Donald Trump Falsely Claims Attack Ad Used AI To Make Him Look Bad

Donald Trump Falsely Claims Attack Ad Used AI To Make Him Look Bad

Former President Donald Trump has been claiming that an attack ad used AI to make his image look bad.

Here are the details of the news.

Donald Trump Falsely Claims Attack Ad Used AI To Make Him Look Bad

On Monday, the United States former President and 2024 Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, made a false claim that a political attack ad used artificial intelligence (AI) to make his appearance look bad.

The Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump political advocacy group, created the ad. Donald Trump took to his social media platform, Truth Social, to raise the claims and criticize the Lincoln Project for changing his look.

On Monday, he posted, “The perverts and losers at the failed and once disbanded Lincoln Project, and others, are using AI (Artificial Intelligence) in their Fake television commercials in order to make me look as bad and pathetic as Crooked Joe Biden, not an easy thing to do.”

The former President’s claim was based on the ad’s use of close-up footage. However, there has been no evidence that the ad used AI to change Trump’s look.

The claims came a day before when Trump participated in a Fox News town hall event which was held in Davenport, Iowa.

“FoxNews shouldn’t run these ads, just as low ratings CNN & MSDNC will not, under any circumstances, run negative ads on Biden or the Democrats. They are, after all, in-kind campaign contributors to the Dems,” added Trump in his Truth Social post.

Although the ad in question is available on various social networks, including YouTube and X (Twitter), it is unclear where the former President saw it.

The ad “Feeble” on YouTube, shows various shots of Trump, which presumably had been taken when he served U.S. Presidency. The ad compares Trump and President Joe Biden and calls the President as more fitter and healthier than Trump. It describes the former President is losing his powers despite winning the primary.

The ad seems to challenge the former President, saying, “Face it, Donald. You’re just projecting when you call Joe Biden old. He’s stronger than you, fitter than you, smarter than you, a better man, and a better president. Anyone can see it.”

Donald Trump Falsely Claims Attack Ad Used AI To Make Him Look Bad
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It continues, “And when you lay there at night alone. You know we’re right. You’re falling apart, Donald. Breaking down. Right in front of our eyes.”

The ad also narrates some mistakes by Trump while being in public places, such as his calling the town of Paradise, California, “Pleasure” during his presidential visit after deadly wildfires attacked the region, his mispronouncing the word ‘anonymous’ or his claims that he won an election against former President Barrack Obama in Washington, D.C.

Meanwhile, Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson has responded to Trump’s false claims that the group tried manipulating his look.

He wrote in his tweet, “Listen, you shambling pantloaf. We didn’t need AI to make you look like an impotent, drooling codger in steep cognitive decline. @ProjectLincoln just showed reality, and you can’t take it. Stay tuned for more. We know you can’t look away.”

With emerging technology, AI has influenced people’s day-to-day lives. Whether it is political, social, or economic aspects, AI has entered every sphere of human establishment.

While the former President now criticizes AI use by an advocacy group to change his look, interestingly, he seemed to favor it when he shared his AI-generated fake photo previously in March in which Trump was shown kneeling down with his hand folded and praying.

The Republican National Congress (RNC) has also used AI to create attack ads on Biden.

Trump is leading for the GOP nomination for the Presidential race amongst all other Republican candidates. Also, according to several national polls, he is ahead of Biden in five of the six swing states that are considered important to win the White House in 2024.

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