Corona World LIVE: 1974 new cases in Pakistan, infectious figures cross 42000

Corona World LIVE

Corona World LIVE: The world is continuously reeling from the havoc of the global pandemic Corona. The death toll from this virus has crossed three lakh 16 thousand, and the number of infected has crossed 48 lakh. 

While more than 18 lakh 58 thousand people have knocked Corona, the number of dead in the most affected country in the world has crossed 90 thousand, and more than 15 lakh 27 thousand people are infected. 

Corona World LIVE: 1974 new cases in Pakistan, infectious figures cross 42000

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Corona World LIVE

Corona World LIVE
  • Corona underscores the crucial role of the UN: Turkey’s ambassador
  • The senior Turkish ambassador said that the global epidemic of the Coronavirus underscored the critical role of the United Nations and its agencies and further reinforced the importance of effective multilateralism.
  • Turkish Ambassador Volkan Bozkir said this in an online discussion with member countries of the United Nations on Friday.
  • Booking is the only candidate for President of the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly that begins in September and is almost certain to be elected.
  • During this time, he also outlined his priorities for the President of the world’s premier multilateral forum.
  • He said that the epidemic spread during the 75th year of the formation of the United Nations. 
  • This further reinforces the importance of effective multilateralism, particularly of the United Nations and its agencies.

In Pakistan, 1,974 more people were confirmed infected with the Coronavirus on Monday, following which COVID-19 cases in the country have crossed 42,000.

Corona World LIVE
Corona World LIVE
  • At the same time, after about 30 more deaths, the death toll has also reached 903.
  • The Health Ministry said that out of 42,125 cases, Sindh had the highest number of 16,377 cases. 
  • Subsequently, there are 15,346 in Punjab, 6,661 in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, 2,692 in Balochistan, 947 in Islamabad, 540 in Gilgit-Baltistan and 112 instances in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.
  • According to the ministry, after 1,974 new cases of infection were reported, the country’s total infection cases reached 42,125, while 11,922 people have fully recovered.
  • 25 new cases in China, the highest number of untreated infections in Wuhan
  • Twenty-five new cases of coronavirus infection have been reported in China Health officials said on Monday, 14 of these are in Wuhan, in which patients have not shown signs of infection.
  • The first cases of coronavirus infection started coming from Wuhan itself. 
  • Now 11 million citizens of Coronavirus are being investigated.
  • However, no new cases of death from this infection have been reported in China, and the death toll remains at 4,634.

US foreign minister accuses China of allowing travel.

Corona World LIVE
Corona World LIVE
  • US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has alleged that the Chinese government, despite knowing that there is a severe risk of spreading the coronavirus infection
  • Allowed his people to travel outside the country.
  • He also said that President Donald Trump would decide on a future strategy to punish China.
  • Trump had said the day before that he did not want to talk to his Chinese counterpart yet. Only then came Pompeo’s statement.

South Africa: 1160 new cases a day

Corona World LIVE
Corona World LIVE

The Health Department of South Africa has informed that 1160 new cases of Corona have been reported in the country on Sunday. 

This is by far the most significant number of situations encountered in a day. 

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