Darren Bailey – Net Worth, Bio, Age,Wiki, Wife and Voting Records

Darren Bailey - Bio, Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Wife and Voting Records

Darren Bailey, a farmer, family man, and fellow Illinoisan, has strong conservative roots. The conservative principles of perseverance, individual freedom, and civic duty are deeply ingrained in Darren. He is aware of the daily threats posed by large governments and powerful career politicians to these priceless liberties.


On March 17, 1966, Baily was born in Louisville, Illinois. He graduated from North Clay High School and went on to Lake Land College to obtain an Associate of Science in Agricultural Production. The tenets of faith, family, and farming have always guided him and his wife Cindy’s lives. They established Full Armor Christian Academy in 2016, a preschool through grade 12 institution that allows parents the choice of a Christ-centered education for their children, in addition to managing the family farm. Darren spent 17 years on the North Clay Unit 25 Board of Education in Louisville, including 12 years as President of the Board, devoting many hours to enhancing education in Illinois.


Darren was chosen to serve in politics in 2018 and won a seat in the 109th district of the Illinois House of Representatives. There, he campaigned against tax increases, wasteful expenditure, and laws establishing sanctuary states. As the senior Republican on the Senate Agriculture Committee and the current 55th district representative in the Illinois State Senate, Darren has spent his whole life working in agriculture. As a State Senator, Darren rejects receiving a legislative pension and places a high priority on tax relief for struggling Illinoisans.


Darren Bailey declares victory in Illinois GOP gubernatorial race

Darren Bailey declares victory in Illinois GOP gubernatorial race

Darren has consistently been a vocal supporter of his hometown’s agricultural heritage. He belongs to the Louisville Rotary Club, the Illinois Independent Business Federation, the Fellowship of Christian Farmers, the National and State Corn Growers Association, and the Illinois Wheat Association. Darren is a graduate of Future Farmers of America and a lifetime member of the Farm Bureau. Darren loves the outdoors and is an active member of the Illinois State Rifle Association. He strongly supports the Second Amendment.

DARREN BaileyDarren and his wife established a Christian preschool through grade 12 school in southern Illinois, and he is aware of the value of having access to a good education. Darren is familiar with the difficulties Illinois’s public schools confront because he spent 17 years—12 of them as board president—on the North Clay Unit 25 Board of Education. He is presently working to solve the state’s budget shortfalls for education as a member of the Education Committee in the Illinois State Senate. He would promote sensible education changes that prioritize our kids as governor.

Darren Bailey Personal Life

Darren and Cindy, his wife of 35 years, reside on Bailey Family Farm, which is close to Louisville. They are the proud grandparents of eleven grandkids, in addition to the parents of four children who are married. Cindy and Darren are members of Effingham’s Crossroads Church.

Darren personal life

Darren is a proud third-generation farmer who was born and raised in Louisville. Darren gained an early understanding of what it means to toil hard and earn an honest income while growing up on the Bailey Family Farm. Bailey Family Farm is currently owned and run by Darren and his kids. He continues one of America’s oldest professions by cultivating corn, wheat, and soybeans.

Darren Bailey Political Career

Bailey defeated David Reis in the 2018 Republican primary, giving Liberty Principles PAC-backed candidates a rare win. Bailey went on to defeat Cynthia Given, a candidate for the Democratic Party of Richland County, by a margin of 76.14 percent to 23.86 percent.

Drren bailey

The entire counties of Edwards, Jasper, Richland, Wabash, Wayne, and White, as well as a portion of Effingham and Lawrence, were all included in the 109th district at the time, which was situated in the Illinois Wabash Valley. Bailey declared his intention to compete for the Illinois Senate seat being vacated by Dale Righter on July 8, 2019.

A lawsuit against Governor J. B. Pritzker

Bailey filed a lawsuit against Governor J. B. Pritzker in April 2020, alleging that Clay County citizens were being adversely affected by the governor’s prolongation of the stay-at-home order to combat the COVID-19 epidemic. Although it only applied to Bailey, a judge granted a temporary restraining order against the stay-at-home directive.

Pritzker announced that he would challenge the ruling and called Bailey’s case a cheap political gimmick.” Bailey was expelled from the Illinois House on May 20, 2020, by a vote of 81–27 because he refused to wear a mask. The next day, as per the rules, Bailey showed up at the House donning a face mask.

