repairs, performance modifications, sound systems, Engine rebuilds, complete transmission replacements, etc.

Charities That Help With Car Repairs – Top 5

Charities That Help With Car Repairs - Top 5

Many charities offer free household items for low-income Families, along with car repairs. Some offer services locally, some serve statewide, while others provide national service.

Here are some top charities that help with car repairs.

Wrench It Forward

Wrench It Forward is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Lubbock, Texas. It was established in June 2018. Since then, it has focused on providing car repair services to low-income individuals, families, students, senior citizens, and veterans in Lubbock and surrounding locations.

Good News Garage

Hood News Garage is a charity organization established in 1996 by Hal Colston in Burlington, Vermont, to assist low-income families in New England and Eastern New York. It offers free car repair services to people struggling financially.

Vehicles for Change

Vehicles for Change is a non-profit organization in Halethorpe, Maryland, that repairs and provides donated cars to low-income families for employment.

Working Cars for Working Families

Working Cars for Working Families is a charitable organization that provides transportation services, including car repair, to low-income individuals and families.

Autocare Haven

Autocare Haven is a non-profit organization that provides car repair assistance for veterans, senior citizens, single parents, and low-income families in Dallas, Texas.

These are a few charities that help with car repair assistance. You can find if any offers services in your region and apply to their program. If you have no clue how to find a charity, please visit the new section.

How Do I Find Charities That Help With Car Repairs Near Me

Charities That Help with Car Repairs Near Me

If you need car repair assistance, you can check your local church or community center to see if they offer any assistance program for free or low-cost car repair.

You can search online for charities offering car repair assistance. You can also visit your local social service department or welfare center to learn about any program in your area that offers free car repairs.

Apart from that, You can also ask nearby mechanic shops or garages for low-cost assistance. Some charities partner with mechanic shops to offer low-income people free or discounted car repair services.

Government Assistance Programs For Car Repair Assistance

While the federal government does not offer direct assistance programs for car repair, some state governments offer vehicle repair assistance to eligible low-income families.

Here are some government assistance for car repair.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families TANF is a federal government program that offers financial assistance to low-income families. It does not cover car repairs.

However, some states may provide transportation assistance for car repair under TANF if the vehicle is used for work, education, or childcare.

State government program

Many states run their program to help low-income people with car repair costs. You can search for such programs in your state and apply for car repair assistance.

Churches And Non-Profit Organization That Help with Car Repair

Besides Charities That Help with Car Repairs, many churches and non-profit organizations also help with car repair costs through their program. Here are a few of them.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a non-profit organization that offers a program, ‘Car Care Clinic,’ which offers free car repairs for people who cannot pay for such services. They work in most parts of the United States to help people afford the car repair costs.

In addition the organization also offers free gas cards to low-income so that they can get more opportunities in life.

St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul is a charitable organization in Nashville, Tennessee, that offers a Vehicle Repair Assistance Program to help low-income people bear the cost of car repairs.

Faith Community Church

Faith Community Church has a car repair ministry, Project Helping Hand, which provides free car repair services to needy people in San Antonio, Texas.

The Faith Community Church offer help to homeless people by providing them food, housing etc.

Lutheran Social Services

Lutheran Social Services offers car repair services through its Wheels to Work program.

Along with vehicle repair, the program helps low-income individuals find jobs with public transportation access.

The Lift Garage

The Lift Garage is a non-profit organization that provides low-cost car repair assistance to low-income people in Minnesota.

Catholic Charities

Catholic Churches offer housing for low-income, nutrition, or other services to low-income people. It also offers car repair assistance to single mothers with children.

These are some churches that help with car repair. You can search for their services in your region and apply if needed.

Charities That Help With Car Repairs-World-wire

Charities That Help With Car Repairs-World-wire

How To Apply For Car Repair Assistance

Applying to Charities That Help with Car Repairs is straightforward and includes the following steps.

Search for charity

First, you must find out about your region’s charity or non-profit organization offering car repair assistance.

Contact the charity

Once you find out about the charity that helps with car repair costs, please contact the organization to inquire about their eligibility, documentation, and application process.

Check your eligibility

Since every charity and organization has its eligibility criteria, you must check whether you qualify as per the requirements of the organization you are applying to.

Gather documentation

If you are eligible, you must collect the essential documents to prove your eligibility for car repair assistance.

Apply for car repair assistance

Lastly, you must complete and submit the application form with the required eligibility documents. Some charities may offer an online application, while others may require you to apply online in person.

The organization will review your application. If they approve your application, they will fix a schedule for your car repair.

Eligibility for Charities That Help with Car Repairs


Eligibility to get charities That Help with Car Repairs depends on different charities and organizations offering it.

Here are some eligibility criteria that charities can consider.

Income level

Most organizations provide car repair assistance to low-income people who meet the income threshold below a certain level.


Some charities may operate locally and offer car repair distance to citizens of a particular city or state.


Some charities assist people with disabilities who depend on their cars for transportation.

Employment status

Charities may provide car repair assistance to people who are employed or searching for a job to support themselves financially.

Vehicle condition

Charities or organizations may have special vehicle conditions for which they will offer free assistance.

As eligibility requirements depend entirely on charities that help with car repair, contacting the organization directly is best to inquire about it.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Assistance Once I Apply?

The time taken to receive car repair assistance from a charity varies for different charities. Once you have applied, it may take a few days to up to a few weeks to get free car repair assistance based on your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I receive assistance if I need a vehicle for job training or educational purposes?

Yes. You can receive charity assistance if you need a vehicle for job training or educational purposes.

What is emergency car repair assistance?

Emergency car repair assistance is immediate help when your car breaks down suddenly and poses an immediate safety risk.

Is there assistance available for single parents or veterans?

Yes. Many charities and organizations offer help with car repairs for single parents and veterans. For example, Catholic churches, Autocare Haven, etc.

How do I find car repair assistance programs in my area?

You can find Charities That Help with Car Repairs in your area by searching online. You can visit any mechanic shop to know whether any charity offers free car repair with their partnership or you can visit your local churches or community center to learn about the same.

What should I do if there are no car repair assistance programs in my area?

If you do not find any car repair assistance program, you can contact your local community center, religious organizations, or social service agencies to help you with car repair costs. You can even request your local mechanics for a discount.

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