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How to Apply for Free Government iPhone 11

How to Apply for Free Government iPhone 11

Free Government iPhone 11 – We all know the importance of smartphones for people in today’s time and having a smartphone is crucial for everyone as it has modernized communication. Its salient features, such as unlimited SMS facility, text messages, unlimited calls, video calls, and many other applications, help people to connect with others whether they are in the same country or not.

The most interesting fact about smartphones is that they can easily fit into your pocket, it doesn’t weigh much, and you don’t need to put any effort if you want to carry them with you.

Nevertheless, there are many brands of phones and models available. Still, the most desirable and famous model available across the United States of America is the iPhone 11, as it has proven durable, long-lasting, reliable, and advanced, with an attractive body design, the best camera quality, security features, and other amazing, impressive elements.

Free Government iPhone 11

While some can afford iPhones, a bigger section of Americans can’t afford to purchase them as they are too costly to buy.

But there is good news for Americans; they can now apply for free government iPhones so they can also get connected. Although, it’s totally not free of cost, and the iPhone model you will get would be an older version of the iPhone.

Now, the question arises: How to apply for a free government iPhone 11? So, in this article, we have covered all the crucial information regarding this. Read to know more about it –

Is it possible to get an iPhone 11 under the Government Assistant Program?

No, getting an iPhone 11 under the government program is impossible. When you apply for this program, you will get its older version which would be nearly 2 or 5 years old.

You can apply for iPhone under ACP and Lifeline program, but you must meet its eligibility criteria to get one.

The names of the models that you can get are mentioned below –

  • Apple iPhone 6
  • Apple iPhone7
  • Apple iPhone8
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 7 Plus

How to get a free government iPhone 11?

As of now, you can get a free government iPhone under the two assistant programs run by the government, i.e., the Affordable Connectivity Program and the Lifeline program.

Affordable Connectivity Program is a program run by the Federal Communications Commission to help low-income households get connected devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Along with this, it provides discounts on monthly high-speed services. Some ACP providers offer a one-time discount of more than $100 if you purchase an internet-connected device like a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Free Government iPhone 11

Lifeline is a federal program that aims to make phone and internet services more affordable for those who are not capable and have low incomes. The federal program offers a discount of up to $9.25 to the customer who meets its eligibility criteria. It offers an additional discount of up to $34.25 every month if there is any customer who lives on Tribal lands.

Free Government iPhone 11

The government initiated the Lifeline Program in the mid-80s after realizing the importance of communication. It offers a discount on the monthly phone, wireless, and internet services. Some lifeline providers also offer free government phones but not every provider does so.

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If you want to get a free government iPhone, you need to follow these simple steps –

  • Make sure you are fully qualified for the ACP and Lifeline programs. If you claim but don’t meet the criteria, you can’t get a free iPhone.
  • Look for the Lifeline and ACP provider in your area to apply for the same. You can also apply directly to these programs from your provider.
  • After applying, you can easily get your device with other benefits. If iPhone 11 is not available, you will get a high-quality iPhone model.

How to qualify for a Free Government iPhone?

It is clear that you can get a free government iPhone through Lifeline and ACP providers. There is another method via which you can qualify for the same.

You can get iPhone by participating in government-aid programs or if your income is not good enough. If your income is less than 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, you will be eligible for iPhone 11. It varies from state to state, so don’t forget to cross-check your income with Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Free Government iPhone 11

Alternatively, you can sign up for any of these programs –

  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or Food Stamps
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)

If you live on tribal land, you can participate in the below-mentioned programs to get a free government iPhone –

  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (Tribal TANF)
  • Tribal Head Start (It is only for those individuals and households who fulfill the income qualifying criteria).

ACP eligibility criteria for households

A household can be eligible if it meets the criteria mentioned below. The government has focused on households rather than individuals because its rule says that one Lifeline and ACP benefit can be available to one household member.

If any member of your family has availed of this benefit, you can’t claim it for the second time, and also it is non-transferable.


Besides, you can avail of this opportunity if you are over 18 years or an unrepressed minor. The most important thing is that you can apply for the scheme if the ACP provider offers it in the state you live in. Have a look at the household program participation-based eligibility.

  • A house member must participate in WIC. Special Supplemental Nutrition Program is mainly run for Women, Infants, and Children.
  • The household must participate in the Free and Reduced-Price School Lunch Program or School Breakfast Program, including at U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Community Eligibility Provision schools.
  • The household must be a recipient of the Federal Pell Grant Award and must receive it in the current award year.

What are the documents required to apply for Free Government iPhone 11?

