PublicSq App – Download PublicSq App on your device

Download PublicSq App

Do you want to download PublicSq app on your smartphone? If yes, you have stumbled upon the right webpage. In today’s article, we are going to share a step-by-step guide that you can follow to download PublicSq app on your device.

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PublicSq App – Download PublicSq App on your Device

It has been too long since dictatorships were in power over the media, large businesses, and the internet. At this point, PublicSq steps in to help. The goal of PublicSq is to give power back to the general public by connecting people who care about freedom in the United States with local communities, reliable information sources, and businesses that share their values.

PublicSq links businesses with free-spirited customers who are eager to spend their money per their beliefs. The Local Market in Public Square is a network of businesses across the country and around the world that share your beliefs.

Every dollar you spend in this marketplace goes to firms that care about and support the United States of America and appreciate your patronage. You can choose to spend your money wisely and give money to businesses that care about the community.

As a member of PublicSq, you’ll have access to unique discounts at companies that share your commitment to individual liberty and self-determination, as well as the largest database of freedom-loving businesses and consumers. Consumers and company owners may join the marketplace at no cost.

There are a plethora of patriotic companies to choose from on the internet.

When utilized appropriately, technology can be a powerful instrument that enhances human connection and empowers people to take back control over their own lives and communities. This is what PublicSq is all about.

Contrary to what PublicSq stands for, technology can be used as a destructive tool that distorts connection, perverts freedom, and manipulates users. With PublicSq, power is returned to the people in local communities, and the platform refuses to violate the confidence that has been placed in it by its users.

In PublicSq, the user is not the product. User’s personal information is never given or sold to anybody, not even to marketers. The only way someone can find your name, email address, or phone number is if you put it out there yourself. You have control over how your data is used.

Subscription-based advertising generates cash for the app. PublicSq app charges monthly membership fees to its advertisers in return for a variety of services and improved visibility on the app. This is the key feature that has attracted consumers to this new software.

PublicSq App-Download the PublicSq App on your device.

The PublicSq App was first launched for iPhones and later was made available for Android, Web usage, and Mac.

The PublicSq Android App

PublicSq Android
PublicSq Android

To download the PublicSq app, you have to follow these simple steps –

  • First, you must download the app from the Playstore on your phone.
  • Now click “Join PublicSq” to create a new account.
  • Then you will be asked to enter your email, and below that, you have a box to click, agreeing to the terms and conditions of the App.
  • Once you do this, you will be asked to enter your details, like your zip code and phone number. The phone number you enter here will be used to verify your identity and will be kept private.
  • Finally, you will be asked to create and personalize your PublicSq account (username, password, etc.) and proceed with your PublicSQ account.

The Android app comes with the same features as the iOS version. You can create a community, group, or even buy or sell your products or services in the marketplace provided.

The download link for the PublicSq can be found here.

IOS APP for PublicSq

Download PublicSq App on iOS
Download PublicSq App on iOS

The method to download PublicSq app on iOS is not much different than on Android. You can follow the aforementioned guide to download PublicSq app on iPhone. The only difference will be that you have to use the Apple App Store instead of the Google Play Store.

The above-mentioned installation process goes for all the iPhone models except before installation when you might be required to verify your fingerprint. After installation, you can choose to join the app with your email ID to sign up on the PublicSq app.

The iOS version of the app can be found here.

About the Founders:

Michael Seifert is the CEO and founder of PublicSq. He studied and graduated from the University of Liberty and is an “Independent Software Creator.” He previously worked as City Director at JH Outback University for 12 years and as Associate Director for a year. JH Outback University gives students a break from the stresses of everyday life so they can think about what’s most important to them.

Amid outdoor activities, great music, hilarious skits, and excellent content, college students will form lasting connections and devise a strategy for pursuing their dreams. JH Outback’s life purpose, guy-girl relationship, parent-teen relationship, personal values, and spiritual priorities are the five areas he spends his attention on. These activities were designed to help couples, parents, and children get a fresh perspective on life.

JH Outback not only has activities on the weekends to bring people together, but it also has weekly huddle groups for people who visit an Outback and want to build a real sense of community with other people in the city.

After two and a half years with JH, he came out and worked as a Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator with Pacifica Enterprises.

Pacifica is a major asset management company in the real estate sector that specializes in direct equity investments in real estate. Institutional and high-net-worth clients trust it with their money, and it currently manages a diverse portfolio worth more than $1.2 billion.

In 2021, he started PublicSq, based in San Diego, California, and has continued to be its CEO for more than a year.

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