News - Donald Trump & My Pillow guy Interview

Donald Trump & My Pillow guy Interview

Donald Trump & My Pillow guy Interview

Donald Trump & My Pillow Guy Interview is going to live soon. Donald John Trump is a 75-year-old American politician, media personality, and businessman who served as the 45th president of the United States from 2017 to 2021. He is the first US president without any history of government or military service. 

Donald Trump My Pillow guy Interview

Donald Trump & My Pillow guy Interview
Donald Trump & My Pillow guy Interview

Donald Trump’s victory in presidential elections shrouded in controversy

Trump’s victory was a political upset. Polls had consistently shown Clinton with a nationwide lead along with an advantage in the most competitive of states. Trump’s support had been modestly underestimated while Clinton’s was overestimated. Many are of the opinion that the elections were rigged in favor of Trump. 

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Trump received backlash for iconoclastic ideals portrayed in his election campaign

Trump’s political positions and rhetoric were right-wing populists. Trump helped bring to the mainstream far-right fringe ideas, beliefs and organizations. He also pandered to white supremacists and retweeted racist Twitter accounts. Trump said he disdained political correctness and made frequent claims of media bias. His fame and provocative statements earned him an unprecedented amount of free media coverage. His campaign statements were often opaque and suggestive and a record number of them were false.


During his first week in office, he signed six executive orders: interim procedures in anticipation of repealing the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”), withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations, reinstatement of the Mexico City policy, authorizing the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipeline construction projects, reinforcing border security, and beginning the planning and design process to construct a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico.

Trump was sued for violating the Domestic and Foreign Emoluments Clauses of the U.S. Constitution, marking the first time that the clauses had been substantively litigated. The plaintiffs said that Trump’s business interests could allow foreign governments to influence him. Trump called the clause “phony”.After Trump’s term had ended, the U.S. Supreme Court dismissed the cases as moot.

Trump left office with 3 million fewer jobs in the U.S. than when he took office, making Trump the only modern U.S. president to leave the office with a smaller workforce, and the trade war with China did not reduce the trade deficit or result in increases in manufacturing in the U.S.

Grim defeat at the hands of Joe Biden in presidential elections 2020

After a bitter defeat by Joe Biden in the presidential elections of 2020, Trump and his allies have claimed that the elections were fraudulent, although no evidence confirming these claims have emerged. 

Republican and Democratically elected officials have certified the election as valid. Courts have rejected lawsuit after lawsuit, and a clear majority of Congress has confirmed the final result despite a riotous mob earlier this month that sought to disrupt the process. 

Everything there is to know about Mike Lindell

Popularly known as My Pillow guy, Michael James Lindell is a 60-year-old American businessman, conservative political activist, and conspiracy theorist. He is the founder and CEO of My Pillow Inc, a pillow, bedding, and slipper manufacturing company. He has also founded the Lindell Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides treatments and other services to drug addicts. Also standing to his credit is a self published book about his addiction and his relationship with God.

Mr. Lindell has been one of the leading voices to propagate conspiracy theories that there was widespread voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. He has produced documentaries, hosted rallies, and even has a devoted social media platform to further these claims.

MyPillow guy and Donald Trump Interview trailer released

Mike Lindell aspires to “overturn” the 2020 US presidential election result with the broadcast of his exclusive interview with Donald Trump over the Thanksgiving weekend. He released a trailer for his three day marathon broadcast this week which depicted Mr. Lindell describing Biden’s victory and the succeeding days as “living in the twilight zone”  as the former president, clad in an ill fitting tuxedo, listened

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