Does Verizon Work in Mexico? Easy Guide

Does Verizon Work in Mexico

Verizon company is known for numerous cellular services, reasonable phone plans, and reliable nationwide network coverage. But does Verizon work in Mexico? If yes, how is its network coverage in Mexico? 

Please go through our post “Does Verizon work in Mexico?” if you are a Verizon subscriber and plan to travel to Mexico in the near future with your phone.

This article will answer the following: does Verizon work in Mexico and other relevant questions related to Verizon’s network coverage in Mexico? 

So without further delay, let’s begin. 

Does Verizon work in Mexico?

Delivering the best network services across the nation, Verizon is the leading network operator not by quantity but also by quality.

The answer to does Verizon work in Mexico is yes. It works satisfactorily in Mexico. Verizon provides excellent network coverage throughout the maximum part of Mexico.

Like other reputable network providers like T-Mobile and AT&T, the company offers free domestic roaming. But as the plans and schemes change when you travel Internationally, such as in Mexico, you will have to pay roaming charges.

Therefore, when you decide to travel abroad, you must prioritize roaming and should choose a plan where you have free or discounted roaming charges as part of the plan.

Though roaming to Mexico and Canada is included in most of Verizon’s unlimited plans, it would be best to analyze your plan carefully. 

Does Verizon Work in Mexico

Does Verizon provide coverage in Mexico?

Yes, Verizon provides decent network coverage in Mexico. With your unlimited plan, it works best in most areas of Mexico.

Verizon Wireless offers good coverage in Mexico City, Cancun, Guadalajara, Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta, Tijuana, and Nuevo León.

Does Verizon Work in Mexico

What company does Verizon use in Mexico?

The two most reputable carriers in Mexico are Movistar and TelCel. Amongst these, TelCel provides huge coverage in Mexico, and so Verizon partners with TelCel to offer quality services in Mexico.

A Verizon user will have their roaming set on TelCel’s network, and the roaming charges using this Mexican carrier will cost $2 for a single day of roaming use.

Verizon uses TelCel to help its subscribers get roaming discounts in Mexico. 

Does Verizon Work in Mexico

Does Verizon have Free Calling in Mexico?

Free calling in Mexico depends upon your plan. If you are using Verizon’s unlimited plan, then yes, you will get free calling in Mexico. Since most Verizon unlimited plans cover roaming to Mexico and Canada, you can have free calling with any unlimited plan.

But if you have chosen any other plan, you will have to check whether your plan contains free calling options in Mexico. Moreover, you can choose a domestic plan that allows free calling in Mexico.

In addition, you can use Verizon TravelPass, where you get discounted roaming charges for traveling abroad. 

If you are a frequent traveler, domestic or unlimited plans will be best for you. But when you visit Mexico only once, Verizon TravelPass would be a decent choice. 

Does Verizon work in Cancun? 

Yes, Verizon provides good network coverage in Cancun. If you use a plan with Mexico text, talk, and data roaming allowances as part of your plan, you can use your text, talk, and data allowances in Mexico and its cities without roaming charges.

However, if you do not use an unlimited plan or Verizon TravelPass, you will have to pay roaming fees for using your phone in Mexico’s city, Cancun. 

Hence if you think of visiting this city with your Verizon phone, please use an unlimited plan or TravelPass. 

Does Verizon Work in Mexico

Does Verizon work in Tijuana?

Yes, Verizon works well in Tijuana. But as noted, you must have an unlimited plan or TravelPass to prevent your Verizon SIM from incurring roaming charges.

If your plan contains International travel to Mexico, you will be charged minimum roaming charges, and you are good to go with your Verizon phone in Tijuana. 

Does Verizon Work in Mexico

How does Verizon TravelPass work in Mexico?

Verizon offers a TravelPass service to its subscribers to lower the roaming charges while they are in other countries. TravelPass allows you to use your domestic text, talk, and data in more than 200 destinations and countries outside the United States for a set daily charge. 

With TravelPass, you can call within the country you are traveling to and back to the United States. For Mexico, the fee is $5 per day. 

In addition, you will be charged only for the days you use your phone in Mexico. For example, on your 7 days trip, if you use your phone for only 2 days, you will only be charged for these two days. 

If you are a regular international traveler, TravelPass is the ideal option to save extra bucks on roaming charges. 

However, you don’t need to use TravelPass for Mexico if you use an unlimited plan, as most plans include Mexico and Canada roaming. But, if you still want to save more, you may use TravelPass for Mexico as well. 

Does Verizon Work in Mexico

How do you add TravelPass to Verizon? 