Bailey’s Campaign

Darrren Bailey

Bailey declared his campaign for governor of Illinois in the 2022 general election on February 22, 2021. On December 13, 2021, Bailey declared that former WLS-AM 890 talk show personality Stephanie Trussell would be his running companion for lieutenant governor. 

A Member of Committees

The committees that Bailey currently sits on are Agriculture (Minority Spokesperson); Education; Energy and Public Utilities; Health; Higher Education; Labor; Subcommittee on Public Health; App- Agriculture, Envir. & Energy; App- Higher Education; App- Human Services; App- Personnel and Procurement; Redistricting- E Central & SE IL.

Pro-Life Supporter

abortionDarren is a devout man who will always speak up in favor of the rights of the unborn. As a state representative who supports the sanctity of life, Darren opposed Illinois’s drastic overhaul and expansion of abortion access. Darren is against government sponsorship of abortions. He will continue to protect innocent life as governor.

Prominent Supporter of Gun Rights

Darren is a fervent defender of the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear guns under the law. Darren abstained from voting for comprehensive gun control legislation in the Illinois State Senate. Darren is an Illinois gun rights activist who thinks that educating individuals who oppose gun rights is essential.

Bailey support of gun

He is a proud member of the National Rifle Association, the Illinois State Rifle Association, and Guns Save Life and is an ardent outdoorsman himself. He will maintain his support for the Second Amendment as governor.



Darren is adamant about being frugal and understands the value of each dollar. Raising taxes is not a solution for a state that has some of the highest tax loads in the whole country because it punishes hardworking Illinois households. Darren has campaigned in the state legislature against tax increases and wasteful expenditures while promoting more business-friendly regulations. He will try to cut income and property taxes as governor.

A Strong opponent of Government Perks

Darren Bailey advocates for average citizens rather than the political establishment. He rejects state pension benefits as a legislator and thinks that rewards for elected politicians merely worsen the problem of wasteful spending.

Darren bailey

To stop career politicians from pushing their personal agendas rather than what is best for Illinois, Darren fervently supports and campaigns for term limits. As governor, he will support openness and make sure that strong government overreach is protected.

Darren Bailey Endorsed by Trump

On Saturday, Donald Trump endorsed Darren Bailey, a state senator from Illinois, in the GOP primary to be the party’s nominee for governor. According to polls, Bailey is expected to win. At a rally in Mendon, Illinois, Trump said of Democratic Governor J.B. Pritzker, a frequent foe of the former president and his Make America Great Again organization, “Darren is just the man to take on and defeat one of the worst governors in America.” Tuesday is the primary election day in Illinois.

trump bailey

Trump’s endorsements have been successful more frequently than not during this primary season, but his backing for candidates for governor has had somewhat conflicting effects. The Republican primaries in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Nevada were won by Trump’s top picks. Georgia and Idaho were losses for them. According to polls, Trump appears to have a good chance of winning in Illinois.

Darren Bailey’s Chances of Winning GOP Primary

According to recent polls, Bailey is far ahead of his rivals for the Republican nomination. The state senator currently has a lead of almost 16.5 points over his nearest GOP competitor, according to the Real Clear Politics average of recent surveys in Illinois. Approximately 35% of prospective Illinois GOP primary voters support Bailey, compared to the more moderate Richard Irvin, who has 18.5 % of the vote. A venture capitalist named Jesse Sullivan came in third with an average of 11.5 percent. The Trafalgar Group’s most recent poll, which was taken from June 10 to June 13, has Bailey in the lead by 18 points. The state senator received the support of 38% of prospective Republican primary voters. Irvin received 20% of the vote in second place, and Sullivan received only 12%. With a plus or minus 2.9 percent margin of error, the poll surveyed 1,075 potential voters.

Prior to that, findings from a poll conducted by Public Policy Polling from June 6 to 7 were made public by the Chicago Sun-Times and WBEZ. According to the poll, Bailey had 32% of the vote, Irvin had 17%, and Sullivan had 11%. Once more, the Trump-backed candidate was in a double-digit lead with a 15-point advantage over Irvin. With a plus or minus 3.8 percent margin of error, the survey interviewed 677 likely voters. In the meanwhile, Pritzker seems well-positioned to defeat Bailey or any other Republican opponent and win reelection. In a survey released by Victory Research in late January, the governor was found to be substantially ahead of all GOP candidates by a margin of more than 20 points. Pritzker had a 28-point advantage over Bailey in the matchup.

Darren Bailey- Net Worth

Darren has an estimated net worth of $5 million. The main source of Darren Bailey’s income is his career as an American politician.

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