You have to furnish some documents if you are planning to apply for a free government iPhone. You can’t simply claim it. You will have to prove your eligibility and identity as well. So, below is a list of the required documents.Free Government iPhone 11

Personal Documents

Personal documents include your full name, address, date of birth, and age. You can prove your identity via any of these documents –

  • Birth Certificate
  • A valid government, military, state, or Tribal ID
  • Certificate of U.S. Citizenship or Naturalization
  • Driver license
  • Certificate of U.S. Citizenship or Naturalization
  • Permanent Resident Card or Green Card
  • Green card or permanent resident card
  • Utility bill
  • Lease or mortgage statement
  • Copy of recent tax or W-2 return

Proof of household income

  • Divorce Decree
  • Child support award
  • Recent income statement from your employer or paycheck stub
  • Prior year’s state, federal or Tribal tax return
  • Unemployment or Workers’ Compensation statement of benefits
  • Statement of Veterans Administration benefit.
  • Another valid official document that contains your full legal name and annual household income

If you participate in government assistance programs such as Medicaid, WIC, SNAP, or SSI, you will need the documents mentioned below to prove your eligibility. The documents are:

  • Approval letter
  • Benefit award letter
  • Benefit verification letter
  • Statement of benefits

Besides you will also need to provide other documents, such as:

  • Social Security Number or Tribal ID Number.
  • Duplicate address.
  • Proof of emancipation (in case you are an unrepressed minor).
  • Proof of life

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How to Apply for a Free Government iPhone 11?

You can apply for a free government iPhone 11 in a few different ways. These include –

Apply Online

  • To apply for a free government iPhone11 through the Lifeline program, visit the website
  • Now, choose the state or territory where you currently live and tap on “Get Started.”
  • You will be asked to create a new account. If you already have an account, move to the next step, or in case if you don’t have one, create a new one.
  • Now, log in with your details, and after logging in, you will be redirected to the application form.
  • Fill in all the required information in your form, and don’t forget to upload your documents along with your application form.
  • Do cross-check your information, click on “Next,” and submit your application.

Apply via Mail

  • To apply via mail, visit the website and take out the print of the application. Visit the website if you apply for the same through the ACP program.
  • Fill in all the information, and don’t forget to attach copies of the required documents.
  • Check all the documents carefully and then mail them to the address of PO Box 7081, London, KY 40742.

Apply via the Selected Provider

You can directly visit the Lifeline and ACP provider center to apply for a free government iPhone 11. However, some other providers accept the application online. Follow the same step mentioned in the ”Apply Online” section.

What other model does the government offer apart from iPhone 11?

There are many other models that the Lifeline and ACP providers offer besides iPhone 11. Have a look at the list mentioned below.

  • Google Pixel
  • Google Pixel 2XL
  • Google Pixel 3XL
  • Samsung Galaxy A01
  • Samsung Galaxy A20s
  • Samsung Galaxy A21
  • Samsung Galaxy A32
  • Samsung Galaxy A50
  • Google Pixel 4
  • Motorola G Fast
  • Motorola G Play
  • Samsung Galaxy On5
  • Motorola G Stylus
  • Motorola Moto G7
  • Motorola Moto G8 Power

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Which Company offers Free Government iPhone 11?

None of the ACP and Lifeline providers offers Free Government iPhone 11. It is the latest model of the iPhone and has high demand in today’s time. However, there are still some providers that offer free government iPhone models. Let’s delve further to learn more about these companies –

Cintex Wireless

Cintex Wireless is another provider that offers free iPhones to candidates who fulfill the eligibility criteria. It offers free iPhone models in states such as Colorado, Arkansas, Alabama, Missouri, Delaware, New Hampshire, Michigan, Kansas, Kentucky, Alaska, Iowa, Rhode Island, Oregon, Texas, West Virginia, and more.

Besides, it also offers free monthly wireless services with free talk, text, and high-speed data.

AirTalk Wireless

AirTalk Wireless is affiliated with Centex Wireless Company. It offers three types of services: free monthly wireless services with free talk, text, and high-speed data.

It provides its service in states like Oklahoma, New York, Mississippi, South Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and other states.

NewPhone Wireless

NewPhone Wireless is affiliated with Centex and AirTalk Wireless Company. It offers Lifeline, Lifeline ACP combo, ACP, a free government iPhone, and free monthly wireless services such as free talk, text, and high-speed data.

It offers its service in states such as Louisiana, Hawaii, Connecticut, Colorado, Alaska, Maryland, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Mississippi, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Delaware, Maine, Arkansas, Vermont, Tennessee, Texas, South Dakota, Washington, and more.

SFone Wireless

It is another provider that offers Lifeline and ACP programs as well. In this, you can get many unlimited amazing plans and iPhones too.

FAQs About Free Government iPhone

Is iPhone 12 Available for Free From the Government?

No, the government doesn’t offer any new model for free. If you want to buy it, then you must pay for it.

Does Apple Offer Free iPhone?

No, Apple doesn’t offer iPhones free of cost.

Is It Possible To Get iPhone 13 For Free?

No, the government doesn’t offer new models like iPhone 13 for free.

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