Drag Queen Christmas Shows Controversy Explained

Drag Queen Christmas Shows Controversy Explained

Recently, a Florida regulatory bureau has opened an investigation into a child’s attendance at “A Drag Queen Christmas” show. This article covers brief information about the Drag Queen Christmas Shows Controversy.

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Drag Queen Christmas Shows Controversy Explained

Drag Queen Christmas Shows Controversy Explained

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is enlarging scrutiny on drag queen shows that were recently held across the state during the holidays. The show features drag performers that do comedy and holiday-themed musical numbers like “Tits in a Box.”

Governor Ron DeSantis’ office declared that the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) had led the investigation after they got the reports that depict the show unveiled kids to sexually explicit content. The announcement was made after other shows were planned for later in the same week. The officials said that those shows would be investigated as well.

Bryan Griffin, press secretary of Ron DeSantis, said in a statement that the Department is sincerely investigating this case, including video footage and photographs from the event.

The GOP governor has also given warning that he might have Florida’s division of child protective services launch an inquiry into parents who brought their children to the shows.

The Secretary of Business and Professional Regulation said that “To avert action being taken against your license, it was your duty to make sure that minors weren’t allowed to attend the Drag Fans Drag Show in a letter to one of the shows that were held in Clearwater, Florida. He further said that if minors were allowed to join that show, the Department would take any and all actions available to make sure that they didn’t pose a danger to minors in the future.

This is not a new thing for Ron DeSantis. The GOP governor declared in July that his administration would take legal action against Miami bar researchers who say they allowed kids and minors to watch Drag Queen Shows compelling scantily-clad entertainers.

Ron DeSantis, who is being viewed as the presidential future of the Republican Party, opened up about the complaints when he was delivering in Tampa about ongoing cultural attempts to sexualize children.

 Ron DeSantis on Drag Queen Christmas Shows Controversy

He said, “It used to be – people have different views about what they want to do as adults – but it used to be, you know, the kids are off limits. No one wanted to bring the kids into any of this stuff, and we’ve got to get back to that.”

DeSantis wrote in a tweet containing a video clip of his speech that “Florida stood with parents to safeguard children. It was very wrong to expose children to inaccurate sexualized content, and the state would hold responsible those initiations that infringe that clear boundary.”

According to the show’s marketing material, Murray & Peter is its production company and has been organizing the Drag Queen tour show for the last eight years. The show stopped in Miami on 27th December at the James L. Knight before moving to Orlando and Clearwater for the final tour dates of the year 2022.

The tour has led to repercussions across Florida, culminating in a part on Tucker Carlson Tonight, and at the same time, Tayler Hansen, an activist, lodged a complaint against child attendance.

The Broward Center was opened in 1991 and has hosted more than 700 performances, comprising Broadway musicals, operas, ballets, plays, and concerts. Its website depicts that it has an arts-in-education scheme that serves thousands of students every year.

Griffin said in his statement that the DBPR will “share any collected evidence with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for potential criminal liability.”

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