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Geoff Duncan Wife - Brooke Duncan

Geoff Duncan is an American politician and businessman. He is the 12th lieutenant governor of Georgia. In the United States, he was born Geoffrey L. Duncan on April 1, 1975. Geoff served in the Georgia House of Representatives for eight years. Geoff Duncan’s Wife’s name is Brooke Duncan. Duncan and his wife Brooke have three sons. They live in Cumming, Georgia.

Geoff’s Biography 

He was fond of baseball in college and played baseball for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, after playing for it he played professional baseball for six years until he got a shoulder injury which forced him to resign from his profession. He went into business and was elected to the Georgia House in 2012.

Geoff Duncan Wife

Geoff Duncan’s Wife’s name is Brooke. Duncan and his wife Brooke have three sons. They live in Cumming, Georgia. A native of the United States, Geoff was raised by her parents. There is no public information available about his family, so we were unable to find out more about them. As a result, we don’t know who Geoff’s parents are. Additionally, we don’t know whether he has siblings. Once this information becomes available, we will update this section.


Geoff Duncan’s Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Geoff Duncan is $ 15 Million. His money, assets, and earnings are included in this. He earns most of his income from his career as a businessman and politician. The variety of sources of income that Geoff has been able to accumulate has enabled him to accumulate good fortune while still leading a modest lifestyle.

Geoff Duncan Physical Appearance 

Geoff is 46 years old as he celebrates his birthday on 1 April every year. He has an average height. His exact height & weight have not been revealed yet.

Geoff’s career in Politics, Sports, and Business

Duncan attended Chattahoochee High School in Johns Creek, Georgia, and the Georgia Institute of Technology. He played college baseball for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. He played in the College World Series with Georgia Tech in 1994 but unfortunately lost in the final round.  He played in Minor League Baseball for the Florida Marlins organization from 1996 to 2000, but a shoulder injury ended his career in sports and thereafter he went into the world of business.

After retiring from baseball, Duncan became chief executive officer for Wellview Health, healthcare, and wellness company.

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In 2012 Duncan got elected to the Georgia House of Representatives.

On 10 April 2017 Duncan announced that he would run for lieutenant governor of Georgia and withdrew from the Georgia House in September 2017 to concentrate on running for lieutenant governor in 2018.

Duncan secured second place with 26.6% and on the other hand, David Shafer earned 48.9% of the vote on 22 May 2018. The election was then rescheduled for 24 July after none of the candidates secured a majority in the election. The runoff election concentrated primarily on Shafer’s record at the capitol and several spiritual questions surrounding his candidacy.

On 24 July, Duncan overthrew Shafer with 50.16% of the vote and also defeated Democratic nominee Sarah Riggs Amico in the general election, receiving nearly 52% of the vote and preventing another runoff.

On  14 January 2019, he was inaugurated to the post of lieutenant governor. On 6 December 2020 governor Brian Kemp issued a joint statement explaining that calling a joint session of the Georgia General Assembly to nominate their electors to send to the United States Electoral College would be unconstitutional.

In March 2021 Georgia Republicans passed the controversial Election Integrity Act of 2021 that inflicted new constraints on voting after so much undertaking to overtake

The election of Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, During a CNN interview Duncan, said that the impetus for the constitution grew from “the fallout from the ten weeks of misinformation that flew in from former President Donald Trump. I went back over the weekend to look at where this started to gain momentum in the legislature, and it was when Rudy Giuliani showed up in a couple of committee rooms and spent hours spreading misinformation and sowing doubt across, you know, hours of testimony.”

In April 2021, Duncan’s chief of staff stated that he was not sure to run for a second term after rejecting false claims of election fraud in the 2020 presidential election. His chief of staff stated that Duncan was yet to make a final decision to stand again in the 2022 election or not but came with the final announcement On  17, May  2021, that he would not be attempting a second tenure.

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