You can add Verizon TravelPass in several ways. 

  1. By Verizon App 
  2. Through contacting Verizon 
  3. With your browser

We have discussed these methods in detail below. 

1. Adding a TravelPass by Verizon App

You can add TravelPas simply with the Verizon Application. Please look for the steps below to do the same. 

  • Open the My Verizon Application. 
  • Tap the “Account” tab at the bottom. 
  • Enter your password, fingerprints, or Face ID if prompted. 
  • Click on the “Plans & Services” option. 
  • Scroll down to search the “International” section.
  • Then tap “Explore all international plans.”
  • Scroll down and then click “Add new plan.”
  • Click on the “Travel plan” menu. 
  • Enter the country you are traveling from the “Where are you going?” screen. 
  • Then click on “Next.”
  • If you are traveling to more than one country, enter each country before clicking on the “Next” option. 
  • From the same “Where are you going?” screen, click the dropdown icon to select your departure date. Click on the “Ok” icon. 
  • Then tap “Next.” 
  • Select your return date from the “When do you return?” screen and click the “OK” icon. 
  • Tap “Next.”
  • Select the mobile number from the “Which device are you taking with you?” page. 
  • Click on the “Next.”
  • If “No offers available” appears next to the device you entered, it can not be used Internationally. 
  • From the “International Plan” page, swipe left or right until TravelPass appears “highlighted.” 
  • Tap on the “select” menu at the bottom. 
  • If you see the “You’re all set” message, you don’t need any additional plan. 
  • Review the message details and click on “Done.”
  • Also, review the plan change details and click on “confirm.”
  • Once you add TravelPass, you are covered for future TravelPass needs.

2. Adding TravelPass by contacting Verizon 

You can add TravelPass by texting “Travel” to the Verizon 4004 number. 

In addition, you can choose to call Verizon customer support service at 1-800-837-4966 and talk to the company’s agent about adding TravelPass to your account. 

3. Adding TravelPass with your browser 

The steps to add TravelPass with your browser are as follows: 

  • Sign in to My Verizon from your web browser. Please follow the on-screen instructions through the Trip Planner.
  • Click on the “Learn More” option. 
  • Review the TravelPass compatibility and information. 
  • If you find your device compatible, click “I agree to the Terms and conditions.” 
  • Click on the “Enable TravelPass.” 

Does Verizon Work in Mexico

Do Verizon Prepaid Phones work in Mexico? 

Yes. Verizon prepaid phones work in Mexico. However, you must use Verizon Prepaid International Calling Plan if you wish to travel to Mexico with your prepaid phones.

Once you add the Prepaid International Calling Plan to your account, it will renew every month automatically until you wish to remove it from your account. 

There are three plans, Global Calling, Global Choice, and Global Calling Plus. 

The first plan, Global Calling, costs $5 per month. The second, Global Choice, is $10 monthly; the third, Global Calling Plus, costs $15 monthly.

You can add these plans to your account through the Verizon application or Verizon’s official website at

All these three plans contain unlimited talk in Mexico. So, you can check which plan fulfills your needs and select according to your suitability. 


Many Verizon subscribers are in a dilemma. Does Verizon work in Mexico? Verizon works excellently in Mexico, covering most of Mexico to serve its customers best. However, you must use unlimited plans to save roaming charges.

You can also use Verizon’s TravelPass service to save more while traveling to Mexico. If you possess Verizon prepaid phones, you must subscribe to Verizon’s Prepaid International Calling plan that suits your purpose when you travel to Mexico or another country.

Hopefully, our guide, “Does Verizon works in Mexico’ helps you find your answers and save your roaming charges when you visit Mexico or another country with Verizon phone plans. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Verizon work in Mexico? 

Yes, Verizon works in Mexico. However, you must have an unlimited plan to save on roaming charges. 

Does Verizon work in Mexico for free? 

Most of Verizon’s unlimited plans cover Mexico and Canada. So, if you use an unlimited plan, Verizon will work free in Mexico. However, you can incur roaming charges using other plans or your Verizon phone in Mexico without TravelPass. 

Can I use Verizon unlimited plan in Mexico?

Yes. When you have an unlimited plan that includes Mexico, you can use it in Mexico. 

Does Verizon work in Mexico’s remote areas? 

Yes. Verizon covers the majority part of Mexico, so it works in remote areas. However, since the availability of the network depends on many factors, sometimes Verizon subscribers may need help with issues while they travel to remote areas in Mexico. 

What company does Verizon use in Mexico?

Verizon uses TelCel, one of Mexico’s leading carriers. 

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