Delhi Police files charge sheet on Sharjeel Imam

Delhi Police files charge sheet on Sharjeel Imam

Delhi Police files charge sheet on Sharjeel Imam for ‘seditious and provoking speech in Jamia.’ Sharjeel Imam gave this speech on December 15, 2019, during the ongoing protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act. Police allege that violence erupted in the area of ​​Jamia after his speech.

Ahmed Ibrahim, counsel for the Sharjil Imam, has said, “We have not fully seen the Chargesheet filed by the Delhi Police on April 17, 2020. We will take appropriate steps after looking into it fully.”

Delhi Police file charge sheet on Sharjeel Imam

Delhi Police files charge sheet on Sharjeel Imam
Delhi Police files charge sheet on Sharjeel Imam

Sharjeel was arrested by Delhi Police from Jehanabad in Bihar on January 28. However, family members said that they have surrendered.

After this, the court of Jehanabad handed him over to the Delhi Police on transit remand.

Who is Sharjil Imam Sharjeel hails from Kako in Jehanabad. Kako block is also the headquarters. The population here is mixed. But Kako village has a Muslim majority population.

Sharjeel’s house falls in Mallik hamlet. His father, Akbar Imam, has the right image in the area. He has contested the assembly elections twice. The last time he contested on a JDU ticket in 2005, he lost by 2250 votes.

Sharajeel got his initial studies from Kako. But later he went to study at St. Xavier’s School in Patna. From there, DPS Vasant Kunj and then Computer Science Engineering from IIT Powai and now Ph.D. from JNU.

When and why did you come into the discussion A video of Sharjeel went viral while opposing CAA and NRC. In the viral video, Sharjeel says that “If we have to help the people of Assam, then they have to be cut off from India.”

Share used to describe himself as the main organizer of the ongoing protest in Shaheen Bagh. On January 2, he announced to withdrawal the sit-in demonstration.

At that time, Sharjeel wrote on Facebook that “the Chakkaajam of Shaheenbagh Road has been withdrawn by the goons of political parties to avoid the possibility of violence and the politicization of the movement.”

Delhi Police files charge sheet on Sharjeel Imam
Delhi Police files charge sheet on Sharjeel Imam

Even after this, protests continued in Shaheen Bagh. Sharjeel Imam wanted to become a prominent Muslim leader – Press review
According to the news, during interrogation, Sharjil Imam told that he is a fan of Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Mohammad Iqbal. He said that he aspires to become the great Muslim leader of North India.

The police claimed that in such a situation, the protests against the citizenship amendment law were like a platform for them.

The Sharjeel Imam, who came into the limelight by making provocative speeches at a protest in Aligarh against CAA and NRC, was arrested on January 28.

The Delhi Police arrested Sharjeel from Jehanabad in Bihar. The court of Jehanabad has handed him over to Delhi Police on transit remand.

A day before this, he presented the Economic Survey in Parliament. In this, it was suggested to try the Chinese formula to give four crore jobs to the government in the coming five years.

This includes policies based on labor and exports. According to the Economic Survey, the growth rate of GDP is expected to be 6.0 to 6.5 percent in the year 2020-21. This budget is individual because economic activities are at the lowest level in the last six years. Tax collection and fiscal deficit are also a big concern.

On the other hand, the man also hopes for relief from this budget. This news is on the front page of almost every major newspaper.

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