How-to - How Do I Enable 5G On My iPhone 11

How Do I Enable 5G On My iPhone 11

How Do I Enable 5G On My iPhone 11

How Do I Enable 5G On My iPhone 11 – 5G is the latest network technology, providing a faster and more reliable internet connection than all previous network technologies.

To use the 5G network, you must have phones that support the 5G network. Though many new phones are 5G compatible, several still need to be integrated to support 5G. Does the iPhone 11 support the 5G network? Can you enable 5G on iPhone 11?

Let’s find it out in this post. If yes, how can you enable 5G on your iPhone 11?

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

Can I enable 5G on My iPhone 11?

Can I enable 5G on My iPhone 11

Unfortunately, the iPhone 11 line-ups are not 5G compatible. iPhone 11 lacks the 5G network connectivity hardware like previous iPhone models. As no software can be integrated with the iPhone 11 to support a 5G network, it is impossible to enable 5G on your iPhone 11.

How do I enable 5G on My iPhone 11?

As mentioned above, you cannot enable 5G on your iPhone 11. iPhone 11 is limited to working with 4G network technology only.

To enable 5G on your device, you will need a phone compatible with the 5G network. Devices like iPhone 12, iPhone 13 series, or iPhone SE is compatible with 5G and can connect to a 5G network.

Steps to enable 5G on your iPhone 11

Though you cannot enable it on your iPhone 11, you can enable it on other devices like iPhone 12, iPhone 13, etc.

Using the following steps, you can enable 5G connectivity on your 5G-compatible devices.

  • Open the “Settings” app on your phone.
  • Find the “Cellular” option.
  • Select “Cellular Data Options.”
  • Select the “5G” or “5G auto.”

Reasons for Not Connecting iPhone 11 to the 5G Network

iPhone 11 is the old model that needs the hardware to support 5G networks. This is the reason for iPhone 11 not connecting to the 5G network. iPhone 11 can work smoothly on a 4G network.

How to know if 5G is working?

There are many ways to know if the 5G network works in your phone or area. You can check the status bar to see the 5G icon. Most phones indicate a 5G icon if your area has 5G network coverage.

If you can see the icon, it means 5G is working in your area.

The other thing you can do is notice the download speed of your network. 5G is super faster than a 4G network. You can use some applications like Opensignal, which is generally used to test the network coverage of a specific area. Once installed on your phone, the app will show whether you are using 4G or 5G.


From the information above, we reach the conclusion that you cannot enable 5G on your iPhone 11 since the device is an old model iPhone and lacks the specification to connect to the 5G network.

However, you can enable 5G on your other iPhone models, like iPhone 12, iPhone 13, etc., by following our guide on “how do I enable 5G on my iPhone.”

Frequently Ask Questions

How do I enable 5G on my iPhone 11?

Unfortunately, you cannot enable 5G on your iPhone 11 since the device lacks the hardware to connect to the latest networks. iPhone 11 is incompatible with the fifth-generation network and works with the 4G network.

Why does my iPhone 11 say 5G?

You may see the 5G icon on your iPhone 11 if you are in an area with 5G network coverage. iPhone 11 does not have specific hardware that supports 5G networks, though it shows a 5G network icon. When you activate cellular data plans in a 5G network coverage area, you can see the 5G icon on your iPhone 11. This does not mean your iPhone 11 will connect with the 5G network.

Why don’t I see the 5G on my phone?

There can be a few reasons why 5G is not showing up on your phone. One is that your phone does not support the 5G network. Another chance is that your phone is in a location without 5G network coverage.

How do I know if my phone is 4G or 5G?

You can know that your phone is 4G or 5G by the visible indication, like the LTE icon at the top of the 4G phones and the 5G icon showing up in the 5G phones. Moreover, you can learn this while buying your phone, where the manufacturer indicates whether the phone you are buying is 4G or 5G.

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