Gillette Stadium Parking Guide – Tips, Maps, and Deals

In this Gillette Stadium parking guide, we have covered all official and unofficial parking information, tailgating rules, some tips, and more.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

Gillette Stadium Parking Guide – Tips, Maps, and Deals

Gillette Stadium Parking Guide

Watching your favorite team playing in a stadium is the most satisfying experience for a true fan, and the stadium witnesses the crazy vibe. Gillette Stadium is no exception, as it is one of the best stadiums in America and the home of the New England Patriots. The stadium is located in Foxborough, Massachusetts, and can hold almost 10000 visitors daily.

Since its foundation in 2002, this stadium has hosted several matches and concerts. Whenever the big match day comes, people find Gillette Stadium parking more congested with crowds, making it difficult to find proper parking.

This Gillette Stadium parking guide will help you to gather information about the stadium parking options, rules, and more.

Gillette Stadium Official Parking Options

Entrance P10S

  • Price – $30
  • Payment method – Pay on Arrival

Entrance P11 

  • Price- $30
  • Payment method -Pay on arrival

Entrance P10N 

  • Price – $30
  • Payment method – Pay on arrival

Entrance P2

  • Price – $60
  • Payment methods – Pay on arrival

Entrance P7

  • Price – $60 
  • Payment methods – Prepaid

Entrance P9

  • Price – $60 
  • Payment Method – Prepaid

Entrance P9

  • Price – $60
  • Payment method – Pay on arrival

Lot 3

  • Price – $60 
  • Payment method – Prepaid

Gillette Stadium parking for Patriots games

The parking area at Gillette Stadium is specified for different types of vehicles and people. The authority has separated the general parking area from the prepaid parking lot, and the parking area is near the stadium for heavy vehicles. The Gillette parking area has a division for the media person, employees, retailers, and many others.

The parking area generally opens before 4 hours of the kick-offs and shuts down within two hours after ending the match. However, the parking authority will close the parking immediately after the game completes at night. 

Gillette Stadium parking for Revolution matches

There is no significant change in the parking area for Revolution matches. However, the opening time is a little different from the Patriot matches. The Parking lot opens just two hours before the matches of Revolution and closes within 90 minutes after the matches end.

However, the good news is that visitors can park their vehicles in the Gillette parking area for free for Revolution matches.

Gillette Stadium parking for concerts and other events

Gillette Stadium also hosts concerts and many other events. The audience can visit the parking lot at least four hours before the show, but as per the rules, vehicles must leave immediately after the concert ends.

The cost for any concert and other events is $50. However, you can get free parking services in the delayed exit parking lot.

If you come from the North of Boston province highway, Lot 55 will be near you. However, you can check out the Gillette Stadium Patriots parking map to spot the place.

Gillette Stadium Parking Options

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Parking Options Near Gillette Stadium

During big event days, the Gillette Stadium parking lot gets very congested, making it difficult to find a parking spot easily. In such situations, you can look for nearby options.

Here we are sharing some nearby parking lots –

Roadman Truck Center Lot 

  • Address – 1 Lincoln Road
  • Price – $50
  • Distance – 1 mile 

Lafayette House Parking Lot

  • Address – 109 Washington St.
  • Price – $40
  • Distance – 1.1 mile 

Marriot International INC 

  • Address -28 Patriot Pl, Foxborough, MA 02035
  • Price – Free
  • Distance – 9 minutes from the stadium

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Gillette Stadium Handicap Parking

Handicap Parking

The stadium has separated some slots, especially for handicapped visitors. Such visitors can access ADA parking spaces, but they need to have a valid Accessible Parking Placard or License Plate.

Handicapped parking is available in these parking lots – P1, P2, P4, P7, P 10, and P 22. However, you need to check the availability before as the parking spots often get booked quickly, and the parking lot can be changed depending upon the events. 

  • Visitors with ADA licenses can find handicapped parking spaces for Patriot games in Lots 4 and 22. However, the parking lot can be changed to lots 3 and 20.
  • For the Revolution game, you can find the parking lot for disabled people in lots 3 and 20.
  • General Parking Lot is at P7 and P1 lot.

However, these parking lots are filled 90 minutes before the game, so you must come fast. 

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Public Transit to Gillette Stadium 

There are not so many options to reach Gillette Stadium using public transportation. 

You can have The MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) bus services to reach Gillette Stadium. You can book your tickets in advance using the MBTA Ticket app. Also, you can book the tickets from Back bay, North Station, and South Station at Keolis Ticket Window. You can find the transport after 30 minutes from the game ends at Gillette Stadium. The entire round trip would cost somewhere around $20. 

Tailgating at Gillette Stadium 


Tailgating facility is available at the Gillette Stadium parking lot, but the stadium authority has deployed some rules that need to be followed – 

  • The Tailgating can be started once the area is open unless the authority declares other notices.
  • On patriots game days, the parking lot opens 4 hours before the game starts, and during this time, tailgating is allowed. For the Revolution game, tailgating can be done within 2 hours before the game.
  • The authority does not permit open fires. According to the rules, elements like fires must be disposed of before the game, but you can bring portable fire-burning devices.

Getting to Gillette Stadium

There are different ways to reach Gillette Stadium –

  • Boston – If you are coming from Boston, you need to move from I-93 south, and from there, you need to take exit 1 and reach I-95 province. You can also take exit 9 to route 1 south, and you need to walk 3 miles to get to Gillette Stadium. You will find the stadium on your left.
  • CapeCod – If you are coming from CapeCod, you can take I-495 North, and after that, you can take Exit 14 A to route 1 north. You have to walk almost 4 miles along this road to reach the stadium.
  • Maine/ Hampshire – The people coming from Hampshire need to take I-128 south to I-95 South. From there, you can take Exit 9 to route 1 south. You need to follow this road for about three miles to reach the stadium.
  • Upstate New York- you can take I-90 east (Massachusetts Turnpike) to I-495. From here, you can take 14A to Route 1 North, and later you need to follow this route and walk four miles to reach Gillette stadium.

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How much does it cost to park at Gillette Stadium? 

The Gillette Stadium parking area costs between $30 and $60. However, the cost can be changed depending on the matches. 

What time do lots open at Gillette? 

Gillette Stadium parking lot opens 4 hours before the matches. However, for the Revolution matches, the parking area opens just two hours before the kick-off.

What time can you start tailgating at Gillette Stadium? 

 Timing for the tailgating starts when the parking area opens. However, the parking authority deploys some tailgating rules.

How early should you get to Gillette Stadium? 

You can come to the stadium before the game starts, as the parking area opens 4 hours before the kick-offs. It is recommended to go at least some hours before the match starts so that you can have a secured parking area.

Where can I park for free at Gillette Stadium?

You can park free of cost at the Delayed Parking lot. From 2022, the authority does not charge for parking.

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