How to Get Free Beds For Low Income Families 2024

How to Get Free Beds For Low Income Families 2023

Do you know that so many organizations offer free beds for low-income families? Well, that’s true.

This article covers detailed information about such organizations and charities, their eligibility criteria, offerings, and more.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

How to Get Free Beds For Low-Income Families

There are so many ways people can get free beds for low-income families. Below, we have covered some of the best ones –

Second-Hand Stores

You can visit second-hand stores to get beds at an affordable price. There are thousands of stores across the nation that offer second-hand goods.

In most cases, the items offered to low-budget families are collected from the members of the general public who give of their own will.

Furniture Bank Association Of America

You can get free beds from Furniture Banks. To get one from there, you must provide data about your income, total savings, assets, etc.

These institutions primarily put single-parent families, families with young children, the homeless, the physically disabled, and elderly people on their top list. However, one must meet the eligibility criteria to get this benefit.


There are many charities available throughout the United States that help low-income families get free beds. You can look for these charities by visiting your local public office or churches.

These types of charities can also offer free gas cards to low-income families so they can reach for their interviews on time.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations are the best place for low-income families to get free beds, mattresses, and other furniture. These organizations are always ready to help low-income and homeless people.

You can find nearby Non-profit organizations by visiting your state website.

Who Can Get Free Beds and Mattresses From Free Beds Program?

The Free Bed program has been initiated for people who can’t afford to buy it. Below, we have mentioned a list of people who can get free beds and mattresses from the free bed program:

  • Homeless People – People who don’t have a home to live in are the ones who need this facility the most. These homeless people might be evicted from their homes. People’s health can get compromised as a result of the absence of a bed. So, homeless people can benefit from free beds in a great way.
  • Senior Citizens – Senior Citizens are the ones who need free beds. Many programs give top priority to providing free beds for senior citizens. So, they must keep looking for such programs.
  • Disabled People – Individuals who are disabled are given top priority based on their Healthcare needs.
  • Low-Income People – Low-income people can’t afford to buy a bed. Therefore, people with low incomes can get free beds under the program.

Why is Free Furniture Donated To Low-Income Families?

There are so many families who aren’t financially strong and capable of purchasing a bed for their home. So, to help them out, many home-furnishing donor institutions in the United States decided to facilitate these families.

Why is Free Furniture Donated To Low-Income Families?

These donors are primarily non-profits and non-governmental organizations. Some organizations also work with furniture stores with the motive to provide free or reduced furniture to needy ones; on the other note, some offer free furniture coupons to help them out.

Organizations That Help With Free Furniture For Low Income Families

Organizations That Help With Free Furniture For Low Income Families

Some organizations help low-income families to get free beds and furniture. Below, we have covered some of the best organizations that can help you get a free bed and furniture –

Furniture For Families

This organization provides free beds, but to get one, you have to undergo a screening process, which is done via the FFF Referral Form by a Human or Social Services Institute.

You will have to give your FFF count to the social worker. Then, he will determine your eligibility, and you will be given a new bed for free.


This private institution offers free beds and mattresses. You need to submit your photo ID to prove your identity to get one.

Moreover, this self-serve program means you’ll have to carry, lift, or transport the beds and mattresses by yourself. No transportation service is available.

Free Beds From Love Inc

This is another organization where you can get free beds. It works with local organizations and offers free transportation services and food. Moreover, you can get chairs and tables too if you aren’t capable enough to afford them.


Freecycle provides beds for free but used ones. These available beds are offered free of cost to ensure that low-income families can get such free beds for their homes.

How To Get Free Furniture From Your Local Area?

Free beds help low-income households a lot and are a blessing for them. There are many ways by which they can get free beds near them.

Below, we have shared some easy steps through which you can get free beds with ease –

Flea Market

Street markets, flea markets, or local markets are where family members with lower earnings can effortlessly get free beds and furniture vouchers.

You won’t get new goods here as it offers only used goods. The best thing about purchasing items from these markets is that you can review everything and decide whether you want to buy it. You can get high-quality furniture at a very affordable price.

Thrift Shops And Furniture Stores

Thrift Shops and Furniture stores are other best places where you can find beds for free. These stores have a discharging schedule for a specific time period of the year.

When the new stock of free beds comes, the furniture store sells the old furniture at a very low price. These shops and furniture retail locations have numerous plans for low-income families.

So, you can contact these stores to get free mattresses for your house at any time.

Hotels and Apartments

No other place can get furniture and free beds for low-income families better than hotels and apartments. You can search the hostels and apartments or even contact the manager for the used mattresses and furniture that they are not taking in use. They will help you out to get the furniture near you.

Charitable Groups

You can contact charitable institutes near you to get a free bed. These institutions don’t leave a single chance to help low-income individuals and families and help them in many ways, including providing food, energy bills, sanctuary, and household equipment. So, talking to charitable organization officials about free beds and furniture would be best.

How can I get Free Beds Near me?

How can I get Free Beds Near me

The availability of free beds for low-income family members is no less than a blessing. You don’t need to hover here and there to look for it, as you can get free beds near you. Yes, when it comes to finding goods for free, estate sales will be the best option for you.

You can be a part of sales like this to get free beds for your home. Non-profit institutions and churches also help the needy and low-income families by offering free beds.

Many high-class families keep donating such items to help struggling families. So, you can contact them too for the same. Moreover, the state and country governments also contribute by providing low-budget families with free beds.

Non-profit Organizations And Charities In a Nutshell

Non-profit institutions and charities are the best places to find beds and mattresses for free. Most of the non-profit institutions have their own websites, but some work offline.

United Way, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Salvation Army for Army Discounts, and Goodwill are well-known charities offering free beds to low-budget families.

National Furniture Banks also concentrates on furniture vouchers for the needy and families who come in the low-budget threshold.

Low-income families can also apply for a free laptop through these Non-profit Organizations And Charities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to get Free Hospital Beds for Elderly People?

Yes, it is possible to get Free hospital beds for elderly people with ease. You can check and search for charitable institutes that are easily accessible online or offline. The elderly people are given high priority, so it’s quite easy for them to get a free hospital bed.

I am a disabled Veteran, Can I get a free bed?

Yes, Veterans are offered beds for free as they have served the country for a long time. But you can get a free bed if you are over 60 years old.

Can I get Free Bunk Beds on Craigslist?

Yes, you can effortlessly get free bunk beds on Craigslist. You can visit their official website to get one or to learn more about it.

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