Claire Hogle Net Worth – How Much Is Young Golfer Worth

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Claire Hogle Net Worth 2022

Claire Hogle Net Worth - How Much Is Young Golfer Worth?
Claire Hogle Net Worth – How Much Is Young Golfer Worth?

Claire Hogle is famous in social media and is known for her YouTube content. Claire is a professional golfer who creates amazing videos and shares them on her YouTube channel. She is an all-rounder, as she is also good in her academics.

Claire has received many awards for her academics and also for her athletics. Claire is only 23 years and has achieved a lot of fame and is an inspiration to young girls. Claire Hogle net worth in 2022 is estimated at around $100k.

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Claire Hogle Wiki and Biography

Claire Hogle Wiki and Biography
Claire Hogle Wiki and Biography

Claire is a 23-year-old YouTube star and a content creator. She is a golf player.

Her father is Glenn Hogle, a politician, and Democratic party supporter. She was born and brought up in a Christian family. Her mother’s name is Sherri Romo. She is a business owner and a homemaker. Claire has a brother named Weston Hogle, who is an entrepreneur.

Claire was born on 03 September 1999 in San Diego, California, United States. She completed her schooling at Rancho Bernado high school and is currently focused on playing golf. She has also played for the University’s San Marcos team and also studies there.

Claire was very young when she started playing golf. Her father, Glenn, who is a sportsperson, taught her golf. Claire started playing in golf competitions at a very young age, and now, she has become one of the most famous golf players in the United States of America.

Claire wrote on social media, “I love the game golf every day because every day, every round, every shot challenges you to show up as a player and person you want to become. There are days when I am not up to the challenge, and it shows on the scorecard and in my attitude. But other days, I am able to show up with intention, optimism, and patience, and from these moments and learning, there is still much more juice to be squeezed out of this crazy game and out of life. When we have courage and discipline to show our best selves and rise to each and every opportunity.”

She has a lot of followers on Tiktok and Instagram and also a huge fanbase on YouTube. Claire shares a lot of golf videos on her YouTube channel with her fans. Her most viral videos on YouTube are “Match play with Miss Canada” and “2 V 2 Scramble with Course Record Holder‘. Claire’s fans call her the “Next Paige Spiranac.”

She has played in multiple competitions like VLC, CCAA Championship, and the Cal Baptist Lancer Golf Joust. She has been awarded the CCAA Freshman of the Year Award in 2018 and the CCAA Golfer of the Week Award in 2019, and numerous awards for her work.

Clair Hogle – What’s she doing now?


Currently, she focuses on playing golf and shares tips and tricks for playing golf. She also shares her golf experiences through videos on her YouTube channel.

She gets many sponsorships from different brands for promotion and earns a good amount from there.

Claire shares her amazing videos on YouTube twice a week and shares reels and Tiktok videos every alternate day. Claire is a brand ambassador for Blue Tees Golf and Rhoback Crave Activity, and Goatlane. Both companies sell golf products that are budget-friendly and high-quality.


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