Frank speech review – Most detailed review of Mike Lindell’s new venture

Frank speech review

Frank Speech Social media is the upcoming new social media to the world of apps and platforms. Frank can be definitely an American website that started on April 1 9, 2021. The Website is created by Mike Lindell, the CEO of both MyPillow and also an outspoken ally of prior U.S. President Donald Trump. It’s been set up as an alt-tech social-networking service attracting conservatives, though it doesn’t have any available social media features. Lindell has clarified to Frank, he has spent tens of thousands of dollars growing, as a lot like a YouTube-Twitter combo.

Frank ( Social Media ) Overview

Frank speech review

Check this Guide to  Add Frankspeech to your home screen on an Android phone.

At first, it’s nowhere close to Youtube & Twitter at the instant. The website is continually going down. Many users aren’t able to enroll; however, there are a whole lot of bugs at this instant. However, who knows, they may update their User Interface later on.

But in their rough section, they state in frank speech it’s possible to post movies, spread news, and data, and live flow tv. If they could attain this, then it is going to exceed youtube and Twitter very quickly.

They also cite that Frank is going to be the new home for important influencers and micro-influencers. So that means that you may anticipate some famed leaders and actors to join frank.

Frank Speech ( Social media ) Review

The app was a huge success in terms of quantity. Millions of people joined the app on its launch day. As per the reports, Nineteen million people came to the site on its launch date. Thus causing a massive crash in servers and thus putting an end to the launch. Later the CEO of frank, Mike Lindell hosted a 48-hour live stream explaining what is the cause of the error and raising various issues that are present in the world of US politics and nation.

Our review of the Frank app would be 3/5. ✭✭✭/✭✭✭✭✭

-2 ✭✭ Because they failed to let people in at the time of launch and people had to go face a lot of trouble while using the website and app.

Tutorial  – How to Create account on Frankspeech Step by step tutorial

+4 ✭✭✭ Because the agenda of the app is to promote ” Free Speech without any barriers. Now people will be free to speak whatever they want without any restriction ( as said by the founder Mike Lindell ). Frank could be the best social media app in the upcoming times if they execute it well, is our take on the platform.


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  • The Pillow Guy is a Fraud – and still continues to spread the BIG LIE and it’s all because of the biggest fraud ever Donald Trump – and still NO PROOF of Massive fraud. Trump has Divided this country like no president in are lifetime that will last for Decades to come ( GOD BLESS AMERICA )

  • I love Frank Speech…Hey Mike I WANT A YARD FLAG


    Thanks Mr Lindell, make the Legal Fund a monthly contributor…I can’t give much but I would give to help you help others…


  • This site is nothing much more than a vehicle to spam you with LOTS of adds for Lindell’s extremely overpriced crap. Even when he texts promotions, the junk is still not worth what he charges! All I have gotten since I signed up is text messages hawking Mike’s crap! No articles or links to new info.
    Says you can text back STOP to be removed, but guess what, big surprise here, the crap texts keep coming! Ended up I had to block the number. No doubt my info was sold and I’ll be getting a ton more spam.
    Mike Lindell sucks!