How to get Free Straight Talk Phones Walmart

How to get Free Straight Talk Phones Walmart

Do you know that you can get free Straight Talk phones at Walmart? Well, that’s true.

Walmart has partnered with Straight Talk to provide its customers with free phones. Straight Talk is a prepaid phone service provider owned by Tracfone that offers services on a no-credit-check, no-contract basis. With its super affordable phone plans, it is one of the most affordable prepaid carriers in the nation.

This article covers detailed information about how to get a free Straight Talk Wireless phone from Walmart, including additional information such as what this program is, how it works, etc.

So without further delay, let’s begin –

Does Walmart Offer Free Straight Talk Phones?

Yes. Walmart offers free Straight Talk phones through various deals and offers. Straight Talk Wireless has partnered with Walmart to offer free phone through their special deals at their stores.

However, these Straight Talk phones from Walmart come with various terms and conditions you must fulfill to benefit from Straight Talk plans.

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How to Get Free Straight Talk Phones Walmart?

How to Get Free Straight Talk Phones Walmart

You can get a Straight Talk phone from Walmart by participating in free phone programs. You will have to meet all the terms and conditions for such deals.

Once qualified, the company will provide a new free Straight Talk phone.

How to Apply for Free Straight Talk Phones Walmart?

How to Apply for Free Straight Talk Phones Walmart

Here is how you can apply for one –

  • Visit their official website and go to the Straight Talk Wireless page. You can use this URL to visit the page directly –
  • Select the phone you want to purchase.
  • Choose a preferred plan which starts from $35.
  • Activate your phone by visiting the official site at, or call 1-877-430-2355.
  • You can also visit Walmart’s offline store and trade in your old device for a new Straight Talk phone.

That’s it. This is how you can easily get free Straight Talk phones at Walmart.

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What is the Free Straight Talk Phone Walmart Program?

Free Straight Talk phones at Walmart program is a trade-in program. You can get benefits of the program by trading an old eligible phone in good working condition to have Straight Talk discounted phones at Walmart. If you qualify, you can get credit for purchasing new smartphones.

Walmart’s trade-in program provides an immediate credit of $50-$300, depending on your device’s condition. For example, the trade-in values for non-damaged, working smartphones are $175 for a Samsung Galaxy S III, $300 for an Apple iPhone 5, and $52 for a Samsung Galaxy S2.

Here is the table of the trade-in Value of Different Phones at Walmart –

Device Condition Trade-in Value
Samsung Galaxy S III Non-damaged, working $175
Apple iPhone 5 Non-damaged, working $300
Samsung Galaxy S2 Non-damaged, working $52
Other smartphones Varies
Visit Walmart’s website to see the trade
-in value for your specific device.

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How does Walmart’s trade-in program work?

How does Walmart's trade-in program work

If you wish to have Straight Talk phones at Walmart, you should bring your working smartphone to an agent in the electronics department at participating Walmart stores. Walmart will then assess the trade-in value of your smartphone in partnership with CExchange. Once your device is approved, you will be eligible for Walmart’s trade-in program.

The trade-in discount will be applied to your new smartphone bill with a two-year contract. Straight Talk phones at Walmart come only with prepaid plans, which provide talk, text, and data for $45 monthly.

One such Walmart trade-in program for old phones is Everyone Benefits-Mother Nature Too, which allows you to trade in your phone and get a free Straight Talk phone.

The program is uniform with the merchant’s sustainability goals and helps people to recycle smartphones responsibly. According to CExchange’s green policy, smartphones traded in at Walmart will never be shipped to landfills, domestically or internationally.

How do Free Straight Talk Phones at Walmart Work?

Walmart is the only place where you get prepaid Straight Talk services with free or discounted phone. If your trade-in device gets approved, and you receive the credit for Straight Talk phones from Walmart, you can use your credit or debit card for additional payment.

Renewal Option Cost Instructions
Automatic Renewal Free
Your plan will automatically renew monthly as long as you have enough funds in your account.
Early Renewal $30
You can pay $30 to renew your services before your plan expires. This will give you more minutes and texts for the rest of the month.
Manual Renewal Free
You can contact Straight Talk directly to renew your services. They can help you renew your plan and add more minutes and texts if needed.

Straight Talk Phones Walmart Activation


Straight Talk Phones Walmart Activation

Activating your Straight Talk phones at Walmart to use the network services is important. You can activate your new Straight Talk phone online by visiting the provider’s official site at

You can activate your Straight Talk phone by calling its customer care team at 1-877-430-2355.

What Carrier Does Straight Talk From Walmart Use?

Straight Talk from Walmart uses the country’s three most powerful networks, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, to provide reliable 4G LTE and 5G Straight Talk network coverage. Therefore, when it comes to phone plan service, Straight Talk can offer the best to you.

Is Tracfone The Same As Straight Talk?

TracFone owns Straight Talk Wireless. However, both Straight Talk and Tracfone use the same carrier network. You can get Straight Talk mobile plans beginning as low as $30 monthly. As such, you can save a little extra money.


What network is Straight Talk Walmart?

Straight Talk from Walmart uses Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile’s networks to provide 4G LTE and 5G network coverage.

How do I get free Straight Talk phones at Walmart?

You can get  Straight Talk phones from Walmart by participating in Walmart’s trade-in program if you have an old working device to trade in at the Walmart store.

Can I use Straight Talk internationally?

Yes. Straight Talk Unlimited International Service Plan allows you to make international calls from your Straight Talk phone at reasonable rates. Straight Talk Unlimited International has no monthly charges or contracts.

Can you unlock Straight Talk phones?

Yes. Straight Talk phones from Walmart have an unlocking policy that enables you to unlock straight talk phones after meeting certain conditions.

Does any phone work with Straight Talk?

Yes. You can have Straight Talk service on your current phone with Straight Talk’s Bring Your Phone program for as long as your phone is compatible with their BYOP program.

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